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the epic of aerth

Aerth: Origin

Aerth, being an analog of Earth, is an Earth sized world, third from its Sun (called Sol), and among 5 other worlds that the people of Aerth know about. Aerth is also hollow (as in Burroughs "Pellucidar") with an intermal heka sun and openings at the north and south poles.

The Beginning: Picture an eddy. Not an eddy in a stream, or a whirlpool at sea, but an eddy in space. A swirling of dust and gas in a nebula, the remains of an exploded star; long gone by this time. In the center of this eddy is a bit of dust. A speck of mineral made of molecules from that long ago star. Around it are more specks, and has it, and they, spin they join with the original big of dust to create a bigger one. Until, in the course of time, a small object, a bit of debris forms. It grows, and in growing it begins to attract more dust, more objects; becoming a sort of asteroid, then a world.

HadesAs the new world coalesces it heats, growing hotter under the pressure. Now glowing Aerth begings to differentiate, to settle you might say; her elements settling out into different layers. First is heka---which is really not an elementor even a substance, which settles to the core of the new world. Burning by some means unknown this new heka sun begins to radiate with its own energy. Around it layers of iron and nickel form, and it is that iron and nickel which change the nature of the heka energy. It glows now as light from an ordinary star would, and that energy now acts to repulse matter around it. As a result what would come together around the new core as a mantle is driven away to form a sort of torus. A torus with openings on the axis that will come to be known as Aerth.

The Pre-Moon Aerth: To be continued...

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