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The small border city of Ajdanen almost 2 days later. Several caravans arrive through the black road to trade food and water for highly priced Skarradian Black Iron and gems. Dooners and horses cross the city in all direction folllowed y their masters who try to sell anything imaginable in little improvized Bazaars. A few Caerhamian guards stand in the city gate playing a friendly game of cards, a few Dah'kin soldiers also patrol the streets as Ajdanen is known for the peaceful mixture of Dah'kin and human authorities. Probably one of the few places of lemire where this race is considered as equals. 2 of the city guards, one Spireling Dah'kin and a Caerhamian Guard see 3 dooners arriving from the desert through the Black Road and stand ready to receive them, there's talk of lizardfolk prowling the desert.

Time - 9:00 am

Navish'tan Looks around and sees that they made it away. "I think we can slow down now guys."

Valern sits upright in the saddle and stretches. "I'm anxious to get to a Bazaar and sell these things, or atleast distribute what's left."

The Dah'kin guard approaches the dooners carrying the party. "Good morning!" he waves "What would be your names and your business in Ajdanen?" he asks in a friendly tone.

"Er, we're looking for a person named Ari." Maura says hesitantly looking at the others for support. "As for our names..." Maura wondered if she should give her real name.

Landing next to the dooners Celena steps forward to answer the question but hesitates and steps back. She quickly finds something to busy herself with.

"I am Navish'tan We have a few injured. Can you help us?" She said looking at her party member. "Please?"

The guard looks at the party and then signals his partner, who signals back a few seconds later. "All right, you can come through, there's a temple right down the street." he said pointing down the main street. "You should find some help there, welcome to Ajdanen"

As her dooner pushes forward Navish'tan breaths a sigh of being tired and achy. "Thank you for your hospitality."

"My pleasure priestess." says the Dah'kin as he bows and watches the party and the dooners head towards the temple.

Maura finds the Dah'kin to be very helpful but still remains to keep her guard up just in case.

"Oh, does this mean we can rest now?" sighs,Telemee, carefully eyeing the town.

Celena follows the dooners into the city taking everything around her as they walk towards the temple. She looks for any clues as to where this Ari might be.

As the group approaches the area the guard pointed out they see 2 large buildings facing each other. One building has a large golden cross above the door and a young   with long, straight    hair wearing acolyte garnments standing near it. The building across the street has a red spire that seems to have been drawn with   , a beautiful Dah'kin spire priestess stands near the door.

Navish'tan notices the Spire priestess and waves. She smiles and dismounts her dooner. "Hello, my name is Navish'tan I am looking for a place to rest my Party members. Can you help us?"

"Well met priestess" replies the Dah'kin woman. "I'm San'aran, but the locals call me Sana, you can lodge here in the temple if you wish, there is a Human temple across the street where they provide healing. There are also many fine inns in town."

"Finally...someplace to rest. Let me ask you Sana, do you feel you have many enemies?" asks Telemee

Just then a young acolyte emerged from the temple across the street and his eyes met Sana's for a second and she blushed greatly, this was made even more noticeable due to her pale Dah'kin skin. She then turned to Telemee "Enemies you say?... not really..." for a Dah'kin this   was very extroverted.

Navish'tan Caught the flush of the   's face. "Do say. Why the sudden rouge?" She said brushing her hair out of her face.

"Ahh! no reason at all priestess!" said Sana bowing to her superior (Sana is an apprentice Priestess) partly to hide her blushing face.

"Hmm seems like someone may need a bit of extroverting herself...what's with the boy?" asks Telemee once again.

Sana blushed even more and looked towards Narvish'tan, she was not sure her superiors would understand. "His name is Lucius and... um..." she said in a tiny voice as she wrapped some strands of her silvery white hair on her index finger.

"Go ahead, I'll listen. Do speak your mind.. there will be no harm in that. Navish'tansaid smiling at the   .

"Do tell , don't be shy..were all   s here..." says Telemee Thinking, 'this should prove amusing'.

Sana sighed and looked towards the temple across the street. "Well i kinda... like him" she said in the tiniest voice ever.

"I promis I won't make fun." says Maura ginning broadly.

"Why would that be embarassing to tell me?" Navish'tan's smile widened. "Does he know?" She said looking for the boy.

"I don't think so.." replied Sana "He's from Ravilla, he's here on some business from the Church of Caessen. We've talked a bit but I don't think he's knows..."

"You should talk to him more." says Maura seriously. "Try and get to know him better."

Sana blushed even more and sighed, she was about to reply when a much older Dah'kin woman emerged from the temple. She looked suspiciously at the group and slightly tilted her head towards Narvish'tan. "I will be going to meet Miss Ari now San'aran, the temple is at your care in the meantime." saying that she disappeared into the crowded streets of Ajdanen.

Zhen, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, smiled sheepishly at the group. Terne appeared by her legs, looking around. " Sorry to have gone of with that. I had some.... buisness to take care of if you will.." she said shyly.

Navish'tan looked at Zhen. "And what could that have been?"

Squating down to rub Ternne's back and ears, Zhen looked over to Navish'tan, her lynx-ish ears moving slightly, and she blinked owlishly at her for a few moments. " I was meeting with an old friend." she stated mildly.

Maura shakes her head in confusion. "Sana, did that lady just say she was going to meet Ari?"

"Um.. yeah she did.." replied Sana, "Miss Ari is an envoyee from King Nim'ael, she comes every now and then to monitor the temples along the black road..."

Navish'tan looked at Sana. "Well, where may we find Miss Ari??" She said sweetly.

Zhen's ears moved slightly and she blinked her eyes a few times, the feral like pupils dialating before going back to normal size. Standing up she studied the group she had been caught with and escaped with. Streching slightly, she made an odd prring sound then grinned down at Ternne, who was rubbing agaisnt her legs, almost pushing her over. " Who's Ari?" she inquired, smiling sheepishly at the group.

Telemee look quizically at the group..starring at Terne with no interest. "Well whoever she is, let's find her quickly. This place gives me an odd feeling."

Zhen nodded, her ears flickering slightly and she studied her surroundings through slightly narrow eyes. Ternne stared back at Telemee and blinked up at her. Trotting over he sat infront of Telemee and raised a paw, tilting his head to the side.

"Yes of course.." Sana pointed down one of the streets near to the temple. "At the end of that street there's an Inn called "The Black Mirror", she usually stays there when she comes."

Zhen looked over towards Sana before whistling to Ternne. Ternne turned his head and made a sound in his throat in reply, staying infront of Telemee. Zhen motioned something with her hands and looked over her shoulder towards the inn Sana had pointed out.

Taking flight Celena starts towards the inn that Sana had pointed out. Alert for thieves she moves slowly waiting for the others.

Telemee briefly pets the cat before walking towards the inn.

Whislting again Zhen started to walk towards the inn, not looking back to see if Ternne was following. Ternne got up and trotted after his companion, and grinned, his tounge lolling out of the side of his mouth.

Celena drops gracefully to the ground and steps inside the inn pausing only to make sure that she was at the right inn.

Maura steps quietly into inn taking in all her surroundings.

<b.Navish'tan</b> cam in behind the others and said to Maura, "Do you want anything to eat? I'm starving."

"No I'm f-" Maura's stomach grumbles. "Er, yeah ok. I guess I could do with something to eat since I haven't eaten in who knows how many days." she grins sheepishly at Navish'tan.

"Ha!, What are you talking about Maura? You're always hungry!" laughs Telemee "I think we all need food right now."

"Are not!" Maura says looking hurt.

"Okay you two lets stop fighting over wheather or not we're hungry. It's obvious most of us are probably pretty hungry considering it's been about three days since we last ate," interjects Celena. " So, let's just get some food and find Ari."

"I'm all up for that idea!" Maura says looking around hoping to find a clue as to weather the inn served any food.

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