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The Ajdanen bazaar, a bustling sea of small tents and simple rugs laying on the hot sand near the western wall of Ajdanen. Hundreds of creatures walk amongst the nomads and merchants, from sandlizce to lizardman and Dah'kin and human, even the occassional catfolk, if you are lucky, you might spot an ignean. Being the border city that it is, Ajdanen is filled with black market goods from both Skarrad and Caessen, everything can be sold, anything can be bought, the hard part is how to make your mind.

Time - 11:30 am

Ke'rodre walked amongst the rugs and goods, trying to find someone who was selling good quality swords.

Raa caught her up. She searched for potions and little knives. She asked Ke'rodre: "Are you familiar with this part of the market?"

"As familiar as I can be", replied Ke'rodre indifferently to Raa. "The place changes all the time." With that, she took a sharp turn, almost seeming like she wanted to lose Raa from her tracks.

"OK" said Raa. She slowed the pace and continued to look around. She didn't see anything that would be useful.

Celena looked for a place to unload the extra equipment in her pack while looking for anything interesting.

Maura's eyes were open for any weapon that might catch her interest.

"Yes yes weapons....exactly what I was thinking...or possibly some armor...hmm" exclaimed Telemee.

"Hello" said a nearby Merchant "Lovely ladies... what may I interest you in?"

Ke'rodre had almost walked past the merchant, but turned around with swift and ease. "Do you, or anyone you know, sell any good-quality swords?"

"Or daggers?" Maura added.

"Potions would be suitable as well" said Mela.

"Daggers, Swords and Potions! all of them I carry! Tell Sinod what ya want and he'll have it for you in a jiffy!" said the mechant as he took Ke'rodre's hand and dragged her to his stand.

Ke'rodre looked rather amusedly at the merchant as he pulled her to the stand. Once there, she stepped further from the man and looked at him with a threatening grin on her face. "All right", she began and paused for an inconvenient amount of time, glaring at the man from the shadow of her hat. "Any good quality katanas? And at what price?" she asked, turning to look at the swords.

Mela Raa pretended not to see the looks between the merchant and Ke'rodre. While they were talking she leaned aside to see if the merchant has something that would interest her.

Telemee skipped from side to side looking to see what the merchant had, waiting her turn to talk to him.

"Well" started the Merchant with a grin, showing several golden teeth. "I've got these two beauties, just brought from Xiadom! This first one is a fine Katana for just 100 GP! its a bargain! the second one was made by a famed swordsmith (Katana +1) and i'll sell it for no less than 170 GP..."

Ke'rodre raised an eyebrow at the merchant, glaring at him ominously. "Right..." At hearing the price of the second katana, Ke'rodre rolled her eyes. "170 GP!" she exclaimed furiously. "170 whooping GP, sirrah merchant! Are you derangedly overbearing or the other way around?" Ke'rodre looked at him frighteningly intensely, her eyes almost glowing in the shadow.

The Merchant somewhat diminished by Ke'rodre's intimidating attitude, looked around helplessly. "Ahhh.... ok ok miss, only for you! I could leave it at... uhhh... 150 GP! but no less! It is a HIGH quality item we speak off here!"

Ke'rodre has gained 75XP for the use of Charisma for intimidation.

Ke'rodre grinned. "Now that's more like it, even if it still is outrageously expensive", she said in a normal tone. "I have money, but not enough, so do I have any items that would cover part of the price?" Ke'rodre showed her items, but was careful with them.

"Well..." replied the Merchant carefully scanning the items with his greedy eyes. "It could be.... that wakizashi and that bamboo hat... " then he turned to the sides as if expecting something to happen or someone to come, once more, he directed his eyes towards the items and drew closer to Ke'rodre. "Or... you could aslo perform a service in exchange for the money you are missing..."

Ke'rodre didn't say anything yet. As the merchant mentioned a service instead of exchanging the items, she raised a curious eyebrow and looked down at him with a slightly disbelieving look. Still, the idea of not having to trade any of her items was rather appealing, so she asked: "Oh really? And exactly what sort of 'service' would it be?"

"Well, you and your friends are adventurers right? perhaphs..." said the merchant with an ever-growing grin, "perhaphs you could collect some money a group of half-witted thugs owe me, they think they can get away with it because for some reason the authorities won't do anything about it!"

Ke'rodre grinned as well. "And, exactly what sort of thugs are we talking about? The kind that come in uncountable numbers or perhaps infinite strength? Or the kind that are already a dozen cities away into some direction?" She continued: "And how much of the price it would cover?"

"Hahahaha, nothing as dramatic as that." replied the merchant with a grin. "Just a sad bunch of pickpockets and thieves, not very good fighters but sneaky as lynxfolk" he then turned to Maura, "no offense lovely"

"Don't get caught up in side quests," Celest said to Ke'rodre, "We are here to buy equipment, not get sidetracked from our own mission."

"Not to be the spoil sport here but I think that going after these thugs wouldn't be the best of ideas right now. Since this merchant is so unwilling to work with a group of poor lost girls then I guess we can just take our business elsewhere." Celena states matter of factly while slowly turning away from the merchant and looking for another possibility.

Maura looked between Celena, Ke'rodre, and the merchant. "no offense taken." she told the merchant with a grin as she turned too turned away.

Raa also agreed with that idea. "Ok, then, let's go..." She looked at the merchant once more from head to toes and turned around.

"Aye, forget about them, what about you? i'll give you the Katana for free if you solve my problem darling!" said the merchant to Ke'rodre.

"How many, exactly?" asked Ke'rodre from the merchant. She looked at the others as they spoke. She had slightly hinted at the issue by speaking of unbeatable enemies, meaning that they might not have the time, but the others were very blunt about it. However, she thought otherwise, and turning to the others, said: "Our... employer, shall we say, didn't seem to be in a great hurry, telling us to go and equip ourselves with no deadline at all. I'd rather be properly equipped and a little late than run off unprepared and be too early." She glanced at Celena rather disapprovingly. If Celena wanted to be a poor lost girl, fine, as long as she didn't associate Ke'rodre with such an understatement. Ke'rodre turned back to the merchant. "Sounds fair this far, but these thugs better be as easy to handle as you claim. If they are not, I shall come back..." She grinned, and added rather lightly: "And torture this katana out of you. Something or the other."

"I would appriciate it," started Telemee "if you Ke'odre, would please stop flirting with this here merchant and make up your bloody mind sometime. We should ready ourselves for our mission and I do not mind taking this side quest...I need a little "play time", but I do hate waiting around here." She crossed her arms and waited for the group to make a decision.

Maura stopped in her tracks and glanced between Telemee and Ke'rodre, intreseted in what would happen next.

Celest got annoyed and put 50gp down on the table. "Now you have enough to buy you Katana. NOW many we go? We have other things to buy besides weapons."

Ke'rodre glanced disbelievingly at Telemee. Just a few moments ago Telemee had said she liked Ke'rodre and her attitude. She turned at Telemee and glared at her meanly. "What the hell are you going on about? The only ones who are hindering the progress here are YOU. All of you. I am constantly trying to ask for more information here to get done with it as quickly as possible. If you wish to proceed faster..." Then she watched as Celest did the exact thing she had been about to suggest, and grinned widely. "Alright!" She put all her items back and dug out her 100 GP to give to the merchant.

The merchant swiftly bagged the money and handed Ke'rodre the beautifully decorated weapon. "Pleasure doing business with you darling" replied the man with a sly grin.

Maura noticed his grin and a feeling of uneasiness swept over her.

Ke'rodre admired the katana for a while before attaching it to her back. "Thank you. Now, if we ever get back here, I might come back for those thugs if they are still not taken care of by then. Maybe." Having said that, she turned to the others. "Don't just waste your time there, go buy stuff you need! What are you waiting for?" she said, wanting to pay back Celest and Celena's words. She didn't understand why they had thought they have to wait for her while she was talking to the merchant. "I'm going back to the pathway through which we entered. See you at the entrance." With that, she started walking, heading toward the entrance.

Mela Raa gazed at Ke'rodre. She did not expect this reaction. Ke'rodre seemed offended. She looked at the others to see if they were going after Ke'rodre or they are going further to get supplies for their quest. "So, where do we go on from now?" she asked.

"I would like to see your full selection of melee weapons" Telemee said flatly. "Along with their descriptions."

"Don't waste your money on more weapons we need many more rations if we are to travel effectively" Celest said swiftly walking away to find someone to buy rations from.

"Shut it missy." growled Telemee, standing her ground. "I'll get rations later, I want to see the melee weapons."

Maura glanced around looking for daggers and swords to her liking. "i'll get rations later." Maura mubbled absentmindedly.

"Great well get 25 gp of rations" Celest muttered angrily as she went off into the crowd.

"Well I'm gonna sell this extra suit of armour and buy some rations and maybe a better bow if I can find one that I can afford. So I'll meet you back at the gate." Celena stated as she turned around and continued on through the bazaar.

Since nobody answered, Mela also went to the nearest merchant in search of potions or anything that she likes.

"Aye aye! I have everything you need!" shouted out the first Merchant at the girls who were leaving. "I have several weapons!" he yelled pointing at his large tent where one could see displayed some daggers, 3 short swords, a rapier, a scimitar, a falcion, a longsword, two light maces, a warhammer, a flail, a handaxe, about 10 throwing axes, a battleaxe, about 6 javelins, a pike, 2 shortbows, a longbow, a war bow, 2 katars and a whip. "I also carry armor and healing and mana potions!"

Maura's ears pricked up in obvious interest. "how much are the daggers, whip, and scimitar."

"Ah, yes...tell me about the whip and the longsword please sir." said Telemee unusually sweetly.

When Mela heared the word potions she turned round on her heels.
"How much are the potions?" she said.

Ke'rodre was already getting bored of waiting. She thought it would be best to spend the time doing something even somewhat useful. She took the katana, starting to examine it and swinging it slightly to get the feel of it.

With a large grin, the Merchant began merrily listing the prices of his items, assuring the girls they would not find a better price in all of Ajdanen. "The daggers would be 5 gold each, a whip would be about 20, scimitars and longswords go for 40 and 70 gold, Lesser healing and mana potions sell for 30 gold, regular potions sell for 60."

Telemee grinned happily while cautiously pulling out her money bag. "In that case, I want the whip, a longsword, and two healing potions please."

"Alright, I'll take three daggers and a scimitar." Maura said as she pulled out her own money bag, keeping alert to her surroundings.

"There you go!" said the Merchant neatly packing their orders in Caerhamian decorated loincloths as he took and counter the money. "And what about you my darlings?" he said to the rest of the girls.

Telemee grinned slightly, picking up her new things and walking off a bit waiting for the others.

Maura to picked up her new things and followed Telemee. She picked out one of the daggers and examined it closely taking in every bit and admiring it.

Telemee watching Maura closely, took out her whip for a quick glance. Cracking it slightly on the ground she giggled getting an idea; she whipped it swiftly directly in front of Maura while she was examining her dagger. Telemee grinned seeing as how close it came to slapping Maura's face.

Maura merely twitched an ear in her direction and glared at Telemee through her hair without moving her head. A flicker of amusement flashed across her face.

Telemee shook her head and rolled her eyes at Maura before blowing a sisterly kiss and a wink in her direction knowing full well that Maura would get her back later.

Maura grinned at Telemee and blew her a return kiss. She put her dagger back in her pack and smirked to herself.

Giggling, Telemee slid down against a barrel, pulling out her beautiul longsword and admiring it. Turning to the other she yelled, "C'mon GIRLS! I would like to get out of here some time!"

Maura giggled and sat down beside Telemee. "We could always leave without them." she said with a slight grin.

"Well..we could..but that wouldn't be a very smart thing to do considering we aren't the best of fighters.." sighed Telemee

Maura laughed slightly. "yea i don't suppose we are."

Raa looked at girls and giggled. She spoke to the merchant : " I would like one mana potion and one healing potion ."

The Merchant gave Raa the potions and took the 120 GP, then looked intently at Celest and Celena. "Would that be all?"

"Do you have rations?" Celest asked, rather harshly for she was still annoyed at all the money wasting going on. Raa was spending her's wisely though.

Maura's eyes widened and she went to join Celest. "I totally forgot about rations."

"Of course of course, the world famous Caerhamian desert rations, beef jerky, bread and dried fruit, they will withstand anything" replied The Merchant displaying several tightly packed boxes, "Only 2 GP a piece."

Raa looked at dried fruit that didn't look so bad. She said: "OK, I will take 2 rations."

Telemee eyed the food disinterestedly. "I'll take 5 rations" she said. Giving the others a somewhat disgusted look. Sighing she mumbled, "I really do miss food from my home.."

"I'll Take thirty rations," Celest said putting her money down on the table. "because we don't know how long we'll be gone and traveling," she explained. "I'll need help carring these I can't do it by myself."

Telemee looked quite shocked at Celest. "For heaven's sakes Celest! Give me some of those i'll help carry em!" she cried, looking for the other for additional help.

Raa said : I dont eat a lot so I dont need much food.But I will also help you carry them. "

"perfect then!" said The Merchant quite happy of selling such a large number of rations. "Two for you... that will be 4 GP, 5 for the second miss, would come up to 10 GP more... and finally 30 for this beautiful lady!, that would be an extra 60 GP" said the merchant as he pulled out every ration he had with a grin.

Raa looked at merchant with a grin on her face and said with louder voice: " Wouldn`t it be better to cut the price just a little? Considering that we have just bought the half of things you have ?"

"And don't forget about me."Maura added "I want to buy 10 rations."

After pondering for a while, the merchant pulled out the rations Maura had asked for, "It would come up to... 94 GP.... say... since you ARE buying a lot... i could leave it at... say 80 GP? "

"I'm five GP short of that," Celest said, "Though we should split the cost evenly..."

"good idea." Maura said carefully pulling out her money bag.

Celena shakes her head and says "well while we're here I need some arrows and how much will you take for this leather armour?"

"Aye miss, arrows.. I sell regular arrows at one gold the unit, poisoned arrows at 2 gold and serrated arrows at 5 gold" replied The merchant as he counted the money and distributed the rations. "And the leather armor... i'll sell for 50 gold."

Raa made a face like she forgot something. She spoke to merchant: " Do you have gladius or rapier? Maybe some exotic weapons? Or shall I look elsewhere?"

"How about this sir,"Celena asked, "I have this extra suit of armor that I need to sell. What if we made a little trade?Some of your normal arrows and serrated arrows for this extra suit of leather armor?"

"Deal" replied the merchant, "Say... 5 serrated arrows and 25 normal ones for the armor?" he continued and then turned to Raa. "I am sorry, but I don't carry gladius', I do have rapiers and exotic weapons though, i can sell you a rapier for 50 gold, and I carry Slings, Whips and Scythes."

Ke'rodre waited around impatiently, wondering what the heck was taking the others so long. And they had accused HER of slowing things down. She muttered some curses by herself as she walked around the entrance. "...'Flirting with the frigging merchant', seriously... are they completely blind or just hopelessly stupid... I'd like to see THEM TRY flirting with a bloody low-life merchant trash like that... ?%!&..."

"Ok , than I will take one rapier ." said Raa and handed the money. She needed to improve her protection on this journey.

"How much is the scyth and whip?" Maura asked.

"Thank you" replied The Merchant as he gave her the rapier, then turned to Maura. "230 gold for a Scythe, only 20 for a whip."

"I'll take a whip then." Maura said handing the merchant 20 GP.

"There you go" replied The Merchant handing her a brand new whip. "Anything else?" he asks with hope that with such loaded costumers, he migth end his stock that very same day.

"I think i'm ready to go now." Maura said slowly walking towards Ke'rodre waiting for the others to catch up.

"Finally!" Telemee giggled, running after Maura.

Celena replied "that will work for me I just want to ge out of here." She handed over the armour and held her hand for the arrows. "I think we're ready to go."

Raa said: "It seems that we spent too much time here. Not that it was wasted but we should really fasten our pace."

Ke'rodre saw the others at a distance. "Finally!!" she exclaimed, and continued, muttering under her breath: "You bunch of slugs... slow as ones and slime for brains."

Celena turns around and walks away after the trade has been made and walks up to the Black Mirror to find Miss Ari.

Raa followed Celena. She tried out her new rapier in her hand. She was satisfied.

Ke'rodre glared at the others and went back just before Celena.

Celena Astyrial
Mela RaaTyalangan
Celest Kaki
Ke'rodre Lawar'in'ger
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