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User Name: [Duredhel]

Character name: Alex Matthias (Name is part of his cover, Echo is close to the only name he's ever known)

Mutant Name: Echo

Classification: X-man

Abilities/powers: Psionic Manifestation. Echo's ability allows him to create psionic 'constructs' around his own body, as if they were psionic armor. Each of these constructs (which he calls Aspects) is built from the imprint of a mutant's mind (which acts as a blueprint, so to speak). In order to create a new Aspect, Echo needs to completely drain the mutant of psionic power, this requires prolonged contact, usually of his forehead against the target mutant's. The process is lengthy and it destroys the target mutant's brain, leading invariably to death. Theoretically, only mutants with the most extraordinary healing factor could survive the process. Because of this Echo has only ever made Aspect out of mutants who were dying or disabled.

Once an Aspect has been created, Echo may use it at any time. The aspect may be damaged by physical attacks and Echo can repair the damage, but doing so requires energy and reduces the time he can mainain the Aspect. Every Aspect protects the user from mind-affecting abilities but also prevents psychic communication, as if there was a psychic distortion around Echo (much like seeing two people attempting to occupy the same space at the same time). He also needs to rest between releasing an Aspect and calling in another one, as the process is extremely tiring. The most time he can maintain an Aspect is one hour, but this is reduced significantly if he has to switch at any point or if the Aspect is damaged and needs to be repaired. Though it shouldn't be possible, there are sometimes fragments or echoes of the original mutant's personality and psyche in the aspect created from them. When in aspect form, Echo speaks with two voices as one and can sometimes hear half sentences inside his head and be compelled to do things outside of his will.

Currently Echo has three aspects;

Wolf Aspect - Makes Echo very fast and agile, able to grip onto flat surfaces with its bottom "paws", even if upside down. Takes damage very easily and it is hard to repair. When in this aspect the user's voice is echoed by that of a young woman.

Bear Aspect - Makes Echo extremely strong and resilient, but also uncoordinated and slow (at least until he gains momentum). The Bear aspect takes up a lot of energy to repair but it's very hard to damage. When in this aspect the user's voice is echoed by that of a deep voiced man.

Serpent Aspect - Gives Echo no physical prowess but a powerful healing factor. Severed limbs can be regrown in minutes and cuts healed in seconds. Echo can only heal wounds he takes WHILE in the Serpent Aspect though. It also requires very little energy to repair. When in this aspect the user's voice is echoed by that of a low voiced woman.


Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 18 / Unknown

General appearance: Echo is 1.77m tall, he's not buff but instead lean and muscular. He has rather tan skin and black, short to medium length hair which reaches just above his eyebrows. His eyes were originally brown but they've been permanently stained an unnatural shape of purple due to a mutant gene marker put in the water when he was a child.

Additional Appearance: Echo has several scars on his body from his youth, mostly in his back and chest. Most have healed but the marks can still be seen and felt under close inspection. He has a strange looking tattoo on the back of his neck, originally an MLA marking.

Personality: Echo has a slightly no-nonsense attitude, having been raised as a soldier, he doesn't understand conventional sense of humor but gets embarassed easily. Coming from a different time, his knowledge about the present is limited and that will usually lead to misunderstandings. When one gets his trust, he's a much more open person, but never quite easy going. One recurring problem with him, however, is his tendency to forget he is currently in "peace-time" and might misinterpret unknown events as enemy attacks.
Special Skills: He's a consumate fighter, trained since his youth in the use of his powers. He's specially good with a rifle, which he likes to use in combination with his Lizard Aspect. Echo is also rather good at analyzing information of all kinds, but is a disaster at reading people. He also posesses almost zero knowledge about current popular culture, arts or literature, as he was only trained in things deemed to help him in combat.

Place of birth: Unknown
Weapon(s) of choice: CR10-17 Rifle, a high tech assault rifle given to him in the future. It fires energy rounds which may kill but mostly stun enemies, he usually keeps it hidden. In a pinch he can handle most firearms and is rather good at hand to hand combat with the help of his Aspects.
Medical information: Sometimes gets headaches or hears things, he may also get hit by fragmented and incomprehensible memories stemming from his Aspects.
Brief History: Echo comes from a possible, post apocalyptic future in which the world has enter a state of perpetual war between two mutant related fronts. On one hand The Company, working as an agent of most surviving world governments is a global paramilitary operation which employs mutants and high tech enforcers, the X-men have become their elite division. The Company only allows mutants to survive if they can prove themselves useful to the rest of humanity. On the other hand is the MLA, a massive pseudo-terrorist organization composed of mutants. The MLA is home to a myriad of hyper radical cells, some of which believe humans should be wiped from the face of the earth. Echo's parents were part of the MLA during the cleansing of Manhattan but his life was spared by a sympathetic X-men agent. For reasons unknown to him, the agent took him in and trained him. When Echo was 16, the balance of war changed, the Xavier's mansion was bombed from within, its security systems deactivated and the X-men were slaughtered by a massive MLA ambush. Echo's mentor had him find former X-man Mark J. Banster, who had found a way to send Echo back in time to prevent the attack. Banster was using the power of an MLA mutant he had captured, Daniela Morgan, to create spaces detached from time and space as we know it, in the form of 'Dimensional Black Boxes' (Black Spheres in which people could be trapped).

Echo's mentor convinced Banster (with a bit of force) to use his device to send Echo back before the attack, but the young mutant ended up almost two decades earlier, standing in front of Xavier Mansion.
Relatives: None in this timeline.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New Arrival.

Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Elizabeth Charms: 7; Echo knows about "Captain Flame" from the future. He never really served after her, as she was in a coma when he came to the X-men in his own timeline, but grew up hearing badass stories about her.

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2014-05-23 [The Black Goat]: Eep ^^

2014-05-23 [CuteCommander]: Now THAT'S a back story!

2014-05-23 [Flisky]: Just...looking at the...strangeness. (Echo is my irl nickname and Alex is my alter ego. Hmmm...)

2014-05-23 [The Past]: 8D

2014-05-23 [Duredhel]: 8>, I tried to bring other people's chars into it. They know who they are already ;3

2014-05-26 [twitchboy]: Lol Yes! I love it

2015-03-02 [twitchboy]: Im dieing to see his take on the rest of the EoD cast he saw when in the future

2015-03-03 [Duredhel]: I'd have to talk it over with the respective players ;)

2015-03-03 [The Black Goat]: it'd be pretty cool :)

2015-05-02 [Lirerial]: Oh love this :)

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