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Alexander Dane







Alexander Dane






Stands six foot even. He has shaggy light brown hair and a plain face that he keeps clean shaven. His build is super skinny, lacking any of the muscle most of the others on the team have. Alex's style is what the others refer to as 'teacher assistant chic', being that it is usually a nice button down shirt, khaki pants, and some sort of sweater or vest. He looks younger than he is and often times people question his age and credentials.


Most would say that Alex is boring. And that is putting it kindly. He has the tendency to spout off random facts and figures. Alex is the brains of the operation, the one to figure things out. He is happier when he has a puzzle to solve. Being a child prodigy, he also constantly feels the need prove his intelligence.


Born to a poor couple in a small town in Washington, Alexander had a mostly normal childhood. Except for one crucial fact. Alex was born with an eidetic memory. He was a genius, a child prodigy, and his parents were both thrilled for and terrified of their son. His mother refused to have any more children, instead focused on the child who needed all their attention and love.

At the tender age of 11, Alex graduated high school and started college. He went through classes like most children go through games, absorbing everything he learned and turning it into a PhD in Physics at 15, PhD in Forensic Psychology at 18, and a BA in both psychology and anthropology by 20.

After that, it was only a year before Washington's Special Investigative Task Force invited him to join. With his specialty in criminal behavior, he was more than an obvious choice to be added to the team.


Alex has heavy autistic leanings and often says things that could be misconstrued as rude or misses social cues, such as being hit on. He is more likely to spout off random facts to people than anything else.


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