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All About A Borne


First off, if anyone has any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to message me and I'll probably end up putting the answer up here as well, thanks! ~ [Aeolynn]

Elemental Borne © Kim Baerwaldt 2002-2011

Tnemele Timeline


Borne, used singularly and for plural means is the term for us in replacement for people, person and human. The name borne comes from one that has to bear and uphold their birth received gift, the name given to them by the goddess of wind, Zephire. The gods are:

Element- Sex- Name

Wind-Female- Zephire

Water-Male- Azullion

Earth-Male- Maeloid

Light-Female- Josefene

Ice-Female- Frore

Lightning-Male- Thian

Dark-Female- Ink

Void-Male- Nihilt

Fire-Male- Embar

Flora-Male- Cory

Multi-Female- Krissin

Examples of Borne RP Characters:


Only about 40 percent of the population of Tnemele are elementalborne and even if a father or mother was a borne does not mean their children will be. When a borne reaches a certain power level, age not mattering, a creature with the same element will be attracted to that borne, causing a life bond relationship. Not all borne attract a creature, in fact, only Zephire, Embar, Krissin, Thian and Ink(of the gods) ever gained one. Each borne follows their own god, often swearing by them but few have ever met, or seen them in person.

Elementalborne can feel the element of the element they have in another borne, however, if the borne has dark, you cannot feel their original element. Borne can extend their powers around themselves to feel if any borne are near, especially sensitive to borne with their element.

The gods were the first borne ever to be known and were all martyred in fear they would take over the lands and call them their own. This was of course untrue. Nihilt and Ink, of void and dark placed a curse on the future generation of their killers, their elements plaguing the land till they would be purged. Nihilt cursed the land that void would be the rarest borne, with only a few discovered over the next hundred years while Ink's element would cause the most death and controversy.


The Stealer:
Come to me when blood runs cold,
From this lowly rhyme of old,
Come and die when strong and bold,
As my power takes it's hold.


Multiborne eventually came to be from the lineage of Embar and Zephire, bred secretly although there are only a few of them left. Multiborne have the ability to use a spell called the Stealer to kill a borne and take their element and soul for themselves, gaining greater powers than before (the Stealer has been passed down for generations, written by Zephire herself for the protection of her ancestors). Over time, if having collected all eleven elements you can then pass them on. It was in this way that Kroescolo, selfish to the point of only spreading the dark element, created an army unto himself.

The last 17 years Kroescolo has wandered the plains of death, his soul traveling through different rifts trying to find it's way back to Tnemele. Finally the day has come where he returned, hunting all who had the ability to defeat him.

Aeolynn has actually created a flip version of the stealer, making that person turn the powers of it against the original user:


My blood is hot and burning,
Strong and bold maybe,
Ancient fights ancient,
No borne can stop me.


Regular borne don't know that multiborne do in fact exist, and many believe them to be myth. The problem with multiborne is that when they steal an element, a part of that borne's soul comes with it. With each soul gained (the number of duplicate elements not mattering) their power grows and as they continue the multiborne will also become unstable. The first sign of 'soul stress' is losing themselves in battle or not recognizing friend from foe. They will eventually become a killing machine, lost in battle lust and overcoming it will become harder and harder as time goes by. The final result is a constant battle to keep their soul separated from those they have killed, and in doing so they gain the mark of the charred heart, a star shape of glowing coals on the center of their chest. It has been hinted that Kroescolo is the first multiborne to have fallen subject to this trauma, making him the feared murderer he was in Tnemele's history. Aeolynn however, has the mark as well, leaving the interpretation of the legend to question, even though it specifically mentions a female involved.

An excerpt from the legend of the Charred Heart, taken from one of the few written histories of the Nagei:

        "And one stood before the world, on the brink of darkness for the fear of losing her very soul to the wind. Her heart ached. Her heart burned and the sign was upon her chest as real as the assurance that the sun would rise each morn. As ominous as this threat was, another was held above her head. The one had made a promise.

          She had been crowned the champion of her people by two goddesses. It was her who was needed to lead the other nine. Only she could fulfill her task. Would she run and save her own life, or would she risk everything to save the lives of others?"




Physical form of Wind: The longest wings of the group, the feathers are an iridescent white and silver, as well as appearing translucent.

Physical form of Fire: Completely surrounded in a fire aura, being able to fly.

Physical form of Water: Long webbed fins erupting from the user's elbows, creating almost an extension of their arms. Sometimes there are the original ones who turn them into real and workable fists, with long claws on the end, deadly to those who do not avoid the threat.

Physical form of Earth: The user's body is completely covered in a flexible metal substance capable of withstanding any blow. As with any other element, it is see through, as if an illusion and the design is up to the creativity of the borne.

Physical form of Light: Without the assistance of visible wings one can fly however, if certain emotions are triggered the wings will appear anyway.

Physical form of Ice: Complete armor of ice formations, making the user almost impossible to approach during close combat due to the fact that an icicle can shoot from any point from the armor... and of course, the user decides if they want to show this or not.

Physical form of Lightning: Lightning winged feet, making the lightningborne the fastest flier of all elements.

Physical form of Flora: Flora made physically manifest is a little tricky. There are so many different types of plants. One of the most common are plant tendrils extending from the user's spine, growing to either become thorn covered vines or really thick and powerful ones. These can grow to great lengths, completely controlled by the borne.

Physical form of Dark: User gains wings of ebony and violet feathers. The darkborne wings are owl-like and silent, with a wicked talon sticking out of the carpal joint. Note, that there are no more born darks. The dark element can only be acquired through allegiance to Kroescolo who can bestow it upon the borne. (If this is after Kroescolo then the dark and void bindings have been released)

Void has no transformation known to man or borne, which makes it the hardest to spot.


First Blood

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