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The Angel Tribe is actually called the Bewinged who are small portionally and have the wings, feet and tail of birds of prey. Other then that they look like normal humans. Their eyes however are black and dark brown for females and yellow, light brown and gray for males. They live in the Amazon basin and do not always raise children, causing their numbers to stay small over the years.


Role-play: The Modern Angels

User: [Aeolynn]

Name: Alvara "the Tribal Mother"

Age: 23

Description: Small and petite, Alvara is 5'2" with medium length brown redish hair, with dark black eyes set in a round face. She is a barn owl Bewinged with blue-ish gray and white feathers with black stripes and light brown specks along the wrist.

Personality: Blunt and first to share her opinion. She is a tough Bewinged and very secretive, but at the same time she loves to explore and being the leader of her tribe she is naturally called to deal with things. Alvara takes care to not to show her emotions to the tribe and to be their strength.

Abillities: Flight, able to lift 3/4's her weight in flight, has a mind connection to birds as the Tribal Mother and has the natural instincts of a bird of prey.

Special Fact: A Harpy eagle named Hoktl accompanies the current Tribal Mother.

History: Born in the village, her parents died at a young age and the last tribal mother took her under her wing.


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