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2007-01-22 21:47:23
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Was there ever a time when you knew you had friends and were loved and surrounded by them but felt alone? Was there ever time when you felt invisible to the world around you? Many can feel these feelings. This wiki is dedicated to those who feel alone even when they are loved.

Did I ever leave you
So you can be alone
Did you ever think
That I had a heart of stone
Did you ever doubt
That I would be your friend
Did you ever once think
That our friendship would end
I'll love you like family
And I'll never forsake you
My heart will be strong
My love for you will be true
I'll never turn my back
Or give you a shoulder that's cold
I'll try to be the friend you deserve
I'll try to be brave and bold
When life seems to be against you
When life isn't going your away
Just remember one thing
I'll always be there for you©

By [Blaze the Nameless]

Memeber List

[Blaze the Nameless]


[White Phoenix aka Ryoko]

[Pnelma Tirian]

If you want to join just add

[-ollywood-] hi...

[Kiski] Hmm.....

[journeygal] Hi there....

[Spratt] (",)

[65tyjvw45b] - /(-_-)\

[blinx4436] ello

[weetzie bat] pfft


[Jedi01] Take my hand now, be alive.

[do not exist]*always alone*

[Countess Overkill] *looks around* hmm, I may come here more often...

[Ketch-UP_2009] I am alwasy there for anyone...but is anyone ever there for me?...

[* IM ALONE*] I need A hug...

[GypsyMoon] Abused and Forgotten

[Sweet 6 6 6--H.I.M.] always here to liston to ur problems just no one to listen to mine

[Indigo Butterfly] always alone and forgotten

[Veta] I'm here to help too

[koekje] different = alone

[Itsme2] Aw! I just had to join!

[Thrice] i have always been forgotton, or unwanted.

[blackenedrose*] if any1 wants a hug, im here!..i know how you tlk to me

[the blond]i'm there 4 ya'll *sniff*

[Imaginary Girl] If anyone would like to talk about absolutely anything then feel free to talk to me... i won't bite ^_~


[Ana] always here for anyone

[Wrath of the phoenix] Always a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen

[elementpro] always was there and always will be

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~] i alway listen to wat people have to say when they come to me.

[Archeress of Mirkwood] Never surrendering, always there...

[bluefarie]-im a very good listener...

[tigerpixy] i want to listen. i was made to listen to other ppl not my self

[*~Melso~*] I always help the people I love before myself
[PurpleUnderwear]i feel soo alone but am always there for anyone else

[forsakenangels] im normally alone when i need someone.. and im always there for that someone when they need me..

[*~ lillykins2009 ~*] broken hearted

[marebear07] Alone and forgotten



[Rhammin] need advice on personal relationships, I'll always be glad to help you out

[Lady of Lore]-my house is hell but I manage to keep my chin up and smile. I'd be glad to help anyone!

[Shadow serpenz] here for those people who need help, because there was noone to help me with my problems


ATFU Badges- This is where we keep our badges.

ATFU Poems- This is for poetry ONLY.

ATFU Chat Room This is where we can chat if someone isn't feeling good.

ATFU Stories-This is where people can post stories that they need to have read and where we play "And Then What Happened?"

ATFU Art-This is for people's art.

AFTU Advertisment- For people who need to advertise.

I want to help- A place to vent and talk and i will listen.

Attention all members. I am holding a 'Always There for You' writting contest. You can write a poem, an essay, a short story (can't be longer than five pages) or anything else. Join here at Always There for You Contest

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2006-05-19 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: i love the rain.. if it's raining i do everything within my power to walk in it. ^_^ i don't no y people get depressed when it rains either, i'm always happy when it rains.

2006-05-19 [Lady of Lore]: I'll look though and put up a few, give me some feed back on them...

2006-05-20 [Rhammin]: Rain rain go away, come again some other day, all the world is waiting for the sun. Words by breaking benjamin, even with that i still don't understand the "normal" people of this world.

2006-05-20 [Blaze the Nameless]: Thank goodness! Only one more week of school!

2006-05-22 [Lady of Lore]: yay!

2006-05-23 [Blaze the Nameless]: I had my first today

2006-05-23 [Lady of Lore]: so feedback on the art in the ATFU art page, do you think they work? You can suggest other pics from my gallery if you think others would work better or go to the gallery from my wiki The Art Store and poke around there for anything (ask the artist too)

2006-06-29 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: ohh yah@! i lobe breaking bejnaim! i have their cd!

2006-06-30 [Rhammin]: which one?

2006-10-30 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: We are not alone! holy shit i haven't been on elftown in almost a year and my comment is still effing there!

2006-11-06 [Rhammin]: whoa, no f*ck

2006-11-07 [Lady of Lore]: Yeah, theres little life left in this place...

2006-11-07 [Lady of Lore]: I still watch over this place though....

2006-11-20 [Rhammin]: as do i

2007-01-22 [Shadow serpenz]: how are you people doing today?

2007-01-23 [Lady of Lore]: I'm doing great ^_^, and you?

2007-01-23 [Shadow serpenz]: i'm doing good

2007-01-23 [Lady of Lore]: That's always good to hear ^__^ There is so much in life to be happy about ^__^

2007-01-24 [Shadow serpenz]: yes there is, everyone needs to try to see the positive side of things

2008-04-27 [Mackenzie]: I haven't been here in must have been 4 years.
So I guess I wasn't here. I hope everyone is doing well.
It is so beautiful outside.

2008-10-01 [Shadow serpenz]: wow I've been go a while how is everyone

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