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User Name: [Kbird]

Character name: Amelia Thornwell (go's by Kass though)

Mutant Name: Necromance 

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: 'Spirit summoning'. Amelia can summon two adult sized spirits ,one male one female, to do her bidding for twelve minutes to fifteen minutes, without getting too exhausted.

She can summon three to four child spirits for longer periods of time but its more tricky for her since she has a harder concept on her limits when doing so.

these 'spirits' are actually manifestations from her subconscious, and do somewhat resemble her.
They can affect people and objects like living people can but when trying to physically harm someone all but the male spirit have to use a object. they can float and became see through but they can't harm anyone while see-through and can't left very heavy objects.
The Male spirit is more like what people would describe as 'demonic', since he is strong and can physically harm people, although he doesn't do it often, he rather just scare people.
they children can't throw objects well and have to be closer to the person to actually hit them with said object, but they are fast little buggers.

The down fall of her ability is that she can't move her body while summoning the spirits. Her body is stuck in a head down hands clasped together position until she is done.


Age/Date of Birth: 21. March 23rd

General appearance: Amelia is slightly tanned and stands at 5;9 and weighs 116 ponds. she has a smooth heart shaped face and a slender body, she has hips but hardly any breasts. Her hair fulls to her mid back and is wavy sandy blond. Her eyes are slightly narrowed giving a natural hooded gaze, which is emphasized due to her left eye being slightly lazy, and are almost a emerald green.

Additional Appearance: She tends to wear white or black tank tops with baggy jeans or shorts. Her tank tops tend allow her to show of the tattoo on her right shoulder, it's a tattoo of a lotus with a black-widow in it's center.

Personality: Live,Laugh,Love is her motto along with "If you have the two Bs, ya got nothin to worry about~" the two Bs that she's referring to are 'Booze, and boobs'.
She lacks much responsibility and tends to just want to goof off and joke around. She's very carefree and chatty especially if there's a party to be had, (She loves parties). She wasn't very interested in education or jobs unless they have something to do with her abilities.
When she can't have her fun or after over using her ability, she tends to get irritated & grumpy easily.
She also isn't a morning person..
Special Skills: Hot-wiring, counting cards, and setting-decks.

Place of birth: Columbus Indiana
Weapon(s) of choice: she's okay with pocket knives, but she tends not to be violent.
Medical information: only the prior mentioned lazy eye.
Brief History: She refuses to talk about it but: Amelia was kicked out of her home on her eighteenth birthday, she was already a rebellious teen due having a broken family and poor home live.
She stayed with some friends she had made in high school who introduced her two some less-then-law-obeying employers, who hired her as a drug-trafficker.
She did that for two years until she went back to get payed by her bosses one day to find they up and left town to avoid the cops, but they did leave her a group of angry buyers wanting to kick some peoples A**es whom where happy to take their anger out on her.
The only reason she survived was because the cops showed up.
She spent the next few months in jail until the court decided they didn't have enough evidence to connect her to the drug trafficking, and released her.
She didn't have anywhere to go so she lived on the streets until she heard about the mansion, (a.k.a food and shelter) having a rough idea of her ability she decided to come here to the mansion. 
Relatives: Divorced parents and a grandmother who raised her from the time she was two to ten.

How long your character has been in the mansion: new arrival.

X-Men Characters

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2014-08-04 [Figgy]: Maybe add a tidbits and explain what each of the types of spirits can do. Are they just normal entities, or can they float/fly, are they fast or strong?

2014-08-04 [Kbird]: on it.

2014-08-04 [Figgy]: Coo'

2014-08-04 [Kbird]: will it work?

2014-08-04 [Figgy]: I think so. How many "child spirits" at a time?

2014-08-04 [Kbird]: three to four?

2014-08-04 [Figgy]: Yeah, that's fine. :>

2014-08-04 [Kbird]: Yay~!

2014-08-05 [Figgy]: Amelia is up, so you can start playing her whenever :>

2014-08-05 [Kbird]: Okay thanks~

2014-08-06 [Kbird]: XD her picture is awesome!!

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: Were you ever gonna bring this girl in?

2014-10-03 [Kbird]: .my computer stopped showing her, I thought she was removed

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: Nope, still there.

2014-10-03 [Kbird]: Okay I'll post her in a minute then! =D

2014-10-03 [Figgy]: Okay :P

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