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Selena wandered down the street. She was thinking to herself about the past few days. This is all crazy. I haven't told my mom and I havent gotten any of my clothing. She turned on a cross street. I need clothing. To my house I must go.

Naedan walked along to road back to her house. Looking around she frowned and shivers ran up her spine.

Rick got into the elevator and looked at her arm "Give me that.." he said and took her hand and lifted her arm, inspecting the cut. "Damn that must have hurt.."

"Just a little...i'm a big girl..." Hannah said looking at Rick.

Rick snorted softly and ruffled her hair "Your not that big."

"Hey..." Hannah said smiling grabbing his wrist.

Rick laughed softly "Hey what?" He chuckled

"You said I wasn't that big...but I didn't do to badly in that fight in the bar." Hannah said still holding his wrist.

Rick nodded "Yeah your right about that, you didnt do tha

t bad. but, the fight could have been longer." He said not trying to get his wrist free

"Yes if someone hadn't felt the need to play hero." Hannah replied.

Rick shrugged "Someone had to teach that mongrel the rules." He muttered.

"Well I suppose I should say thank you, my hero." Hannah said smiling then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Rick blushed and suddenly looked slightly uncomfortable as if he was unsure how to react.

Feeling the Rick and Hannah were back inside the base, Vala checked them over. 'Okay some scratches and...' You had contact with an Other! She didn't mean for her voice to be that loud but it was very important. Hannah are you alright?

Hannah quickly let go of Rick's wrist feeling embarassed. I'm fine..only wound I have is from a bar brawl. Hannah replied to Vala. She kept her eyes towards the ground, still embarassed.

Be careful Hannah

What from, i'm in the base... Hannah asked.

I think you know my friend. Vala severed the connection. Letting out a small sigh,she took a seat at another computer and began to look for maps of the city.

Hannah bit her lip then folded her arms. "this elevators really slow today..." she said feling stupid as soon as she had said it.

Selena turned down another street. She was still a ways from her house.

Tank paused in her work and looked at Vala when she sighed. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"No Tank, just Rick and Hannah met an Other." Vala shook her head, 'I'm looking at the city maps, care to join?"

Tank nodded and moved her chair next to Vala's to help. "An Other?" she tried conversation. "Any other details?"

'They have some bruises, minor cuts, but nothing else that I could tell you."

Rick chuckled "Yeah they are slow huh..." He looked up listening to the elevator music.

"That...that kiss was just a...a friendly kiss.." Hannah stuttered suddenly, going red from embarassment. "Your with Tank."

Rick glanced at her raising an eyebrow, he felt a flush come but held most of it back "Yer.. of course.. your me mate." He said ruffling her hair agian as the elevator stopped

Finally. Hannah thought then rushed from the elevator. She tripped slightly but kept herself from falling.

Rick, who was walking next to her put a hand out over her stomach as a reaction, he was touching her stomach "Be careful..." He said slowly

Hannah looked down at his hand and blushed then looked at him. "Acting the hero again..." she said.

Rick half shrugged "Its what i do." He said and let her go backing up slightly

Hannah nodded slightly as she brushed a strand of her long blue hair from her face. "I..uh..I should go to the infirmary, sort my arm out. You can go back to the others if you want."

Rick shrugged "Yeah umm okay if you want.." He turned and headed back into the elevator.

Hannah stood watching him and bit her lip then turned and slowly began walking towards the infirmary.Your an idiot she thought to herself.

Rick watched her go as the doors slid shut and he pressed the button back to the other room, leaning against the back he verbally said what Hannah was thinking. "Your an idiot..."

Hannah walked into the infirmary and sat on the edge of a bed not really caring about her arm. "I really don't understand what just happened." she said aloud. "He's with Tank...she'd probably kill me if she saw the way I just got on...just forget about him, he's with Tank." She looked round the dark room and sighed. Alone again.

Rick stopped the elevator "Fuck it.." He pressed back down and the elevator travelled back down to Hannah.

Hannah looked up suddenly when she heard the elevator. She jumped quickly and rushed round trying to find bandages and such then began to try and dress the wound on her arm so it looked as if she hadn't been sitting doing nothing.

Rick stepped out of the elevator and walked down and saw Hannah "There you are.." He looked around "Theres no doctor or whatever?" He asked stepping into the room and comming over.

Hannah looked up at him. "Only Selena and she must be out..."

Rick grabbed a smoke and popped it in his mouth and popped another in Hannah's before grabbing the cleaning things "You know this works better if someone helps ya." He said and began to clean her arm

"Is that why you came back, to help me?" Hannah asked as she took his lighter and lit both cigarettes.

Rick winked "Yep." He finished cleaning it and looked at it frowning "You think it needs stitches?" He asked taking a small drag.

The wound has stopped bleeding so Hannah shook her head. "I think it should be ok...anyway, i'm scared of stitches..." She said smiling.

Rick chuckled putting down the cleaning things and lifting his shirt to show a particularily nasty scar down his side "Yeah me too." He said dropping it and walking back towards her slightly and looked at it carefully "Im sorry about this hey..' he said pulling out the disinfectant and putting it on the patch that was going to on before the bandage.

"Sorry about what?" Hannah said watching him.

Rick shrugged "takin you to the bar an' gettin your arm cut of course." He said flicking his cigarette into the bin before putting the patch over her arm and putting it on firmly "And for that."

"What the hell is that?!" Hannah said through clenched teeth as the wound began to sting.

Rick began to wrap up the patch and her arm "That thing helps close the cut." He said wrapping her arm "Stings like a bitch for a while but heals the cut almost twice as fast."

"Well thanks for helping me...I really didn't know how to dress the wound." Hannah said as the stinging subsided slightly.

Rick chuckled as he finished bandaging it and put the butterfly clips over it to hold it tight "Yea well, you do now" He said ruffling her hair again and laughing at her reaction.

"Hey!" Hannah said smiling. "I could so take you in a fight...I broke death's nose so, your nothing..." she laughed slightly.

Rick snorted "You couldnt fight your way out of a wet paper bag." He said teasing softly.

"Well come on...if your not to scared that is." Hannah said then she began to make chicken noises.

Rick poked her forhead "You saw what i did to that post.... imagine what i could do to a little girl." he said and took her cigarette and puffed on it once more before tossing it in the trash.

"I'm not a little girl..." Hannah said as water formed around her and she sprayed Rick with it.

Spitting out a mouth full of water he looked at her with a raised eyebrow "I aint gonna hit ya!" He exclaimed wiping water off his face. "Im not fightin with you."

"Scared you'll lose." Hannah said as she sprayed more water at him. She laughed and turned and began running through the rows of beds. "come on chicken boy..."

Rick glared at her momentarily "No, more scared ill bloody kill ya." He said and took off after her, running ON the beds to chase her.

Hannah laughed as she ran. She stopped quickly when she reached the end of the room and turned to look at him.

Rick stood there, on two beds, arms folded and a grin on his face "You have nowhere to go now.."

"You haven't caught me yet..." Hannah said smiling, one hand on her hip.

Rick smiled broadly "Ill get you dont worry about that.." He said and jumped forwards suddely, looking like he was going to run into her then puts both of his palms flat on the wall either side of her and landing a half inch infront of her "Caught you..." He said softly.

Hannah smiled. "I guess you did..." she whispered as she watched him.

Rick watched her intently, his eyes looking from one to the other of hers. He stood there silently, his eyes locked with hers. Half an inch away.

Hannah's bright blue eyes sparkled as he watched her. She bit her lip unsure of what was happening.

Rick slowly moved forwards and his lips touched hers then latched on as he kissed her.

Hannah kissed him back but stopped suddenly. "Rick...we shouldn't. Your with Tank, she's my friend..." She pulled herself away from Rick and sat down.

Rick closed his eyes "Im sorry.. I shouldnt have, its just... Shit... Hannah like... im sorry..." He pulled out a cigarette "Smoke?" he asked offering her oen.

"no i'm fine. I'm sorry too..." Hannah replied.

Rick sighed and put them away and even took the one out of his mouth and just held it "Y'know... maybe we should just stay friends eh? Be like, best mates..."

Hannah looked at him and smiled. "I like that idea...and maybe you can help me find the right guy for me, third time lucky hopefully..."

Rick grinned and offered his hand to Hannah "If a guy upsets ya Hann. ill show him how having a size 14 boot up his ass feels."

Hannah laughed. "That would be awesome." she said as she took his hand and stood.

Rick laughed and shook her hand then grabbed her close and gave her a noogie. "Yeah, ill be like ya bigger bro."

"you forgot annoying!" hannah said as she tried to pull him off.

He let her go and laughed "Gotcha." Rick grinned broadly "Ready to go up?"

"Yeah let's go, big bro.." Hannah said smiling.

Rick smiled and motioned "After you."

Hannah walked to the elevator and waited for Rick to join her.

Rick walked up and then walked in grinning "I wonder what they will say to your arm."

"Oh they already know...and they know about you fighting." Hannah said with a smile as she pushed the button.

Rick chuckled "I hope they know i won." He said grinning

Hannah laughed. "I don't think so..." she said as the elevator stopped.

Rick hung his head "Well thats for having my back." he said dryly before chuckling "You know... i think i wont, somethin definatly cracked when i pushed her backwards.

"Well Selena can take a look at it for you..." Hannah said as she stepped out of the elevator. "come on then." she said turning and smiling.

Rick smiled "Not on me, im fine."

"Your strange..." Hannah said smiling and turning. She walked slowly waiting for him to catch up.

Rick laughed and followed her "I won because when i pushed her i heard HER crack."

"Ohhhh.." Hannah said then laughed. "She'll be wanting blood now. Count yourself lucky...I managed to piss off a guy who has chains as weapons and who knows what else..."

Rick chuckled "Ill protect ya Hann." he said and flexed "You know.. i probably need a weapon."

"I'm lucky, my powers come with a weapon." Hannah said smiling.

Rick chuckled "Mine is a weapon too, it just doesnt go very far." he said spreading his arms.

"I have a trident..." Hannah replied.

Rick gave her a dirty look "You butt...."

"You butt? what does that mean?" Hannah asked.

Rick slapped his forhead "It means im jealous of you."

Hannah laughed. "Oh right..." Hannah opened the door to the computer room still laughing.

Rick chuckled and walked though, seeing Tank he offered a greeting "Still upset with me Tanker?"

"What a nice greeting rick..." Hannah said smiling then went and sat down next to Vala.

Tank began to respond, then seemed to decide otherwise, and frowned a little instead. "I suppose not. Hey, I heard you had a run in with an Other. You ok?"

Rick chuckled "All good eh, just a sore throat." he said walking closer to her and leaning against the bench next to her "Why were you worried bout me?"

"Probably thought she'd managed to get rid of you." Hannah said smiling.

Managing a smile, Vala stopped the banter with a serious question, "What did this Other look like? Male, female? I know you had to have tasted her powers, what were they?" This all coming out of her mouth, and she hadn't taken her eyes away from the computer screen.

"I'd have missed you if you had died," Tank answered quickly before she looked at the screen Vala was working on.

Rick raised his eyebrow "Female, umm she kinda made me throw up..." he said shrugging "So Tanker.. that all?"

Tank looked back at him again and frowned in thought. "Well I would have hated to have been so rude to you then you.. die. I would have felt bad, and miss you, like I said..." She looked at the floor, then back up at him. "I'm sorry for being so mean to you... Forgive me?"

Rick shrugged "Its alright.... So like... you finished on that computer yet?"

Tank sat back in her chair with a sigh, glancing at the computer screen. She nodded. "Yeah, I guess. Not much I can do right now anyway and I think Vala here has it under control..."

Rick tilted his head and looked at her. "Hey... Tanker, do you wanna go for a while, go for a walk or somethin? Go back to your place."

She gave him a shrewd look. "Since when do you read minds?" she asked sarcastically, but not in an unkind way as she stood and waved to everyone as she left.

Rick followed her "Catch you latter Hannah.." He said and gave a wave, then a wave to Vala before walking around the corner with Tank and putting an arm around her shoulders for a brief one armed hug.

"So.. other than getting sick from some bad girl's voodoo, what have you been up to?" Tank asked as her arm went around his waist, walking into the elevator with him and using her free hand to push the appropriate button.

Rick shrugged "Went to the Bar, had a fight, did some car stunts..." He said as the elevator opened.

Tank nodded and stepped in with him, pressing the button for the first floor before speaking again. "Sounds like you had yourself a miniature action film go on in my absense. I think I'm just holding you back, Stallone."

Rick looked at her slightly surprised "Are you..." he frowned "Tanker girl... Now, come on" he puts his arms around her slightly and looked into her eyes

"Come on what?" she asked, smiling up at him slightly with her hands resting on his stomach. "I was teasing you."

Rick started laughing "You butt." he said and lifted her up by her hips "Thats not funny.' He said laughing

"Then why are you laughing?" she asked, flicking the tip of his nose with her finger and smiling at him. Her legs parted slightly so they could better go around his waist.

Rick pulled her close to him "I thought you were breakin up with me."

"Nah.. if I was going to do that, I'd be a bit more blunt. Like this." Her smile faded almost instantly into a painfully serious look. "Rick... It was a fun couple of days but.. I just don't like you. I don't want to be with you. Stay the hell out of my house." She paused a moment before smiling and giggling a little. She winked. "So now you know, if you here that, what's coming."

Rick looked at her slightly worried "Damn girl you can be scary, you had me actually worried there for a moment."

"As if losing me would be such a tragedy," Tank said, rolling her eyes.

Rick chuckled softly "It would be."

"I don't think so, but maybe you're crazier than I am," she replied as the elevator doors slid open.

Rick moved forwards and kissed her softly before putting her down "Come on lets get outta here."

"Again with the reading of my mind!" Tank said with false exasperation as she stepped out of the elevator and left the base to walk along the road outside.

Rick grabbed her hand as they walked "Lets go back to your place."

She looked at him curiously. "Why?" she asked, as she headed that way nonetheless.

Rick looked at her "Cuz obviously you dont like it back there."

"No, I don't. But I mean.. why my place?"

Rick shrugged slightly "Dunno, you seem happy there."

"Well yeah.. it's my home... Yours now too.. I guess..." She seemed shy about saying such.

Rick pulled her closer with one arm and smiled softly "Yeah... our home..." he said softly.

She blushed a little and unlocked the door when they arrived home, opening it and stepping inside. She went straight to the living room to look for a book. She seemed intent on something.

Rick shut the door behind him and followed her, frowning slightly "What are you doin?"

"I'm looking for- Oh! Where is it?.." she answered, cutting off to talking to herself, then, "Aha!" She picked up a thin but big red book and took it to the couch. She sat down and started flipping through, looking at the pages as they flashed by.

Rick scratched his head and sat down on the couch near her but not right next to her "Okay..."

"Look!" she said urgently and handed him the book. On the page was a list of thirteen people, odd names at that, Greek or something, and beside each was a title such as Balance, or Healing. It was the Gods Rick had named earlier. "I knew it the whole time..."

Rick's eyes widened "Holy shit! i was right!"

"Is it really such a surpise?"

Rick shook his head and looked at Tank. "You seem to think im never right." He said and shook his head at the book.

"I haven't known you long enough to figure out you know anything. You were wrong in thinking you could mug me propperly," Tank pointed out as she closed the book and put it aside.

Rick shrugged "I could still mug you.. but i like you."

"Bet you couldn't," Tank countered, grinning at him challengingly.

Rick raised his eyebrow smiling "Really now, what makes you say that?"

"Because I could call your bluff and you wouldn't shoot me. The only way you could take my money would be to physically take it."

Rick smiled "or i could.." he lent closer to her and kissed her softly "Take it by other means..' he said softly, kissing her

Tank broke the kiss, laughing playfully and smiling at him as she leaned a little away. "Oh could you?"

Rick moved closer and kissed her shoulder and moved towards her neck "Probably.."

"Little less sure now?" she asked, tilting her head to allow him better access, but still grinning playfully.

Rick shook his head "No, just wanting to more."

"Wanting to what, exactly?" she asked, her lips very close to his.

Rick kissed her softly, letting his body answer as ne put his arms around her and brought her to him.

"Ah," she said, blushing a little. "That." Her smaller hands caressed his neck gently as she smiled at him.

Rick tilted his head "Only if you want to Tanker.."

She bit her lip a little. "You're sure it won't hurt this time?"

Rick nodded slowly "It wont hurt this time, i promise."

"Ok..." she whispered and captures his lips in a sweet kiss.

Rick returned it gently and picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom for the second time.

Eva found herself wondering along the street where she had fought. The road still looked pretty ripped up, causing her to smile. "Wonder what the little brat is doing now." She said looking up at Tanks house. "Oh what the hell." She walked up the path and hammered her fist on the front door then leaned against the wall waiting for an answer.

Tank gasped, breaking the kiss she had been locked in on her bed with Rick. "What was that?" she panted and sat up, pausing a moment. Frowning apologenically she went downstairs and opened the door to see who had knocked.

Eva looked up when the door opened and gave an evil grin. "Miss me?" she said looking at Tank.

Rick sighed and got up and re did his belt buckle and headed out and back downstairs silently, frowning.

Vala looked away from the computer screen. Glancing around, she found that she was alone. 'When did everyone leave?' Giving her thin shoulders a shrug, she went back to what made her look away in the first place. It was another 'distrubance', but it was so minor that she didn't want to contact anyone. 'If they want they can contact me...' She rolled her eyes, 'As if I couldn't break through their 'mental barriers' anyway.' She could understand why they wouldn't want her in their heads, but it wasn't like she was snooping around looking for dirty little secrets, all she was doing was letting them know she was there whenever they would need her. 'Snooping indeed!' Clamping her jaw, Vala went back to the computer, entering in the small amount of infromation that Rick gave. 'Need to teach that boy how to describe better.'

"Vala you alright?" hannah asked from the corner of the room.

Not being competely started, Vala looked back over her shoulder, "No I am not. I thought you were gone."

"Nope i'm still here. Went out with Rick earlier, now him and Tank are away out, leaving me and you here." hannah walked over to her. "Whats the matter?"

"There's a distrubance, but," furrowing her eyebrows, Vala continues, 'It's so minor that I don't think it cause to worry. If only Tank would trust me enough to let me talk to her."

"If she's silly enought to not let you have a link with her then leave her, Rick's with her anyway." Hannah replied.

Yeah like that will do any good. Rolling her eyes again,Vala tilted her head to the side, "What can You tell me about this Other? I need more detail than what Rick gave."

"Until she and Rick began fighting she was very calm...nothing seemed to bother her. She seemed very intelligent, made me feel very afraid when I realised what we were dealing with. If she has the power to make Rick vomit what else is she capable of...could she control us?" Hannah said.

Biting her bottom lip, Vala was racking her brain. 'If she made him vomit...internal damaging...I won't lie...Yes she could. But that's if we let her. Practice, practice. How long have you known about your powers again?"

"Since I was young, maybe about 6 or 7 years..." Hannah replied.

"13 years for me, every day. So no matter how hard someone tries to put up mental gaurds, I can usually break right through them. The only person I haven't been able to is my mother..." She pushed back the image her brain pulled up. "But that's my mother. I'm not afraid of anyone else."

Hannah watched Vala. "I remember discovering my powers, it was an accident, I nearly died!" she said then began laughing.

"I will die. Not before my I kill my father." Vala looked back to the computer screen, somehow she brought up the newspaper clipping her her parents. "A man from my dreams told me." She gave a small chuckle, "I know sounds crazy."

"How do you it wasn't just a nightmare?" hannah replied.

'Ever have that feeling were you know it's real but you also know you're asleep? His touches, his voice, I've already done something terrible, just like he said."

"Well I won't let you do anything bad, I promise." Hannah said smiling.

"Opps too late." sarcasm dripped from Vala's lips. She turned her green eyes to her father's picture.

"Well I won't you do anything else..." Hannah replied.

Staring at her Da, Vala whispered, 'It will happen, when I at least expect it..."

Hannah smiled and stood. "come on, I think we need to get out of here for a while. Have you tried getting in contact with rick."

Rick? It's Vala. I hope I didn't interrupt. I felt a off presence and wanted to know if you guys were alright. Are you?" She turned back to Hannah, "Just did." She stood up, taking Hannah's offer, "Where should we go?"

"How about a drink?" hannah asked.

Raising an eyebrow, 'A drink? I don't think we're old enough. Besides I don't drink, not anymore."

"Yeah I know we're not old enough...sorry just came to my head, Rick took me to a bar earlier, and taught me how to smoke. So what would you like to do?" Hannah asked.

"He took you to a bar? Okay he just uped his level of stupidity in my book. Why even trust him?" She was looking right at Hannah when she said this. "I mean c'mon, was it really just a kiss?"

"Wh..what?" Hannah said looking shocked."Me and Rick are friends, thats all..."

'Right okay." Vala tucked her hair behind her ear, "I hope to the gods you believe that." She turned, walking out of the computer room.

Hannah quickly ran after her. "Vala I promise nothing happened."

Not looking back, Vala continued to the elevator, 'You don't have to explain anything to me Hannah. Just make sure 'nothing' happens again. Cause if it did, oh boy you and Rick will have one pissed off young woman to deal with."

Hannah nodded. "I know." she said as she walked beside her.

Pushing the UP button, Vala leaned against the frame, 'Okay then. How about a burger? A juicy burger. Then you can show me how much control you have over your power. Sound good?"

Hannah smiled and nodded. "Sure ok."

*Ding* Vala pushed herself off the frame and stepped inside the opened doors, "What is your power again?" She pushed 1 and waited for the doors to close.

"I have power over water..." Hannah replied as she stepped into the elevator.

"Do you need to be around water, have water in your person, or can you just summon it up?" asked Vala watching the light come to 1, then stepped out of the half opened doors.

"I can summon it up." Hannah replied.

Tank gasped at Eva and quickly shut the door, locking it. "Rick!" she called, running to him in panic.

Eva laughed gently. "Silly girl.." she whispered as her left leg became covered in stony armour. She raised it and kicked the door through. Her leg returned to normal. "I just came to say hello..." Eva said smirking as she entered the house. She smiled even more when she saw Tank and Rick. "People would think that this fight would be unfair, you know two against one but they've never seen me fight before." She giggled slightly.

"Get the hell out of my house!" Tank yelled at her, more angry and threatening than she had ever been, even with Rick.

"Or what? I actually quite like it here..." Eva said smiling as she looked around. "Just needs a little bit of a rearrangement, like this..." she said as a huge chunk of wall ripped from it's place and flew towards Tank.

Rick slammed his fist into it, knocking it out of the way easily, he stood there his face snarling "Get outta here..." He said calmly.

Tank stood hidded behind him, not even daring to look. She knew this girl from the previous fight. If she was exposed, she'd be doomed, there was no other word for it.

Rick moved back, putting an arm behind his back and pulling her close, he kept his eyes on Eva "Ill protect ya tanker.." he whispered.

"I must have taken a wrong turn." Selena looked around and heard a scream. "That sounded like Tank." She walked closer to where the scream came from. Vala can you tell me if Tank is alright? I think she screamed, and it looks to be that her door is busted. She stayed on the side of the house watching until Vala could respond.

Eva giggled slightly. "I'm going to enjoy this little fight."

Rick glared at the girl "Your one of them other folks arnt you. Freaky powers and shit." He said still having a protective hand around Tank.

"Boy your quick..." Eva said rolling her eyes.

Rick growled as she insulted his intelligence. "Yeah well fuck off, we aint interested."

Eva laughed again. "And you think I care if your interested or not."

Rick was growing sick of just standing there "Well what do you want then?" He demanded, so far he hadn't really shown his power, just knocked aside a peice of the wall, maybe she doesnt know im like her, he thought as he held tank close to him, behind his back."

"I want to kill your girlfriend." Eva said smiling.

Ricks lip twitched "You gotta go through me first." He said lowering his head slightly to stare at Eva in the eyes.

Eva smirked. "Oh goody a fight. i'll try to go easy on you."

"Take it outside, please," Tank said desperately. "I don't want your blood all over my house," she directed at Eva.

"Oh...was that a threat?" Eva said as another large piece of wall flew towards Tank.

"Summon it up huh?" Said Vala, stopping before the door, she tilted her head to the side. I'll try through Rick. Tank will not allow me inside her head. I'll try. Going through the door, outside, Vala headed for her truck, "Just got a message from Selena, Tank and Rick are in trouble. Get in." She climbed inside her truck and started it. Rick! What's goin on?!

Selena heard them coming out side so she ran to the shade of the house. 

Rick saw it and again stepped in the way, smashing it to the ground "Tanker, run." He whispered to her, craking his knuckles "Im gonna enjoy this."

Selena, he's ignoring me, that dumbass! I don't know what to tell you, but at least be careful. Vala let out a sigh, she knew he was ignoring her, but why.

Rick frowned as he felt Vala and basically yelled at her by accident as he talked to her back Vala, get someone here, theres some woman throwing walls at us!

Fucking finally you dipshit! She took a deep breath. Selena is just right outside. I'll contact her, an element of surprise. Let me know when you would like her to spring okay?

Rick growled at the woman infront of him and cursed at Vala SORRRY! Fuck sake, kinda distracted by a woman THROWING WALLS AND TANK'S SKULL!

Selena advanced slowly to the door way. They were just inside of it. If I can just get close enough I might be able to help. Vala let him know not to notice me at all. As she got closer it was becoming super dangerous. She was just outside the doorway now and peeked around.

DON'T YOU EVER GET THAT TONE OF VOICE WITH ME! I SWEAR I CAN MAKE YOU REGRET IT! retorted Vala. She turned the engine. Now Selena wants you NOT to notice her, until the time is right. Got it?

Rick felt like he was being attacked all around, physically and mentally, and it showed, his muscles tenced and his eyes darkened "RIGHT YOU FUCKING SKANK HOE! IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT, YOU AINT GETTIN TANKER, ALL YOUR GONNA GET IS A FUCKING BROKEN FACE!"

"Come on then." Eva said smiling as she cracked her knuckles. "Oh and I almost forgot, I need protection." Her whole body suddenly became covered in stone like armour. She smiled happily. Suddenly two large pieces of wall either side of Rick flew towards him, as if to crush him from both sides.

Rick looked at either side of him, then glanced at Tank still right behind him, he tenced his body and shoved both arms out breaking the peices of wall "Oh yeah, bring it on bitch... You think you got shit? I can bring the shit too."

Eva took a step back and glanced up at the ceiling. It suddenly started to crack and fall to the floor.

Tank screamed and hid under her arms. My parents are gonna KILL me... she thought desperately as she turned and took off out the back door, her touch that had still been on Rick vanishing as she did.

When Tank moved Rick felt free enough to move himself, charging forwards he swung his fist around aiming for Eva's head, unkown to Eva he was infused with the power of the god of strength, this was going to be a surprise, Rick thought as his fist sailed through the air.

Eva looked at him and smiled then raised a hand and tapped her cheek. "Armour, ain't gonna feel a thing."

Hannah got into the truck. "What sort of trouble, is it an other?"

Selena heard the back door open and close she ran around the back looking to see who had just come through. As she peered around the side she saw Tank running. "TANK," she said at a wispered yell, "Come here." She came around the corner and motioned to the girl. Vala I see Tanker, she doesnt appear to be hurt. I am getting her to safety, do try to hurry here, Rick needs help it sounds.

Tank, wide eyed like a doe in the headlights rushed to Selena. "Faux, Rick might need you, stay here. I'm going back to the base," she whispered quickly and dissappeared into the garage without a response, but there was plenty of time for her to be followed.

Selena quickly ran after her. "Tank tell me what the others powers are."

"I don't know! Earth I guess! Seeing as she tore up half the ground the last time..." Tank muttered the last part almost to herself. "Look, Selena-" she stumbled a bit, not used to saying her name. "Rick should be able to handle himself, but that doesn't mean he'll come out unscathed." She put on her helmet and started her dirtbike. "I'll be safe at base and I know by now you've told that Vala girl about this, but.. Gah! Call and tell me when you're bringing Rick, I want to make sure he's allright, ok?"

Selena nodded. "Be carefull." She said over the bike, and with that she turned back out the door and headed back to the front door.

Tank watched her go then took off to the base, praying the house didn't get completely destroyed.

Vala, Shes on her way to the base. I dont think she knows how to get in so have someone there to show her the secret door button thing. Selena peered around the doorway and put her finger to her lips as she saw Rick. Then she quickly moved herself back around the door way. Think Selena think, you need to catch her off guard but how to do that?

"Yes it's an...." Vala stopped talking, she was getting Selena's message. "Other." She stopped again, confusion on her face. "Tank is coming back to the base." Selena, why is she coming back here? Running away again? "Damnit!" Vala punched the steering wheel, "She doens't know how to get into the base." What to do?

Rick let loose some anger as his fist connected with Eva's face, surprisingly strong enough to send her flying into a wall, Rick felt his hand throbbing but ignored it as he chased after her and began reining blows on her body, his knuckles splitting but he was definatly causing damage "FUCKING TRY AND KILL TANKER HUH!?"

Eva gasped slightly but managed to send a large chunk of wall crashing into Rick's back.

She is getting away from the fight. I heard something about killing her. I dont know everything. Selena peeked back over and saw the wall crashing on to Rick. Its bad out here, Vala.

Rick fell forwards, but turned it into an attack by reeling back then throwing her with all his strength through the wall behind him, he was loosing inhibitions, turning into the rage fueled barbarian that was in his nature.

Running away that what it is. She shook her head. She turned and looked at Hannah, "We're both going. I don't give a rat's ass that Tank can't inside the base. I honestly don't trust her enough to be alone." She drew down the stick and hit the gas, peeling out. Where are you guys?

Hannah nodded. "This other isn't going to know what hit them..." she said smiling.

Eva fell to the ground but quickly pulled herself up again. She ran at Rick but dodged round him then turned quickly, jumping and wrapping her stoney arms tightly round his neck trying to choke him.

Selena peeked around as Eva got up and saw her chance. Selena ran full force toward the girl and grabed her around the neck. As soon as she touched Eva this odd bright white light came around her and time stood still.

As time stopped, Rick's face was contorted in rage, but he was struggling to remove the arms from his throat, blood was comming down from a cut on his forhead, and his knuckles were cut to the bone. Rick had gone all out to protect Tank.

Eva was frozen round Rick's neck, her grip tight. She had an evil grin on her face.

The white light grew brighter and then was sucked into Eva's body. Everyone was thrown backwards as a dark black cloud burst out.

Eva was thrown backwards into the wall, her stone like armour now gone.

Selena's back hit hard against the wall ajacent to Eva. She had the breath knocked out of her but she was still alive and nothing was seriously wrong. When she could breath she said, "What in the name of Mary and Joseph was that?" The she rememberd why she was there and jumped ontop of Eva to restrain her. Pinning her down Selena put her legs on top of Eva's arms so that she could not move her upper body.

Rick slammed into the wall, cracking it, leaning forward he wheezed and slowly began to rise, his eyes glazed, his back throbbing, his hands bleeding and blood over his eye "Fuckin...Tank..." He said swallowing hard and began to rise again, dizzy and disorientated he began to move towards the pair.

Eva looked at Selena. "What just happened?" she asked her voice not filled with it's usual nastiness. "What did you do? I and him..." she said looking at Rick but not able to form the right words. "Please get off me."

"Oh no. Not until I know I am safe I won't." She turned to Rick. "Hey man, are you alright?" She could tell he was very weak. She about left Eva to check on him but she sure as hell didn't want to let that girl just go so quickly.

Rick moved closer still, his eyes glazed. "Fuck with Tank... get fucked..." he lent against the wall then collapsed in a heap, leaning against it, blinking slowly then slumped fully, unconcious

"Oh! Did I do that? Tell him i'm sorry. I guess I have a bad temper." Eva said still watching Rick. she then looked back at Selena. "Of course your safe, I promise!" she said smiling.

Selena let go of the girl and rushed to Ricks side. "Rick, Rick," she shook him as she called his name, "RICK!" To Eva, "Look what you did to him you stupid bitch!!" To Rick, "Please get up. We need you, Rick Tank needs you. Get the fuck up!!" Her pleas and cries were not enough he was past out cold. That when she remembered the smelling salts. She reached into her pocket.

"Eva sat up. "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened." She slowly stood up. Her arms and legs and face were covered in bruises. "These are going to hurt in the morning." she muttered then walked to rick. "Need any help?" she asked Selena.

Selena? You still there? Vala was stopped at a red light, still waiting for an answer.

"I wonder whats happening..." Hannah said.

"Me as well, if anyone would answer..." Vala's knuckles were turning white on the steering wheel. Why does this happen?

"I'm sure it's ok..." Hannah replied.

The light turned green. Vala pulled over to the side of the road next to a park. "I wouldn't be too sure Hannah. If Tank is running away again, something sure is up."

"Well let's get over there then, help out you know." Hannah replied, wondering why they'd pulled over.

"Can't. Don't know where they are. Already asked. No answer."

"We should try Tank's house first, I know where it is..." Hannah replied.

Vala turned and look at Hannah, "Why didn't you say so? That's where they are!" Punching down the gas pedal, Vala peeled out and waited for Hannah to give directions.

"I thought you knew!" Hannah replied then began giving directions.

Vala didn't answer. She was listening to the directions and took the right turns and what nots.

"That's Tanks..." hannah said but stopped suddenly as she pointed at the house. Ther was huge chunks out of the wall and the front door had been kicked in. "How many of them is there?"

Vala slammed on the brakes, her eyes wide with terror at the sight she saw. "There was one, but something happened....Selena..." Vala threw open her door and clambered out. "Selena?!?!"

Hannah jumped from the truck. "Wait!" she said to Vala. She worked as quick as she could to summon her trident but it took a few minutes. "Ok let's go, they might need out help..." She walked towards the door, but looked at Vala confusedly. "It's very quiet..."

Vala didn't wait. She could take care of herself if needed. She found Selena, Rick and the Other. But Rick was out. "What happened? Is he alright?"

Hannah followed her in and seemed even more confused. Eva looked up at them and smiled. "I knocked him out. I tried to say I was sorry but I don't think he can hear me."

Vala drew the blade that was concealed on her body. "Why are you being nice?" Not taking her eyes off the Ohter, she asked Selena, "What happened here?"

"Well," Selena started as she passed the smelling salt under Ricks nose, "I ambushed her. When my hands touched her this light suronded us. It then entered her body and a dark black cloud escaped. Time kinda stood still as this was going on although I could tell what was happening I couldn't move, no one could. Once this light was inside we all kinda flew backwards. I quickly subdued Eva until Rick passed out. This," She held up the salt, "is going to wake him up at any minute now." She stood up and backed away a few steps. "He might come to and try to fight." She turned to Vala. "Where is Tanker?"

Rick's eyes opened and he took a deep breath, going straight into defencive before wincing and looking at his hands "Ahhh....shit..." he groaned and looked at Eva "Fuck you you bitch... you fuckin." He tried to get up, only to growl in pain.

Eva took a step back. "I'm really sorry for hurting you...." she said to Rick.

Rick groaned and flopped back to the wall "Ahhh... my hands..." He muttered lifting the bloadsoaked didgets up. The blood that ran down his head was still flowing and he groaned "I need a doc or somethin..."

Hannah glared at Eva as she walked past her. She knelt beside Rick. "Selena can help you. What happened exactly?"

Rick closed his eyes momentarily, trying to remember "She came in... then like... threw a wall at tank, i stopped it and protected her.... I told her to run.. she ran... we fought... she was a rock... it hurt..." He groaned "Ah.... " His eyes widened slightly "Tank! Wheres Tank!?"

Hannah looked round at the others. "where is Tank?"

Rick tried to get up again, this time succeeding he left a bloody handprint on the wall "Ive got to find her.."

SIT YOUR ASS DOWN! yelled Vala inside Rick's head. "If you need to Selena, please for the love of the gods, subdue him! Tank is fine. She's headed for the base." Still keeping her blade out, she began to run the edge of it along her jawline. "Okay, so help me understand. This Other is now 'clean'?"

Rick glared at Vala momentarily before leaning against the wall and slowly sliding down it again.

Selena let Vala take charge, after all she was very good at keeping Rick here. Way better then Selena anyways. She nelt down beside Rick and placed her hand upon his healing the wounds. "I supose she would be clean. Her attutide sure did change." She paused for a moment. "After all didnt Estidy say that our powers we would have to discover. I suppose that is one of mine, to change a persons soul. I guess thats a healing ability and we all know I have that on physical injurys." She stood up and helped Rick to his feet. "Tanker was returning to the base when I caught her out the back door. She got on her motocycle." She expected him to run off to her so she turned back to Vala and Hannah. "Thank you for comming so quickly after I jumped her. I didn't think I would have made it. Infact if it wasn't for this inner light thing I wouldn't have." Selena noticed Vala with the blade to the girls neck. "Vala, I don't think shes going to harm us, she had that chance."

Rick got up, covered in his own blood but fine "Right, thanks. Hannah, can i get your keys or a lift or something, i gotta check on her."

Vala sheathed her blade, not taking her eyes off the girl. "Hannah didn't drive here Rick. I did." Glancing her green eyes towards him, a smirk crossed her lips.

Selena sighed in relif. At least if she is faking this nice thing she cant kill us with Vala's blade.

Rick looked at Vala "Vala you gotta give me a lift... please?" He asked looking at her, still wet with blood.

"Please huh?" Vala turned towards him, tilted her head to the side a bit. "Yes I will. In fact we all need to get the fuck out of here." She started to walkd towards the truck, "However, she," Vala knew who they were talking about. "Will NOT be coming with us."

"Vala I understand your position but I would like to watch her for a week or so. We could blindfold her so she doesn't know the location of the base and she will stay in the medical wing." Selena said bravely. "Of course, if it is alright with you and the rest of our gang." She said with more of a conseritave tone in her voice.

Vala shrugged her thin shoulders, "Fine, blindfold her. In fact," In a blink of an eye, Vala was back in front of the girl and had her fist impact the side of her head. Vala watched as the girl fell back, unconscious. Kneeling down, she ripped off a strip of her own shirt, exposing her toned stomach. She continued to lift up her head, tying the cloth around the girl's head, covering her eyes. "There taken care of." Still kneeling, Vala hoisted up the top half of the girl, "Let's get her in the bed of the truck."

Rick grabbed the girl's shirt and looked into her unconcious face, snarling before grabbing her other half and helping Vala.

"Thank you Rick." She walked backwards until she bumped into the bed. Handling the girl with one arm, she unlatched the tailgate and let it drop. "In you go." She hoisted the body up more, so she could get one foot up on the gate. Having that done, Vala picked herself and the body up into the bed. "Let go of her feet Rick."

Rick let her go and walked to the passanger side, then opened the door "Is it alright for me to get in?"

Hannah quickly followed them. She was slightly worried about Vala, she was acting so strange. "Is everything alright Vala?"

Vala dropped the half she was holding up, smirking when the body made a THUMP sound. "Yes Rick tis fine." her voice sounding annoyed. Vala vaulted over the side of the bed and opened the driver door, "I'm...Gettin in Hannah? Selena, would you please ride in the back with the Other?"

Selena shook her head but got in the back of the truck.

Rick quickly got in, anxious to go. He made room for Hannah before looking around the street "Ready when you are Vala."

Hannah climbed in quickly beside Rick and closed the door. "something's not right with Vala." she whispered to him.

Vala in turn got into the truck, and turned the engine. With a look over her shoulder, she waited until Selena was in the bed of the truck and sitting down.

Hannah glanced at Vala. "so uh..Vala. Everything ok with you?"

"No, Hannah it is not." Vala gritted her teeth.

"whats know you can talk to me..." Hannah replied watching Vala.

Rick didnt interfere, he didnt know Vala well enough. Rick just anxiously waited for them to go so he could find Tanker.

"Well for one, his fuck buddy which I sound remind you Rick," Vala looked pointedly at him, "Is only 16 years old and you're 19, she is jailbait. Just to remind you. Continuing, she keeps fucking running away. If your life is in danger, then fucking stay and fucking fight!" Turning her green eyes back to outside, she continued, "Second, if you're going to be one of us then you need to let go of your old life and start living at the base, so this kind of shit doesn't happen again!"

Hannah quickly glanced between Vala and Rick. " that everything that's bothering you?" she said quietly.

Rick clenched his fist. Growling slightly "And tell me Vala, how the fuck is she supposed to fight a rock!? May i remind YOU, she is only 16 and her powers are NOT OFFENCIVE! She ran away because I told her to, I told her to go to the base damnit! Its safe there, you said so yourself." Rick sat back and rubbed his forhead "She did what I asked her to. So dont be fucking pissed at her, she isnt running away, she is running towards."

"Problem with that Rick is, she's not one of us. We offered she turned her back. So until she is fully and compeletly part of this fucked group you and only you are her protector, got it? We can't have you endangering the rest of the group. Yes I am mad, cause if Tank had stayed, we could of helped her powers develop...."

"Vala calm one's in danger. We're all alright." hannah said sitting forward so she could properly look at Vala. "We'll drop these guys off at the base then we'll go see a movie or something...ok? Just stay calm..."

"I am calm damnit! You haven't seen me angry, nor would you want to." Vala took a deep breath, "Thank you Hannah but no thank you. We need to make sure this Other is under constant watch."

"Vala...are you sure there's nothing else bothering you?" Hannah asked nervously. "you just seem a little....different."

"Different how?" Vala turned her head to look at her friend.

"'ve just been acting strangely. Your temper suddenly came from nowhere.." Hannah replied.

Rick lent back and folded his arms "Your acting like me, hit first think later."

Vala snorted, "I don't hit...." She looked right at Rick, "I kill. And yes my temper came out of nowhere, however when friends are in danger, and someone doesn't use their gods given brain, it flares."

"Ok. I understand." Hannah said quickly. "You want me to drive?" she said trying to change the subject.

"I'm okay to drive Hannah. Thank you anyways."

Hannah nodded then faced forwards keeping quiet.

Rick felt his temper flare but managed to keep it under control. He made a fist and his arm tenced.

Selena swayed in the back of the truck. She noticed them arguing back and forth but didn't think anything of it because Rick more then likely smarted off to Vala.

Seeing from the corner of her eye that Selena had gotten into the truck, Vala shifted down into D and pressed on the gas. She headed straight for the base, keeping to the speed limit so not to look conspicoious.

Eva suddenly groaned. "My head hurts..." she muttered. "Why can't I see?" she raised a hand to her face. Hannah quickly looked round. "Uh oh...she's awake..."

Rick snarled and looked out the back window at her "Need me to knock her out again?"

"and how do you suggest getting out of a moving vehicle Rick..." Hannah replied quickly.

Rick sighed softly "I dont care, i just want to find Tank.." He mumbled.

Selena grabbed the girls hands and restrained them against her back. "Look here girl, your blindfolded. I don't know if you can be trusted that is why. You just sit there really still and don't attempt anything stupid and Vala and Rick wont knock you out cold again."

"I should be getting back to my friends though...they'll be wondering where I am...they have bad tempers like me." Eva replied.

Vala pulled into a store parking lot, opened the small window in the back, "Selena, can you check if there's a tracking device in her.?"

"Tracking device? i'm not a robot..." Eva said laughing. "Now please I have to go now the others will be looking for me."

"Listen girl, talk one more time and my fist will reconnect with your head. Got it?" came Vala's frustrated voice.

Selena looked at Vala in a disapointing way. "Do you have some tie straps in there?"

"What for?" Eva said turning her head wildly to try and locate Selena's voice.

Rick growled, opening the door he slammed it shut and climbed up on the back "Dont need no damn tie's." He looked at Selena "Ill hold her down"

Eva whimpered slightly. "You's are scaring me."

Rick growled and said loudly "You were told to shut up!"

"I just want to go home though, really the others will be looking for me...Elson,and...and Ren and Spark. They 'll be wondering where I am." Eva said quickly.

Rick grabbed the front of her shirt and lifted her up so her covered eyes were close to him "What do i have to do for you to get the message huh? SHUT UP! Stop talkin or youll get another thrashin!"

Eva stayed quiet for a few seconds then suddenly took a deep breath and began screaming for help.

Rick clamped a blood soaked hand over her mouth "Shut up... or i will remove your jaw." He said in a deadly serious tone. (Mebbie Hannah say summat >.> <.<)

Hannah turned in her seat and looked at Rick. "Just gag her or something..."

Selena backed up closer to the cab of the truck. As she watched she was afraid they would both fall out of the truck. "Rick sit down before you fall out." She giggled atthe girls attempts to scream.

"Gag her with this..." Hannah said as she found an old rag in the glove compartment of Vala's truck. She threw it to Rick. "Isn't this kidnap?" she said suddenly.

Rick quickly and eficiantly gagged the girl "Who gives a fuck." He muttered to Hannah and sat down, holding her arms behind her back with ease.

Hannah sighed and sat back down properly. "Vala let's go."

Vala muttered under breath, still keeping the engine in idle, "After Selena answers my question."

"What?" Hannah asked looking at her confused.

"Selena can you check if there is a tracking device in her?" Vala asked again.

"Yeah Vala. I will look." Selena looked over the girl. Taking off her shoes and socks. "Nothing, Vala. Not that I see anyways."

"Inside her body?" Vala didn't want to take any chances. All her mind could think about was, If they took her back, and she did indeed have a device in her, they would be up shit creek with no paddle.

"Its possible, but I seriously doubt it. I don't see any scars that would even resemble surgey for an internal tracking device." Selena knew what she was thinking, and she totaly agreed.

Vala nodded, "Okay I'm taking your word for it Sel. Okay, back to the base." She pulled out of the store parking lot and headed back to the base.

Rick held onto the girl so tight it almost hurt her. Frowning he looked out for Tank as they drove along.

"If the others find out we have her, they're gonna be so pissed off." Hannah said as they drove. Eva just sat whimpering, unable to do anything else.

"No shit." Vala turned down a side street and came up to the base. "Do you remember those names she said?"

Hannah sat quietly for a few seconds. "Ren...Spark and...and Elson I think."

"Spark, Ren and Elson? Why do those names sound so familiar?" Vala wasn't one for names, faces were more her thing. She turned off the engine and climbed out of her truck.

"I'm guessing those are the names of the others then...not just some random friends she has. We'll look them up when we get inside, bound to be some sort of information on them somewhere." Hannah said as she climbed from the truck. "Rick you ok carrying her in?"

Shrugging her thin shoulders, Vala kept running those names in her mind, trying to put them with a face.

Selena hopped out of the back of the truck. "Vala, I know who that Ren girl is. Chance and I ran into her at a club. She played with our minds. Made me feel really weird. In fact she had a red amulet necklace that she kept touching."

Hannah suddenly stopped and looked at her. "Made you feel weird...Rick you think thats the girl who made you ill?"

Rick nodded as he held the girls hands behind her back with one hand, and lifted her with the back of her shirt with the other "Yeah i think it is."

Eva began kicking her legs as she was lifted.

Rick tightened his hands on her wrists, one of them threatening to break "Watch it girl."

Eva tried to scream again but was stopped by the gag. "Just get her inside." Hannah said quickly.

"Red amulet huh?" Making a mental note, Vala held open the door for Rick. Nice leadership mouse. Next you can take over their weak pathetic little minds. Invaded a husky voice. Stop it! retorted Vala. What are you doing here?

Rick walked through the door carrying the screaming girl

Hannah quickly followed him as Eva began to struggle.

Selena followed too. "Take her up to the medical wing."

Rick squeezed her wrist again "I will break your arm bitch, stop moving." He snarled and did as Selena asked.

Up in the computer room, Tank sat at the end of the table, the scales before her. Her hand rested on the table, just enough to touch the scales. She had discovered quickly that if she didn't touch them, they dissappeared. They were tilted decidedly, but not drastically, in favor of the Caryon side. Her tears had stopped some time ago and now, as she stared almost unseeingly at the scales, she prayed Rick was ok.

Hannah walked in behind Rick. "Will you be ok to get her to the medical wing?" she asked him.

Rick growled at the girl and nodded to Hannah "Ya might wanna come, you can look after her while i find Tanker."

Hannah nodded. "fine come on..." she said moving to the elevator.

Rick moved the girl, causing her pain to the elevator and got in when it 'dinged'

Hannah pressed the button for the medical wing. "So why exactly did we have to take her hostage?" she asked.

Rick frowned at hannah slightly "They obviously know more about things than we do, which means we can learn from her. Which means we can develop our abilities."

Hannah looked at him. "I just think we're adding more fuel to the fire, that is going to be this war. What if the others try to retaliate and take one of Tank." The elevator doors opened when they reached the medical wing. She walked out of the elevator. "I just think this whole thing is turning into madness..." she stopped and looked at Rick. "She's still a human being, remember that." she said pointing at Eva then walked on to the medical wing.

Vala left Rick and Hannah to the medical wing with Eva. I should try to probe her mind later...  Yes mouse you should, when everyone is asleep. STOP CALLING ME THAT! She threw up all her defensive barriers, cringing while doing it. Hannah make sure Selena throughly scans the girls' body. She could of taken the device orally or it could of been injected by a needle. Just please make sure it's done. Thank you. After making sure that everything was covered, Vala headed straight for her room.

Ok Vala, i'll make sure it get's done. Hannah replied.

Selena waited for them to go up first. She pressed the button after they were gone and rode up herself. DING. She entered the kitchen and went threw the door to the medical wing.

Hannah pulled a chair out. "Set her here Rick." she said.

Selena saw Rick about to put the girl down. "Rick, if you dont mind please dont set her there. I need her in X-rays to check for internal tracking devices."

Once inside her room, Vala closed her door locking it. She knew the outline of the room now, she walked towards the candles she had laid out. Lighting the wicks, she watched as the room slowly illuminated. Vala moved towards the unmade bed and sat on the edge. The voice had spoken to her while she was awake, that couldn't be good. A pang in her stomach made her want to call her Da again, but she couldn't risk it.

Rick groaned and dragged the girl wherever Selena wanted.

Selena lead the way threw a door on the other side of the room. "Rick if you can hold her legs and Hannah her arms. We can get this done without having to intabate and anestise her.

Hannah followed them and nodded when Selena spoke. She took hold of Eva's wrists and held them tightly. "Can't we remove her blindfold now?" she asked.

Rick frowned and held her feet "Why the hell are you feeling so sorry for her?"

"She's still a human Rick, still feels pain and fear. Just like us." Hannah replied.

Rick sighed "Lets just get this shit over with."

Hannah nodded. "Fine, Selena where do you want her?"

"Just set her here on the table." Selena pulled over the x-ray machine. "Now listen girl the less you move the better you will be." Selena got lead vests for Hannah and Rick to wear. Then she walked around the wall. "Hannah and Rick you stay very still. As still as you can. This machine is going to take a full scan of her and your arms." Selena pressed the button and the machine started its scan. "No one move."

Hannah stood very still holding Eva's arms down. She could hear her whimpering slightly under her gag, she closed her eyes and tried to block it out.

Rick did as Selena asked, he didnt care about the girl, and his past was helping him in that fact.

The machine buzzed as it went around the girl. A few minuts later the X-ray was done.

Selena walked around the corner. "All done. Rick can you take her and put her in the first bed on the right by the kitchen door? Its the only one with restraints." Selena waited for him to answer her question.

Rick almost swore at her and held his anger in check as he grabbed the girl by the front of the shirt and hefted her up and down on the bed, then restrained her "Anything else, Mistress, or can i go find Tank!?"

Hannah followed Rick then slowly removed the blindfold and gag. Eva struggled against her restraints. "I hate you all!" she yelled. Hannah just bowed her head and walked back to where Selena was.

"If your going to be a smartass then yeah! We are all a bit uneasy your not the only one that took on an other!" Selena sighed. "Just go."

Rick turned and wlaked through the door, calling out for Tank.

Absently, Tank used her free hand to press the intercom button. "Yes?" she replied, voice slightly heavy from the ealier tears, and released the button, going quiet again.

Rick found the intercom and pressed it "Tank! Tanker were are you dalin, its me Rick!"

"In the computer room..."

Rick took the stairs, running up to her he burst through the door, he was still covered in blood and when he saw Tank he moved forwards "Tanker..?"

Tank looked up at him, looking about ready to cry and suddenly slid her hand off the scales. They vanished. She stood and went to Rick, hugging him reguardless of any blood. "I'm so glad your ok..." she whispered against his chest.

Rick held her tightly to him, the blood fairly dry now and his arms around Tank tightly "Tanker.." He whispered and held her, close to him, feeling her sadness but her happiness.

Hannah glanced at Eva then walked to Selena. "If you wanna go get some rest..i'd watch over her."

"Thats very nice of you but I first need to check the X-Rays so that everyone can breath easier." Selena turned. "I shall be right back."

She leaned back onto her pillows. If Selena doens't find some kind of tracking device, then it will be something else. And if not, then why would the Others put her at Tanker's house? Vala tried to put logic to this whole situation.

Selena had to wait on the x-rays. She sat quitely in her chair and began to become lost in though. I haven't seen or heard from Chance lately. We are falling out of touch. "I know I will ask Vala to try to connect to him and have him meet me here." Vala, can you find Chance for me and tell him I wanna talk.

Vala lost in thought, just about jumped out of her mind.She had fogot where she was. Yeah sure Selena, no problem. First Vala had to find him, and when she did the connection to no thought, Hey Chance? Selena needs to talk to you. Please call her or come in, okay?

Eva began struggling glaring angrily at Selena and Hannah. "You know you will pay for this!" she screamed making Hannah jump. "Well I don't see how we will when the others don't know where you are." Hannah said watching Eva.

Elson ended up outside the hideout for the the Accidents again, replaying his first encounter with them over and over. He had been to cocky when he had shown up, and it had ended with that girl getting the upper hand on him. Which brought him to another thought. He really had no information on any of them. Their names, powers, nothing. The thought bothered him to no end.

Tank broke away from the hug to smile up at Rick, but frowned when she caught sight of one of the security screens. "Rick?" she said, confused. He was back?

Thoughts slammed through his mind, one after another. How can I figure more out about them? How many of them are there? I saw four or five, but there's probably more. Wonder where Eva is.

Eva began screaming loudly. Hannah rolled her eyes. "I'll let you handle her, she's giving me a headache." she said to Selena. She left the infirmary and travelled up to the computer room. "What you looking at?" she asked as she walked up behind Tank and Rick. "Shit!" she said suddenly as she saw Elson. "Tank you have to stay here, no matter what. stay with her. If this guy gets in here you need to protect Tank. Selena's taking care of the girl...I don't know where Vala is...i'm going to get rid of him. I did it once before, I can do it again. If anything happens to me just make sure he doesn't get in here..." She patted Tanks shoulder then ran to the door. "Don't worry about me, this guy ain't so tough." she said with a smile before disappearing into the elevator. When the elevator reached the first floor Hannah took a deep breath and walked to the main door before slowly opening it and walking out. She closed the door quickly then turned to look at Elson. "Long time no see...miss me?" she said smiling slightly.

Sitting up breakng her reverie, Vala sensed a foreign presence. Hannah?

It's one of them...just keep everyone safe ok? Hannah replied.

Yeah no problem...Call if you need me. Vala sat up. Who was this new Other? She left her room in search for Tank and Rick.

Hannah returned her attention back to Elson still smiling.

Elson snapped out of his thoughts, "How the hell did you know I was here?"

"Security cameras everywhere you never can be too safe." Hannah said smiling.

Hannah I'm gonna stick around for awhile. I need to know this Other. Okay? Don't give away too much. You've already made a mistake by telling him that we have security cameras

Yeah I might need the back up... Hannah replied. Stay inside until there is any sign of danger...

Elson shrugged, "Figures. So what do you want?"

Chance walked towards the hideout, mentally responding to Vala's telepathy. On my way. He had been trying the summoning again, though he hadn't gotten much farther, and becomes frustrated had decided to go for a walk. That had been yesterday. Finding himself back at his old apartment he decided to stay there and pretend things were normal for a day, hoping it would relieve some of his stress. It had worked... a little.

"What do I want? It should be me asking you what you want? Now we know this is gonna end in a fight so, let's just get it over and done with...i'm tired and kicking your ass really isn't at the top of my to do list." Hannah said smirking slightly.

Elson shrugged again, "Whatever, your cockiness iritates me anyways." After forming his guantlets Elson stood at the ready, but didn't attack. "Ready whenever you are."

"Such a gentleman..." Hannah said sarcastically as water began to form below her feet so she could summon the trident.

It was what he was waiting for. Now he knew how long it would take for her to summon it. Still not moving he stood silently but ready, watching.

Hannah glanced at him the reached down to grab the trident.

She has to reach down into the water.... Hmmmm...

Hannah's fingers wrapped round the handle of the trident and she began to pull it out. She glanced up at Elson. He was being strangely patient and this frightened her.

Plus the time to pull it out... Summon time anywhere from ten to thirty seconds, depending on her urgency....

Finally the trident was out and Hannah held it up steadily, not showing her fear. "Ready.."

Elson was smiling widely from the information she had just unknowingly given him. "Then let's dance. Do you want to lead, or should I?"

The story continues on A Deadly Dance

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2007-04-09 [Prater]: It goes back to an earlier post. Remeber she is plagued by a monster voice.

2007-04-09 [Prater]: How did Tank get into the base? Someone said she couldn't...

2007-04-09 [Artsy]: they were wrong, tank got in with hannah long ago....

2007-04-10 [silent_voice]: Whats Estidny?

2007-04-10 [Artsy]: the god of destiny... he was here in the beginning and got... 'killed'.... he's chance's god...

2007-04-10 [silent_voice]: and Caryon?

2007-04-10 [Artsy]: same guy, it's his god name.. i'm assuming the god's name is on it's designated tray....

2007-04-10 [silent_voice]: Ah right ^_^

2007-04-11 [~Acidelf3~]: oh okay.. and Selena said she didnt know if tank could get in

2007-05-06 [~Acidelf3~]: alright ppls... i am not connected to the internet as much as i once was our box fed up.. so .. its a limited that ill be on sooooooo sorry

2007-05-16 [Tekkon KinKreet]: ok.. i'm back and have time to post again... but i'm basically lost... i'll read up between posts, but i need a quick fix on where we're at so i can hop back in. please. it'd be greatly appreciated.

2007-05-17 [Artsy]: well... tank and rick are in the computer room, selena's in the medical area, talking to vala via mind thingy, and vala is now calling chance (last post) that's all i know

2007-05-17 [Eyelash-Wishes]: hannah is with selena and Eva is strapped to the bed lol

2007-05-20 [~Acidelf3~]: there was a fight between eva and rick for tanker who are both in the computer room... slena jumped in and took her inner bad light thiny or temp knocked her good and now is strapped to the bed with hannah who is showing compassion...

2007-05-31 [Tekkon KinKreet]: hmmm.... i've got to bring Chance back somehow... let's see...

2007-05-31 [Tekkon KinKreet]: there, that should work.

2007-05-31 [Eyelash-Wishes]: yup thats good

2007-05-31 [Tekkon KinKreet]: yay, i get to do another fight!!! finally. :p

2007-05-31 [Eyelash-Wishes]: lol i'm never stopped fighting

2007-05-31 [Tekkon KinKreet]: lol. i haven't done one since i killed of estidny, and then that fight for tank... only two so far. well the training session with eva, but that doesn't really count... cuz i called a couple time outs. lol

2007-05-31 [Eyelash-Wishes]: lol now who is going to get their ass kicked today?

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