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Here is a list of my roleplay characters and the roleplays that I use them in. Most links have a picture.

Louise Kirkpatrick-X-Men United
Theia Skandalakus-X-Men United
Kiora Collins-X-Men RP

Not Currently in Use:
Aaliyah Windleaf-Flirty, party-girl nymph turned out by her parents for "irresponsibility." Futuristic setting with fantasy elements.
Aaliyah Windsong-Flirty, party-girl nymph turned out by her parents for "irresponsibility." Fantasy setting.
Amber “Polgara” Griffiths-Teen Vampire, created for a modern setting
Amiko McCollin-College student, created for a modern or sci-fi setting
Angel "Ann" Klein-Teenaged goth girl. Modern or sci-fi setting
Ardana Ny`yerees-Jedi, created for a Starwars game
Ardana Yaceavitch-Created for a Starcraft roleplay
Avandra Nightroad-Created for a Deadlands game, alternate reality "Wild West" type setting
*Black Ice-Mysterious mercenary, magic abilities, fantasy setting
*Elbereth-Elf, fantasy setting
Elbereth the Sorceress-Elf sorceress, fantasy setting
Illiana Starfall-Elf archer, dedicated protector of her home forest, grew up secluded from the rest of society. Fantasy setting.
Leabra Silvonas-Elf, magic abilities, fantasy setting
Lydiah-Seeress from Ancient Greece, fantasized historical or fantasy setting
Ninquelote The White-Elf, magic abilities, fantasy setting
Polgara-Vampire from the Renaissance, historical to modern setting
*Rayne-Elf, magic abilities, fantasy setting
Rayne Phyerstorme-Elf, magic abilities, fantasy setting
Sonia Tearzai-Created for a Dark Hunter roleplay

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2013-07-19 [Elwyne]: if you'd like I could make an attempt at drawing some of these characters for you. There are a few without pictures. And a few of those with pictures are black and white. I can't exactly promise that I'll be able to post them soon though. I have trouble getting them scanned. My mother has the scanner and she rarely lets me use it.

2013-07-19 [~Valkyrie~]: Thanks for the offer. Most of these characters haven't been used in...quite a while. But I might take you up on it sometime. Is there anyone in particular that you want to draw?

2013-07-19 [Elwyne]: Not in particular, but I occasionally like drawing characters for friends. Of course I only scanned them... if I read them more carefully I might find one that sparks my imagination. Let me know which ones you're still using and I'll read them more carefully.

2013-07-20 [~Valkyrie~]: Actually, I don't have any pictures of Theia yet. She's at the bottom of that top list.

2013-07-20 [Elwyne]: well then I'll take a look.

2013-07-20 [Elwyne]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

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