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2006-08-13 23:01:11
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This area is devoted to the attention of 'cons de anime'!(anime cons in spanglish^^) Please feel free to message me if you have pics from a previous con or information of an upcoming one! XD

Guides to cons:

[Here is a list of previous cons:]

Anime Boston-2006 so far. I'll get my awsome pics up soon.

[Here is a list of upcoming cons:]


ALL of the 'information' was by me. A thanks would be nice. T_T

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2006-09-23 [*Leric*]: I am SOO going to anime boston this year!! (

2006-09-23 [kabutali]: YAY! Nano said you were going too! we were gonna met ya! =^.^=

2006-09-23 [*Leric*]: w00t!!!

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