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[This pic is not mine, I found it in a magazine.]

Anime TV the fan wiki, where you may chat and comment on your favorite anime or anime characters! If you've ever wanted to ramble on with people, who are alot like you, about anime, then this is your kind of wiki! Directly below is the members list, and below that is a list of anime's people have already submitted. Once you join, place your number next to any or all the anime's you like. You can also make suggestions, about the wiki, to it's creator, [Zel Holt]. He askes one thing of the members though and that is to, "Just try to keep it nice, k? ^_^", and I should probably add, please don't claim anyone, it sets certain people off.

Also note that this wiki is to talk Anime, and or manga, but, to prevent people from complaining, if you want to talk about spoilers, go to...Spoilers TV...there you may spoil all you want!

Fans of Anime!

#1>-[Zel Holt] "I love anime, my favorite types are action, fantasy, and comidey!"

#2>-[shadow frost wolf] same here Zel ^^

#3>-[~Spirit Fox~] May seem childish, but it's my passion. ^.^

#4>-[Duke Devlin] I love ANIME!!!


#6>-[IonicRose] Anime is my anti-drug!!!More expensive, but WAY more worth it. *sigh* If only Life could just be one big anime. ^_^

#27>- Z Member [Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]

Titles of popular Anime

Put your favs here. ^_^ You can also put your number after your favs. ^_^

{All} Meaning diferent anime type, same name.

Pokemon {All}: (1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(z)
Digimon {All}: (1)(2)(3)(4)(6)
YuGiOh {All}: (2)(3)(4)(6)(z)
DragonBallZ {All}: (2)(4)(z)
Sailor Moon: (2)(3)(4)(Z)
Card Captor Sakura: (1)(2)(4)
Naruto {All}: (1)(2)(3)(6)(z)
One Piece: (z)
Inuyasha: (1)(2)(3)(6)(Z)
Full Metal Alchemist: (1)(2)(6)(z)
Full Metal Panic:
Death Note: (1)(2)(3)(6!)
Blood+: (1)(2)(3)
.Hack {All}: (1)(2)(3)(6)
Bleach: (1)(2)(3)(6!)(z)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: (1)
Black Blood Brothers:
Chrono Crusade: (1)
Hell Girl: (1)
Black Cat: (3)(6!)
Tenchi Muyo {All}: (2)(3)
Yu Yu Hakusho: (2)(3)(6)(z)
D.N.Angel: (2)(3)
Lucky Sar: (1)
Fantastic Childern: (3)
Devil May Cry {Series}: (6!)(1)

Free Anime Web Links!

For sites that allow people to watch anime freely. (english dubbed anime) [May need to use the fire fox server to watch]


watch and enjoy for free!

[Under construction]

Username (or number or email):


2010-11-04 [~Spirit Fox~]: you said of the white dragon and that's what Sanos's essance is, a white dragon demon. lol

2010-11-05 [shadow frost wolf]: Wait till you meet Vosch XD

2010-11-05 [~Spirit Fox~]: ....why does that sound familliar? (I forgot how to spell that one.... lol)

2010-11-05 [shadow frost wolf]: the dragon king XD

2010-11-05 [~Spirit Fox~]: Well...Sanos wouldn't get along with him.

Sanos: "you are a ruler, you do not fight for world peace. you should die!" (he's going back that way.... rule the world by force. If Kieta was alive he wouldn't do that. She passifies him because she keeps Saari alive. Sanos hates Saari, but can't turn his back on her as easily as he;'d like.)

2010-11-06 [shadow frost wolf]: i never said they would, but i think it would be fun XD Plus he's not a ruler anymore.

2010-11-06 [~Spirit Fox~]: Oh then Sanos wouldn't bother with him, unless Vosch attacked Sanos or got in his way.

2010-11-07 [shadow frost wolf]: Less than likely, Vosch is more a supporting role, though he still gets his hands dirty a little bit.

2010-11-07 [~Spirit Fox~]: Actually Sanos and Siage will be poping up at random moments in a fist fight for awhile....

2010-11-08 [shadow frost wolf]: Vosch is just...."Roar! Im da god damn dragon king mon!"

2010-11-08 [~Spirit Fox~]: lol as long as he didn't try to rule everything or attack other nations Sanos wouldn't worry about him.

2010-11-10 [shadow frost wolf]: Long ago, but Alastor sorta fixed that XDDD

2010-11-10 [IonicRose]: Whah!!! I misses tons! ^_^'> gah

2010-11-11 [shadow frost wolf]: yeah, you did XD

2010-11-12 [~Spirit Fox~]: We were discussing another storyline. lol. Somehow it always come to this. XD

2010-11-13 [IonicRose]: Lol yeah. And I'm always the confussed one :P

2010-11-13 [shadow frost wolf]: And im always sleepy _-_

2010-11-14 [~Spirit Fox~]: No no, that's me. lol. Sleep sounds fun, but not right now. I have to edit Sc first. My nephew spent the Saturday night and now I'm worn out...

2010-11-15 [shadow frost wolf]: Eh, I was over matt's anyway xD

2010-11-15 [~Spirit Fox~]: lol, doesn't matter I have a thing about not editing.

2010-11-16 [shadow frost wolf]: So do I, unless there's principal at stake.

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