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Here's the second page to Anime Dreams, the other one was getting kinda long. Anyway, let's begin,

Full Metal Alchemist
This one was weeeeeeiiiirrrrddd........First, Winry, Al, Ed, and myself were walking up my road when we noticed a car was comming up behind us. We new it wasn't going to stop so we started running. Then when the car was about to hit us, we threw ourselves to the sides of the road and the car just passed by. I remeber sitting up to see Ed and Winry on the other sid of the road and I think Al was next to me. Then I was suddenly back atmy house in my gauradge fighting some guy. I could use fire alchemist like Mustang. I had the gloves on and was trying to activate it, but for some reason, the spakes wouldn't ignite from my snapping. So the guy I was fight laughed and jumped down from a shelf he was standing on.(Oh yeah, I forgot to meantion that he was like really really short and was wearing impish clothes.) Then I grabbed a screw driver for some reason and held it by the metal part so I could just wack him and not stab him.(dunno why I didn't want to stab him.) As he went outside, so did I and we jumped up on the roof tops and began to fight. Then I woke up as I was dodging him.
(By [Kiristo])

Fruits Basket
I was minding my own business when Akito comes out of nowhere and says hi. I said hi but I really didn't talk to him because I knew all about him. I was a school girl at Torhu's school and I didn't want any trouble. The next thing I know, he says he loves me and tries to kiss me. I bat him away but he tries again and I push him off. I run away but he follows me. I keep running but hten I run into an alleyway where he pins me to the wall. He then pushes me down and gets on top of me. He then unbuttons me shirt and starts *shivers* licking my chest. I yell, "No, no, no! Stop it! Please, stop it!"

Then I woke up. (Thank you God in heaven!)
[Blaze the Nameless]

Full Metal Alchemist

([WARNING!: This is the pure definition of WEIRD! You are WARNED!])

Ok, Ed, Al, some other person that we didn't know, and myself were, for some reason, in a cellar of a house. Ed's eyes were kinda faded and hlaf closed, but he looked SO CUTE! The person whom we didn't know lit a candle so we could see, then said something that I couldn't quite hear.([Here's where it gets VERY VERY WEIRD! Use caution!]) Ok, then Ed said something like, "It's easy to train a child, but you can't train a flame." ([IT GET'S WEIRDER! Turn back now! While you have the chance!!]) Al had been working on something when he handed it to the other person and asked(for reasons beyond explaination), "Am I the Sandman?" then Ed said something again then he callapsed to the floor. That's when Winry came down from the stairwell and said, "That's not true." She was dressed in a millitary uniform, but with the newly issused mink skirts and tight shirts.....I think I woke up after that.([THANK YOU GOD!])
(By [Kiristo])



This dream was INCREADIBLY disturbing. So now, thanks to this dream, every time I see or hear about Naraku, I get really disturbing mental images, and have mental seizures (Meaning that I have 'em IN MY IMAGINATION). *shutters*

Oh yes, and in this dream, I was seeing everything from InuYasha's point of view, so remember that as you read.

Anyways, InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, and Miroko walked into a place that looked kinda like the girl's locker room from my middle school (except half the original size, with a big empty space right when you walked in, and lockers only along the walls). Apparently, they/we were in a bathhouse of some sort. Kagome and Sango were naked, but both had a towel around their waist. I (InuYasha) had taken off my shirts, and was just in my red pants. Miroku was also there, but I forget what he was wearing. And what was really wierd was the fact that Miroku wasn't acting like a pervert.

Anyways, Kagome said something about taking a bath, and Sango agreed. Everyone got a towel from a stack on the floor, leaving me with the thinnest, most ragged towel. Suddenly, Kikyo appeared near the wall parallel to the door, and was standing next to a circular little door in the wall. I got all angry, and yelled, "What the hell do you want?!" Kikyo smirked and said something about Naraku (that I don't remember...d'oh... ><U), then told me to come to the baths, then disappeared. I stomped over to the little door, opened it, and looked inside: it was a slide, and I didn't see where it lead to, but a sign over the door announced that it was the way to the hot tubs. I shrugged, threw my towel over in a corner, and told Sango to tell Kagome to watch my towel while I was gone. Then I went through the door and slid out of sight.

When I got to the bottom of the slide, I was in a white-tiled, oval-shaped room (the walls were also curved, too), and the hot tubs (built into the floor) had no water in them, but there was foam and yellow soap (that smelled like vanilla) on the floor of the tubs. I said something like, "Kikyo sure knows how to keep the tubs clean..." and walked across the room, where there was a ladder built into the wall. I climbed up the ladder, and poked my head through the little opening that was at the top.

Kikyo was in a white-and-pastel-colored room, naked, and wrapped in a towel. She talked to me a bit, then turned to look at the doorway of her room, and said, "Ah, Naraku..."

As soon as she said that, Naraku walked in (in his normal clothes, not his monkey outfit X3), and smirked upon seeing me (my head poking out of the floor, to be precise). As he started walking towards me, I ducked back down into the white-tiled room, scrambled down the ladder, and glanced frantically around the room. I tried to climb up the slide, but it was too slippery, so I jumped back and cried, "Dammit, how do I get outta here?!"

"There's no way out."

I whipped around to see Naraku at the base of the ladder, smirking (and he was shirtless). As he started walking towards me, I backed up slowly and yelled, "What do you want from me?!"

Naraku smirked a little eviller and replied, "Not much..."

I felt cold tile against my back, and realized that I was against the wall. Naraku was standing barely a foot away from me, and as he touched my chin, he whispered, "...just your body."

Then, he pinned me down on the floor, and put a spell on me so that I couldn't struggle as much as I would have. Before I knew it, Naraku's pants were gone, and he was pulling mine off, touching me there as he did so. Fortunitly, just before he was about to rape me, I woke up.

([THANK GOD!!!!!])

(By [White Phoenix aka Ryoko])



I don't remember much of this dream, but I remember enough. Vash was fighting this HUGE red dragon-like creature (it looked kinda like Slypher the Sky Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh), and it was chasing him ([NOTE: they were in a place like the town in Trigun Maximum #5.]). Near the end of my dream, the dragon coiled itself around Vash, who started firing 2 guns at it (both looked like his normal gun). Vash ran out of bullets quickly, and just as the dragon was about to bite him, he yelled, "WAIT!!!" The dragon hesitated and uncoiled itself, allowing Vash to get out of its grip.

(At this point in my dream, I realized that Vash's right arm was bleeding heavily, and he was walking with a slight limp. Also, his hair was almost completely black, which is NOT A GOOD THING!!!!!)

Vash stumbled to a metal railing, and as soon as he gripped the railing, he fell to one knee and coughed up blood. He wiped his mouth on his coat sleeve, and got out his gun from his mechanical arm. Just as he faced the dragon and pointed his gun at it, I woke up.

PS: I think what brought this dream on was what I found out about future Trigun Maximum manga from my friend, [~Vash~]. *won't say any more, not wanting to spoil anything for anyone*
PPS: Is it just me, or have I been having a lot of wierd/disturbing dreams lately?
(By [White Phoenix aka Ryoko])

Zatch Bell

Ok, this dream was kinda short and a little odd...but not like my last dream that was just plain weird beyound explaination!Oo'.....

(ok, well everyone knows that Zatch got his memory stolen, right?) Well Zatches doppleganger had stored his(Zatch's) memory in a small stack of books. (we were in some weird blue room, btw) Zatch and Kyo had found the books, and the stack glowed like the Red Book. Then the glow transfered to the Red Book and Zatch was glowing too. Then after a minute, Zatch looked at Kyo and said he could remeber everything now and that the Red Book was like his lifeline.(didn't they already know that?.....)
(By [Kiristo])


My dream was SO romantic! It started out with me in a crowded ballroom, nice music playing, everyone (including myself) dressed all in extravegant 1800s style clothing you'd see at a ball. I was leaning against a wall, watching everyone dancing and talking and laughing. I sighed to myself, not talking to anyone. I was being a total wallflower (how true to what I usually am at parties...). I looked down at the ground, feeling depressed and lonely. The next thing I know, I see this shadow combine with mine. I look up to see who was there, and to my surprise, guess who was standing right in front of me and smiling at me. InuYasha! I blush, wondering why he, of all people, was paying attention to me, when no one else was (I had a MAJOR crush on him, just like I do in real life). Smiling, he extends his hand. I place mine into his and let him lead me onto the crowded dance floor. A really nice song comes on and we start waltzing. He was smiling at me the entire time, and I at him. As we were dancing, it began to grow all misty around us and everything around us faded and began to change into something else. Soon, it looked as though we were the only two there, floating in clouds in a moon- and starlit sky. The song ended, and we stopped dancing. He just stared into my eyes for a few moments, still smiling. Then, he pulled me close to him, and leaned in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and went to kiss him as well as he slowly leaned in to kiss me. Just before we kissed, when our lips were only about an inch from each alarm clock went off and I woke up. Why is it that I always wake up when it's just getting REALLY good?! Darn it!

(By [LunaSoleil])

Fullmetal Alchemist(I am weird when I dream)

I was kidnapped by Michael Jackson,and my mom tried to save me and she had underwear on her dashbored and they flew out the window then she said i got to get my panties and hoped out of the car and grabed them,and Michael Jackson took me to a football game,where Ed,Al,and the military were and left me there and Ed kept staring at me then he had to leave cause there was trouble in the parking lot a buntch of guys were causing trouble,so i followed Ed and winry was there and a guy said Hi winry,you sure have grown up especially in the chest area,and then I woke up.
(By:[~Crimson Angel~])

[My sis had this dream. She asked me to put it up.]

Elizabeth(my sis) was in a dojo and there was a demon that was throwing knives at her. She called out Inuyasha's name. All the sudden, he jumped in and said, "Leave her alone!!" Inuyasha began to fight the demon when Elizabeth noticed a door behind her. She escaped through the door, but it appeared that she entered some type of medical hallway. She thinks she saw Miroko and Shippo, and cannot remeber anything after that.

(By [Kiristo]'s sister)

   Ok so I don't remember all of it. I remember I was sitting in a corner of this burnt but oddly intact building and I was laughing hysterically at the Hellsing manga when Alucard popped up (litterally) in front of me and leered that creepy cool leer he always does. He pointed Jackal at me and I, without warning, JUMPED up and stole Jackal and ran away shooting at the ceiling and such and laughing. In the mean time my friend Jordan ran over her friend TJ with the Hindenburg II (zepelin from the manga) don't ask how, I don't know. So I was being chased by Alucard then Integra Wingates Hellsing dropped down and stabbed me in the head...that was about it hahah but it had a lot of cool imagry... Oh! and Yumiko (I think that was the nun's name) Killed jordan quite quickly. Then Anderson jumped off the building's roof and landed in a pool...that's REALLY weird now that I think about it...
[Faulty Limerence]

InuYasha, YuYuHakusho, Naruto, etc.

I had this dream quite a long time ago, so lets see if I can remember... I was at my house and my friend was supposed to come over but then her mom found out that my parents weren't going to be home for quite a long time and kept insisting that we come to my friends house. Now then, my friend kept trying to insist to her mom that everything would be okay but her mom kept repeating in a sing-song voice, "No, No , No..." So I was running in circles when I spotted Naruto dancing a funny jig on the roof of my house and then I saw InuYasha peering at me through the window and did nothing but blinked. He just watched me from inside my house and then started pointing wildly at something. So I turned around to see Yusuke Urameshi laughing at me, my friend, InuYasha, Naruto, and my frind's mom for no reason... he was just laughing like a hysteric bean. Then, ignoring Yusuke I began to run around in circles again... running to the jig that Naruto was dancing to (mind you he ws very good), while my friend's mom continued to repetivly say, "No,No,No..." and my friend tried to tell her that she wanted to stay here. So that is all i can remember about the dream because I had it well over a year ago... I think it might be a sign, telling me of things to come XD

Note: This is the only dream that is appropriate enough to put up here, mind you... the other anime dreams are well to say, *ahem* nauty ;)

(Brought to you by [Paz])

Avatar:The Last Airbender
Me,my friends Josh,and Phillip were traviling with Aang,Katara,and Soka.Me and Josh were waterbenders,and Phillip was a earthbender,we were staying at my house when we all decied to travle together to the north pole.we were eating when we herd the sound of running water Aang,Katara,and Soka said what is that sound and Josh said guess what it is,and me and Phillip said at the same time you are peeing aren't you,and he said yep and Aang,kartara,and Soka said eww and we started laughing,he's not really peeing he is waterbending,so in the morning we left on his flying bison,when we saw a tiny dot flying straight toward us and I said look out that is a flying water dragon,they only fly straight we need to go faster,so Aang yelled yip yip and the flying bison flew faster and we almost didn't make it then I woke up.
Written By:[~Crimson Angel~]

Avatar:The Last Airbender
This is part two of that dream above I had the same dream only it was longer.We landed on the ground after we escaped from the water dragon when we ran into Prince zuko and he was going to attack anag when he saw me he approched me and then he did something that shocked me and everyone else he kissed me,then he promised not to hurt me or my friends or the avatar if I went out with him,so i went out with him and had a great time then he kissed me again and my mom woke me up.
written by:[~Crimson Angel~]


YuYu Hakusho

Um, this is the only part of the dream I remember, but I walked into my house and saw Kuwabara, and I kissed him. o.O What a strange dream. I think the actual dream had something to do with zombies. -.-''
Written by: [Mizz Morpheus]

Avatar:The Last Airbender(this was weird)
Aang had faked his death to throw the firebenders off of him,then he was at a camp somewere,but he was 113,it was weird he was wearing all black like he turned gothic or something.he was talking to a firebender when the firebender told me,him,soka,katara,josh,and phillip the avatar is back then he pointed to Aang and you are him and he stabed a knife through the table and chased aang and they went in the water and aang was holding his breath and couldn't so he looked for something he could use like a straw or hollow pice of bamboo then I woke up.
written by:[~Crimson Angel~]

Descendants of Darkness(Yami no Matsuei)
First, I wake up and I somehow realized I was dead. I was wearing an adorable Gothic Lolita outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror and striked a pose. I was walking down the street and every single guy was staring at me. I turned to look at them and they were all blushing. I smiled which made them blush even more. I was walking until I saw some kind of demon running down the street. It was a huge black tiger like aniaml that was eating other peoples' energy or something. I stucked out my hand and yelled, "The Sun of Ancient Gods!" and a huge fireball came out of my hand, hitting the tiger and destroying it. I smiled and turned around to see the Cheif. He was smiling at me and I smiled too. He brought me to where he worked and introduced me to the gang.
"Boys, I'd like you to meet our newest shignami. This is Pandora." Tsuzuki, Tatsumi and Watari were all staring at me, blushing. Then the all ran to try and shake my hand. They started fighting on who was going to do it first. Then Hisoka came over and shook my hand. I smiled at him and he blushed as well. I remeber later that Doctor Muraki came in and I had an alter personality that was older than me and very seductive. She could bring out anyone's worse fear. She keep on doing that to Muraki who fell in love with her in the end.
[Blaze the Nameless]

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (this dream was bizzare...)
I don't remember a lot of the dream, except for the fact that almost none of it had anything to do with anime. There was one little couple-seconds-long itsy-bitsy part of it that I remember, and that part involved anime, plus it was very disturbing. Apparently, Fai was in labor with Kurogane's child. Later, I woke up, then pulled the covers over my head, muttering, "I'm not getting's not gonna be a good day..."

(-by [White Phoenix aka Ryoko])

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