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2006-02-12 19:44:36
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Ok, here's the page for all the menber of Anime dreams. Here you can just talk and hang out. Basicly, have fun. ~_^


001: [Kiristo]- (Creator of Anime dreams) My dreams are SOOOO WEIRD!
002: [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves]
003: [Ruriko Inoyuki]
004: [White Phoenix aka Ryoko] FYI, most of my dreams are either really disturbing or containes someone out to kill me. Yeah; it's wierd. --U
005: [Insaniac Yoshie]
006:[Prettyinpink2]I have strange dreams!!!
007: [Blaze the Nameless] I hate my dreams. They are pointless.
008:[Lady Alaina] Most of my dreams are wierdness/coolness,if I can FRIEKEN REMEMBER THEM!! XP
009: [Jun Aoi] *Gasp*
010: [Beloved yet Loveless] My dreams always end at the good part sorry for the cliffhangers!*_*
012: [LunaSoleil] Sappy and romantic--That's the only way I can think of to describe most of my dreams.
013: [~Crimson Angel~] My dreams are always good,no one dies at all.
014:[anala] Why is it that my dreams are always about running away from something.well....not always running XP
015: [Mizz Morpheus] My dreams are always about hot anime guys. They just randomly appear in a dream maily about zombies. Then the dream goes on like normal. o.o
016: [*akuma*] i always have random dreams..most of which contain anime characters! eeee i love ones with kakashi ^______^

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