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User Name: [Evolution X]

Character name: Anthony (Tony) Havelock

Mutant Name: Shot

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: He can transfer kinetic energy into an item he is touching, propelling it in any direction he desires. The heavier the object the more energy it takes to move it, of course, so the amount of things he can move without exhausting himself are limited. Anthony must also be careful of the material of items her propels; occasionally, fragile items that he attempts to propel with too much force will violently explode. The energy comes from himself, and if used excessively it can cause him to become tired, hungry, or even lose body mass in excessive cases.

When using his powers, all Anthony's muscles tense for a brief second. This means, unfortunately, that he cannot use his powers while moving. If he was running, then used his powers, it would cause his muscles to tense and his legs to become immobile, tripping him up. It happens for less than a second, but it makes him unfortunately clumsy while using his powers.


Age/Date of Birth: 19 April 1st

General appearance: Anthony is barrel chested, 6'2 and slightly overweight, making him look exceptionally bulky in comparison to some others. His face is wide, moon like, and usually smiling. His nose was obviously once broken and was rather badly set again, and he is completely bald. His eyes are a dark blue.

Additional Appearance: Anthony finds himself at home in any style of clothing, from suits to vests, though he tends to stick towards the darker spectrum of colours, like greys, blues and browns. He has a large scar stretching across his bald head, starting four inches above his right eye and stopping three inches above the base of his spine. Occasionally he will wear a skull and crossbones bandana to hide this.

Personality: People's response to Anthony is more often than not, fear. Bald head, large physique, large scar, it screams out the words 'skin head' or 'hells angel' more often than is sensible. To combat this, he attempts to be friendly to everyone he meets, and will more than likely give people second chances. This being said, if people anger him too often, he has difficulty letting go of grudges. Unless given an ample reason as to why they behaved in that way, he will dislike a person, and not be afraid to tell them.
Special Skills: Can drive.

Place of birth: Bourton-on-the-water, England
Weapon(s) of choice: Small hard items. Rocks. Ball bearings. Teeth. Forks. Anything really.
Medical information: Occasional shadow pain from previous mutation accident.
Brief History: Anthony's mutation came on slowly, starting when he was ten and building as he got older; as a child, he did not even consider he had a mutation, simply that things behaved oddly around him. Small items would roll away from him, he would drop pencils, generally what people classed as 'being clumsy'. It progressed however, and occasionally he would find himself freezing on the spot, whatever he was holding at the time being shot from his hands.

Mutation wasn't that first thing on his parents mind however. By the age of fifteen, Anthony had been pricked, prodded and processed through every epilepsy, seizure or heart murmur test they could throw at him. The answer came when Anthony, in the middle of a regular check up, suddenly powdered the doctor's office with his medication. Three weeks before his fifteenth birthday he was sent home with a note telling his parents that he was mutant. He promptly burnt it, fearing what they would do if they found out.

He never told his parents, but he didn't ignore his mutation. In fact, now he knew it WAS a mutation, he seemed to find it a little easier to control. He no longer froze up in the middle of meals, or fell over while walking. Knowing that he had a mutation had actually made him seem NORMAL, strangely enough. During one of his 'experiments' with his powers, a month or two before his eighteenth birthday, he had an accident however.

He was attempting to push himself forward by using his powers, trying to utilise it as a kind of super speed for himself. It worked, very well in fact. Too well. It all happened very quickly, as is prone to happen with his powers. He catapulted forward at such a speed that it ripped the hair from his head, leaving Anthony permanently bald from that day since. He also collided, hard and head first, with a telephone booth. That was why he was never certain if the incident was one or two months before his eighteenth, because that collision left him with both in a comatose state, and with the scar that adorns his head. He woke up in hospital a few months later. His parents knew he was a mutant now. Instead of the scorn he was expecting, he was greeted by tears and smiles... and a ticket to America. The doctor had told them that there was a school for people like him...
Relatives: Father: John, Mother: Ellen

How long your character has been in the mansion: New


Currently wearing: Baggy grey t-shirt with a faded Vault Hunter symbol on the back, a pair of cargo pants done up with a nondescript black belt. His shoes are black leather and heavily worn.

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