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Since my pirate anthros have become somewhat popular, I've decided to make banners for anyone who would like to have one in their house. ^_^ I'm putting one in my house to advertise but you can put the banners anywhere you want. I'll put up house versions and wiki versions so the greens won't clash. I'm just makin' these as a little fun thing and I'm hoping you guys n' girls like them. :3 I'll add more banners once I get some more ideas for some new ones. These banners were designed for 1024x768 or larger screen resolution, by the way. They're probably gonna be huge on a 800x600 screen. O_o

I'll provide the URLs and html coding underneath the banners to make it easier for you. You can copy and paste right into your house or wiki. Don't get the house banners n' wiki banners confused! X3





Character Badges

The wiki was getting too big, so I moved all the character badges to their own wiki.


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2004-07-03 [Adnama]: Oh yeah. People can comment down here too if you need or want to. :3

2004-07-05 [Calico Tiger]: The banners, like the rest of the pirate anthro gallery, are gorgeous!

2004-07-05 [Adnama]: Hehe. ^_^ Thanks! *hug*

2004-07-06 [thestranger]: Who wouldn't wasnt one of these beauties on their house? Plus if I put it on my house I wont forget the name of the wiki *forgets a lot of things* :D

2004-07-08 [Adnama]: *looks up at the new counter* O_O.. That can't be right.. I just put that up there two seconds ago... :o

2004-07-08 [Adnama]: *takes counter off* I really don't need one here. :P

2004-07-08 [Mom]: I put one up in my house...I enjoy yoor Pirate Wiki so much...I need to send my daughter a link.=>

2004-07-08 [Adnama]: :D Thanks Mom! *big hugs* :B

2004-07-20 [MAHAHAHAH]: this is an awesome page...

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