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Now at a new location! Here:
All updates to characters will happen here now.

Welcome to my Anthro Pirate Gallery. This gallery is dedicated to my series of anthros, obviously in the roles of pirates, and they are all female. ^_^ Many of the anthros here are fairly "endowed" and I know this. That's mostly for comical effect though. But some are more normal (my failed attempt to even things out X3). Most of the gallery will consist of character sketches that aren't colored, though I plan on coloring each one.


Anthro Pirate Inspiration

Some people would consider this series to be an Adult oriented series, though there is no nudity. All parts that need to be covered are covered. If you're too young to be viewing this sort of material then accept the fact that I will not be held accountable for anything you view after you click either of the links below, because that is your choice and yours alone. Well. Enough of this technical garb. On to the gallery. ^_^

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2006-06-28 [live=evil]: d

2006-06-28 [Night Prowler]: nya haa live is evil spelled backwords

2006-06-28 [LadyWillow]: *Blink* True, now! Spell this backward!!! "Nate bit a tibetan"

2006-06-28 [Night Prowler]: i confoosed

2006-06-28 [LadyWillow]: *Grins* It's one of those things that's spelled the same backward and forward. Can't remember the technical name for it, but there it is! NATEBITATIBETAN is the same either way you read it!!

2006-06-28 [Night Prowler]: i don't get it

2006-06-28 [LadyWillow]: And if you're gonna be all smart alecky and ask something like 'why would Nate even want to bite a Tibetan?' I don't know, you'd have to ask him.

2006-06-28 [LadyWillow]: Nevermind

2006-06-29 [kay-chan]: Rats live on no evil star! *poke*

2006-06-29 [LadyWillow]: SQUWEEEEE!!!!! I can't remember anymore!! I used to have a bunch of them when I was in Jr. High!

2006-06-29 [kay-chan]: Ack! It squwee'd! *jumps back and crouches wearily*

2006-06-29 [LadyWillow]: Mom!! Dad!!! Pop!!!! Racecar!!!!! Sorry Kay-chan, didn't mean to scare you.

2006-06-29 [waffle ryebread]: lol

2006-07-04 [panta kun]: IM A VAMPIRE! RARR *jumps on cyan's head*

2006-07-04 [LadyWillow]: *Blink* *Blink* *Slathers herself with Holy Water and hangs various crucifixes about her person*

2006-07-04 [kay-chan]: *pouts* I wanna be a vampire... *goes off to sulk*

2006-07-05 [panta kun]: OK *gnaws on kay's shoe*^ ^

2006-07-05 [panta kun]: <<*notices the hanged garlic* *hisses*GARLIC! BAD SMELL!

2006-07-05 [waffle ryebread]: O_O

2006-07-05 [kay-chan]: My shoe! It vants to suck my blood!

2006-07-05 [panta kun]: naw I want shoes to chew now! *swipes shoes from alll over the ship*

2006-07-05 [Wæfre]: You're worse than my dog! At least he'll ask before taking your shoe! <indignant>

2006-07-05 [kay-chan]: o___________o feet are cold...

2006-07-06 [waffle ryebread]: CATCH EM!!!

2006-07-06 [kay-chan]: My feet?

2006-07-07 [waffle ryebread]: no the koinu running 40mph

2006-07-07 [kay-chan]: Koinu? O.o Okay, who hit waffle upside the head *this* time?

2006-07-07 [waffle ryebread]: upside the head? <-< >-> I didnt feel anything

2006-07-07 [kay-chan]: Then what made you so addled? Haha, I said addled... that word is like, so 50's... XD

2006-07-07 [Night Prowler]: hello

2006-07-08 [panta kun]: ello

2006-07-08 [cyan garland]: mello

2006-07-08 [waffle ryebread]: jello

2006-07-08 [Wolf Of Love and lust]: weeeeeeee

2006-07-10 [waffle ryebread]: hello there are you gonna join our crew?<img:img/mood/10305_1126060737.gif>

2006-07-12 [panta kun]: err I think you scared her :P

2006-07-12 [kay-chan]: But we're awesome! How can we be scary *twitch* scary??

2006-07-14 [panta kun]: just stare at em.......look at his scary eyes *pokes em*

2006-07-14 [kay-chan]: Heh, poking eyes. SQUISH SQUISH! :D

2006-07-14 [Night Prowler]: wowwwwwww that very comment by me has been up for like 3 days

2006-07-14 [Black_Dragon_123]: Very much squish.

2006-07-15 [waffle ryebread]: I wonder........why aint I in a great amount of pain right now? <img:img/mood/15695_1142973484.gif>

2006-07-15 [kay-chan]: Because... you have eyes of steel! Like superman. You're a scary superman! Bizarro or whoever that guy was! You're him. :D

2006-07-16 [waffle ryebread]: cool! I have eyes of steel and I.............what can I do with eyes of steel?

2006-07-16 [kay-chan]: Get shot in the eye?

2006-07-16 [waffle ryebread]: yeah bullet proof eyes! XD

2006-07-16 [waffle ryebread]: hhmmmm I wonder *looks around*.......where is our captain?

2006-07-16 [cyan garland]: I dont know << >>

2006-07-16 [kay-chan]: If you like that, then you'll like what my friend drew. But please, no more spoilers. I haven't seen the movie yet.

2006-07-16 [Night Prowler]: fat cat's are funny

2006-07-16 [dayah]: I love the art here fantastic...:D sorry just some how happed upon this page and hey..I love it!!


2006-07-18 [dayah]: huh...:D hehehe...

2006-07-18 [Night Prowler]: i think that my here....she likes pirates.....and she used to live with me till i started fighting at my cave.....i wonder if she's here,i can't remember her name so i REAOOOWWWWWER at her....she's really energetic....i miss playing with her

2006-07-18 [dayah]: awe..I am sure that is fun...:)

2006-07-18 [Night Prowler]: it is....but when the cave turned into a fight place........she didn't like that idea so she left

2006-07-18 [dayah]: awe..I can understand...

2006-07-19 [The Last Dragoon]: who here has gone to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest?

2006-07-19 [dayah]: I have

2006-07-19 [The Last Dragoon]: what did you think of the ending?

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: what are you talkn  about

2006-07-19 [The Last Dragoon]: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: i have no idea what that is.....PIRATES!!!!YAYYYYYYYYYY

2006-07-19 [The Last Dragoon]: it's a movie that's in theatres right now

2006-07-19 [dayah]: it was awsome...was told the third one is already been made...sigh..

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: ohhhhh with that sparrow dude

2006-07-19 [dayah]: yeah..they alreay made the third..but when it comes out I have no idea

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: will you guys gyarr and stuff like pirates so i can see if she's here

2006-07-19 [dayah]: growl? Grrrr..arg....yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me..sorry..

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: that!!kewlykewl....i'manna try.....yardyhardytardygyarrharrrrrrrrr!!!

2006-07-19 [dayah]: yardy har har:)

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: LANDLUBBERS!!!!!!!!!GYARRRRR!!!

2006-07-19 [kay-chan]: I actually haven't gone to see the movie... I was going to, but my friend ditched me, which was horrible *emphasis on 'whore'* XP

2006-07-19 [Night Prowler]: awwww poor Kay....i's ok.....

2006-07-21 [panta kun]: I know how that feels *stares at cyan and waffle*

2006-07-21 [Night Prowler]: .........chika ka POW!!!!!!!

2006-07-21 [cyan garland]: were sorry about that it just that the party had alochol

2006-07-21 [cyan garland]: .....which we did'nt drink by the waffle?

2006-07-21 [kay-chan]: You guys had a party with booze and I wasn't invited?? ;.;

2006-07-22 [waffle ryebread]: *stares at panta and kay*<< >>umm........uh.........>< twinkies for everybody! *runs*

2006-07-22 [panta kun]: yay

2006-07-23 [kay-chan]: Oooh... if you leave twinkies alone for years and years the creamy inside ferments into alcohol. Nummeh.

2006-07-25 [panta kun]: really?..........*stares at twinkie*

2006-07-25 [kay-chan]: Finally saw PotC! :D I am no longer a failure to my pirate name.

2006-07-25 [The Last Dragoon]: til the third one comes out you mean?

2006-07-26 [kay-chan]: Well, yeah, but I took a week too long to see the second one. :P

2006-07-27 [LadyWillow]: That's okay Kay-chan! The rest of us who saw it opening night and went in costume as a bar wenches, ladies, pirates, and Captain Jack himself!! Still love you!! for pics!!

2006-07-27 [kay-chan]: Haha, you BEST still lub me! XP Dang... I wanna dress up as a wench... :( I think I was clubbing it's opening night, though... I'll dress as a wench ANYWAYS. Mwahaha.

2006-07-27 [LadyWillow]: *Giggles* If you go to the website, it's General and than Ichidan at Superman and POTC or something like that...the pics are on the 4th page!!

2006-07-27 [kay-chan]: Sweet!

2006-07-27 [LadyWillow]: I' m the one in the blue and green!

2006-07-28 [waffle ryebread]: cool

2006-08-03 [waffle ryebread]: Me cyan panta and me have gone to China! bye! XD

2006-08-03 [kay-chan]: Lucky! I wanna go to China... :( Bring us back souvenirs! I want a panda!

2006-08-03 [Dragonous]: wheres the hunch punch

2006-08-03 [The Last Dragoon]: the what-now?

2006-08-03 [Lady of Lore]: For anyone who's interested or bored Hogwarts castle Come join, attend classes, and earn points for your house! Currently seeking bright new withces and wizards.

2006-08-03 [Night Prowler]: HARRY FUCKIN POTTER!!!!!!!!!

2006-08-04 [kay-chan]: I think I can be a withces. (Pronounced 'with-kes'). :P But I wouldn't make a very good witch.

2006-08-06 [cyan garland]: HELLOS! XD

2006-08-06 [cyan garland]: I wish I can buy a camera but......I dont know how to purchase cameras here ^ ^'

2006-08-06 [cyan garland]: oh and kay theres a website that you will HAVE TO SEE --> and dont worry its safe ^ ^

2006-08-06 [kay-chan]: Dude... I totally used to have a gaia account like a gazillion years ago... I forgot the account name but yeah. I'll resign up cuz EVERYBODY'S DOING IT >:D

2006-08-15 [SimpleEuph]: Im in love....your artwork is amazing....Im just trying my hand out at drawing Anthro styles.

2006-09-03 [waffle ryebread]: were back!

2006-09-03 [cyan garland]: In black!

2006-09-03 [panta kun]: dun dun dun!

2006-09-03 [panta kun]: ....<< >> nobodys here

2006-09-03 [cyan garland]: Well it looks like we got teh whole ship to ourselves

2006-09-03 [waffle ryebread]: *sigh* the changes when we leave

2006-09-03 [cyan garland]: Yeah..............*pokes Kay with stick cuz of boredom*

2006-09-03 [kay-chan]: Heeeeeey! If ye must poke, do it with a regular stick! (I HATE dem sticks of boredom!)

2006-09-05 [Lady of Lore]: lol I'm on Gia as well...under a similar name as my elftown one.....

2006-09-05 [kay-chan]: Gaia won't let me make a person and that makes me sad... :(

2006-09-05 [panta kun]: Yay! there not all gone!

2006-09-06 [Lady of Lore]: why can't you ake one Kay?

2006-09-06 [kay-chan]: I have no idear! Whenever I go to make a person, it's just the outline, and I try to make them female but it just goes 'error on page' and it doesn't change. :(

2006-09-10 [Lady of Lore]: hmmmm...that's really odd...

2006-09-10 [kay-chan]: YEAH and it made me maaad and sad. :(

2006-09-20 [waffle ryebread]: :P

2006-10-15 [Kahri]: Just for the information of Anthro lovers. I am hosting an Anthro contest right now until November 22, 2006. Enter at Given Anthro Contest.

2006-10-18 [Cult Leader]: I'm baaaaaaack X3

2006-10-18 [kay-chan]: WHOOOO PARTYYYYYYY! PS: got a Gaia account, sn: Leaky Muffin. Add me as a friend, dammit!

2006-10-21 [Cult Leader]: yay!!

2006-10-25 [Dragonous]: la la la la

2006-11-23 [Cult Leader]: Back agaaain

2006-11-23 [kay-chan]: Aaaaadd me on Gaiaaaaaa!!!

2006-11-27 [waffle ryebread]: *glomps cult*Hooray! I missed all of you X3.....ahem.....yeah

2006-11-28 [Cult Leader]: D'awww *glomp snuggle looove*
On Gaia I'm Green_Sheep

2006-11-28 [kay-chan]: Sweet! If some random chick called leaky muffin adds you as a friend... she's not a stalker! It's da Kay!

2006-11-30 [Dragonous]: well i just saw a big silver badger with a wiked looking sword kill a huge rat <img:img/mood/2706_1128818519.gif>

2006-11-30 [waffle ryebread]: Is that good? <img:img/mood/44166_1164145253.gif> last thing I need is a rat in my boot while I put it on

2006-12-02 [Cult Leader]: Yeah, that would call for a squishy moment...

2006-12-02 [kay-chan]: A squishy, bitey, rabies-filled painful moment...

2006-12-03 [panta kun]: (Note to self throw your boots at the wall before putting them on)

2006-12-03 [silent_voice]: Why?

2006-12-03 [panta kun]: To make sure I dont get bit by a rabid rodent > <

2006-12-03 [silent_voice]: okay...well if you dont do that out here, then you will find your foot on a frog, or a cane toad.

2006-12-03 [panta kun]: O o

2006-12-03 [waffle ryebread]: I didnt know you were still here panta

2006-12-03 [waffle ryebread]: lol?

2006-12-26 [Cult Leader]: oO

2007-01-10 [Hedda]: I'll poke around a little and add some titles to the images, if you don't mind.

There are also some problem with images that don't have an ending ".jpg" in their names, so they are hard to view in some browsers. But I don't want to change the names of image-files that are quite popular in Google.

- Sandy - and - Vicky - are the only ones found in that way. Otherwise "anthro gallery" and "anthro pics" lead a few people a day here.

2007-01-17 [Cult Leader]: It's fine, I think everyone died X3

2007-01-17 [kay-chan]: I know I did! x___X

2007-01-24 [Dragonous]: and dont ever try to veiw elelftown via mobile phone cause it will take u all day just to get to the link to check your messages or any thing else for that matter

2007-01-24 [The Last Dragoon]: been there, regreted that<img:44166_1164469642.gif>

2007-01-28 [Dragonous]: i still miss that rooster

2007-01-28 [The Last Dragoon]: Oro??...<img:44166_1164145147.gif>

2007-01-29 [Dragonous]: just a joke. inside thing

2007-01-29 [The Last Dragoon]: er....hah hah?

2007-01-30 [Dragonous]: has anybody seen my brain

2007-01-30 [kay-chan]: Oh, dang, that was YOUR brain? *takes it out of pocket* Sorry, I saw it lying around and thought it was, y'know, 'free to good home.'

2007-01-30 [The Last Dragoon]: that sounds like somthing 'The Mask' would say

2007-01-30 [Dragonous]: aw man now its got lint on it yuck

2007-01-30 [The Last Dragoon]: I not going there....

2007-01-31 [kay-chan]: *picks lint off* What, do you want me to wash it or something? XP

2007-01-31 [Cult Leader]: lawl X3 Brainwashing.

2007-01-31 [kay-chan]: XD That was horribly punny.

2007-01-31 [The Last Dragoon]: *massages temples* that's why I didn't want to go there *quietly groans*

2007-02-01 [Dragonous]: im going up to vermont soon<img:44166_1164903241.gif>

2007-02-02 [kay-chan]: What's in Vermont?

2007-02-02 [The Last Dragoon]: I'm a while [Dragonous]

2007-02-02 [kay-chan]: Hah DON'T BE A SMARTASS *kicks* XP

2007-02-02 [The Last Dragoon]: *dodges* beats being a Dumbass <img:44166_1164903241.gif>

2007-02-02 [Dragonous]: a beautiful girl is waiting "paitantly" for me there

2007-02-02 [The Last Dragoon]: that's a pretty good reason for the trip right there, My brother is heading down to Portugal to be with his girlfriend

2007-02-02 [Dragonous]: yeah its actully [Little coyote] thats waiting for me. she is my girlfriend and i think, wait i know im in love with her, we been through a lot

2007-02-02 [The Last Dragoon]: my brother thinks the same thing he's been in touch with her for about 4 years and intends to marry her when he's settled in down there incidently my brother and I are in Canada right now

2007-02-02 [Dragonous]: iv know her for 3 years and paln to hopefuly marry her when i get settled in. but she don't realize how much i want to. she know i see marriage in my future though 

2007-02-02 [kay-chan]: Yay for happiness!

2007-02-23 [Dragonous]: i poped the question and she said yes. that is awsome.

2007-02-23 [kay-chan]: WHOO congrats!

2007-02-24 [The Last Dragoon]: *starts to whistle 'here comes the bride'*

2007-02-26 [waffle ryebread]: lol

2007-02-26 [Dragonous]: thank yall<img:44166_1164145241.gif>

2007-03-21 [Cult Leader]: *dies*

2007-03-21 [kay-chan]: I'm on dialup. I'm dying... but it's in slow motion. *dies*

2007-04-12 [Cult Leader]: lol

2007-05-09 [Night Prowler]: muhp...hello all!

2007-06-10 [Cult Leader]: ello

2007-06-11 [Night Prowler]: hao goes it?

2008-02-05 [waffle ryebread]: Dear sweet zombified lord of phaggotory on a pogo-stick!
Has this page died? o o

2008-02-06 [Yncke]: Given that [Adnama] rarely logs in any more (see her diary), if it's not dead, then it's at least comatose.

2008-08-28 [Paul Doyle]: I sincerely wish she'd be motivated to return here :/

2008-09-06 [Dragonous]: didn''t work it suck in the end but was good while it lasted

2008-10-23 [Ace118]: hi

2008-10-25 [Dragonous]: hello im doing something but if i tell you what im doing ive been told thats spaming. Oh well i will keep all the fun to myself

2008-10-26 [Ace118]: oh I do not know what tha is so you can have your fun

2008-11-06 [Dragonous]: oh btw the hole wedding thing didn't work out cuase she cheated on me.

2008-11-07 [Ace118]: oh

2008-11-08 [kay-chan]: Sorry to hear that. :(

2009-02-19 [Chaotix Palidien]: new comment :D

2009-04-15 [Roadkill Kitten]: =o This is awesome.

2009-07-26 [Zammy-Elf]: Those pictures are amazing!

2009-09-02 [Fear the Reaper]: these are amazing

2009-12-23 [naughty_goth]: i missed everyone

2011-10-02 [Paul Doyle]: Amanda, we miss you and your awesomeness :/

2020-09-15 [Alexi Ice]: Posting in the comments so my revival peeps can find this place

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