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The series itself was inspired by two things really. My inspiration to do pirates was the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. That movie rawked all kinds of ass. X3

(Edit 15 years later) My other inspiration for the overall project was my ex. Though he's not really in my life anymore, I won't erase the fact that he was a large influence on me creating this body of work.


Q: How did you draw and color your pirates?
A: For all of them, other than the captains, I sketched them on paper first, scanned them, and then used my computer program and tablet to clean up the lines and color them. However, both the Sweet and Sour captains were completely computer drawn.

Q: Why Sweet and Sour?
A: Well, to be completely honest, the "Good" and "Evil" wikis were taken, so I had to come up with something interesting and catchy.

Q: How many pirates are there?
A: There are 38 pirates in total, so that's 19 for Sweet and 19 for Sour.

Q: Can I post one of your pirates in my house/on another site?
A: I'd really rather you not. I can understand how people wouldn't want to have to load all the others just to see their favorite pirate, but those days are gone with the new site layout. :) So, please come to see them in the gallery, and don't put them in your house or anywhere else on the internet.

Q: Is there anything I can post in my house to show my favorite pirate?
A: Why yes there is! You can take one of the Character Badges to put in your house. I add one everytime I finish coloring a pirate.

Q: Can I use your pirates in a story I'm writing, even if they'll be having a small part?
A: I'd also rather you not do that, no matter how big or small the part.

Q: Could you draw me as an anthro pirate, or draw me a personalized one?
A: This goes back to me not doing requests or commissions. I'm trying to finish up a lot of my unfinished work, which despirately needs to be completed. So at this point, no.

Q: Can I color one of your pirates?
A: If it's for personal use, or used for practice, then I don't mind. But if you intend to post it anywhere on the internet, I'll need to know where it's going to be posted, and you'll need to link back to my gallery so I can get my due credit.

Q: Can I draw fanart of your characters?
A: By all means! ^_^ If I get enough fanart, I may open up another side wiki and put it on the site.

Q: Can I join your Anthro Pirate Gallery?
A: Well, it's a gallery and not a club, so joining really isn't possible. However, you can join my Anthro Lovers wiki and mingle there with other anthro fanatics.


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