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2005-07-11 03:28:37
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If you've ever been hurt by the person you thought loved you the most or have been hurt by anything having to do with love. Then you've come to right place!

<img:>About Anti-Love<img:>

This wiki is meant for those who have become or are frustrated with anything having to do with love. Here you can brood(or whatever) about love and it's cruelty. And if your in love you can come to us with any of your love troubles and we'll try to give you enough possitve support! Please note that this isn't against love...just the pain and hurt that comes with it. Anyone is allowed to love whoever they matter what. But you must know...that there's some of us who wonder if there is such a thing as True Love....


<img:>Important(if somewhat): No need to ask anyone to join. Just edit the Anti-Love Members page and add your name. And feel free to put up the wiki's badge in your house...To create a link to this wiki just type in Anti-Love@wiki between this...-->[] And the result will be...-->Anti-Love<--


<img:>Founders of Anti-Love:[cvg54]-Came up with the idea. [Just another heartache on my lips.]-Helped make this wiki possible.

(And please note that all the dividers and other cool things here can be found at Elftown Graphics.)



1.Respect one another. No name calling or anything offensive.
2.Do NOT spam the wiki!
3.Mild swearing is allowed.
4.Feel free to make any suggestions for this wiki.(a suggesstion page will soon be made)
5.Last but not least! Have fun and enjoy yourself!


Anti-Love Members

This is where all new members will go to sign up seeing as the member list is taking up to much room.


Anti-Love Badges

All Anti-Love badges shall be found here. Feel free to pick from anyone you wish.


Anti-Love Poetry

And this my friends is where all Anti-Love members can post up their poetry.


Love Problems

This is where you can come and try and get advice about ANYTHING from your fellow Anti-Love members...


Member Recommended Wikis

And this page has been created to keep spam out and conversation in. Feel free to add to the page.


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2006-06-06 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods- I see... so what turns you against it?

2006-06-09 [paige.ilien.]: because everyone who i've loved or has "loved" me has been an ass or turned out to be a fake and a liar. i used to love DarkAngel3, but now she's just my friend. so, kimmi, i just wanted you to know that i know i will never have you and i respect that and i am pretty much over you by now. i just thought you should know. but i couldn't tell you that to your face. i still love you, but it's different.

2006-06-09 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods- I know that feeling

2006-06-09 [paige.ilien.]: yeah...but this too shall pass and i guess she's better than me anyways. she's doin really good with her boyfriend, i guess. i love her still but not the same's all complicated.

2006-06-09 [Light for the Darkness]: like I said, I can understand.....

2006-06-09 [paige.ilien.]: how come you understand?

2006-06-09 [Light for the Darkness]: well, in a way, and completely.. I loved this one guy, but we weren't dating per say, actually we hardly talked so thats the in a way part, but... yea.. he was the reason I came here in the first place... but I can also understand things that I've never felt before..

2006-06-13 [paige.ilien.]: not really. you can be empathetic, but you still don't fully understand unless you've felt it.

2006-06-13 [paige.ilien.]: no offense.

2006-06-14 [Light for the Darkness]: no offense taken... its ify.. you kinda can and cant...

2006-06-17 [paige.ilien.]: yeah

2006-06-19 [Light for the Darkness]: -half smiles-

2006-06-21 [paige.ilien.]: so, how is the kiss person?

2006-06-22 [Light for the Darkness]: -laughs and smiles- meaning me? -cocks head-

2006-06-27 [paige.ilien.]: teehee...but of course...who else?

2006-06-27 [Light for the Darkness]: -laughs- I am well!! I have one of my sisters over and she has been toturing me all night but my german shepard got back at her for me so.. yea.. lol it was funny!!!

2006-06-27 [paige.ilien.]: NICE!!!! i got laid last night.

2006-06-28 [Light for the Darkness]: lol nice

2006-07-01 [paige.ilien.]: yeah. it wasn't all that and a bag of potato chips though. lol. i'm all worried though...heh...if i'm pregnant....shit!

2006-07-01 [Light for the Darkness]: heh... nice.....

2008-02-29 [sea nymph]: Yeah its better to be safe!!! Expecially with the prego. issue! Your health is most important!

Even though a lot of people get sex>confused with true undying love......condoms+other things shouldnt pose a un-romantic problem!

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