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Aodh Groupies


Aodh of SabbathNight
Cosplaying 4 Aodh & the Makin of Méadhbh Aoibh


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1. [moira hawthorne] His #1 fan
2. [Yami] his #2 XD
3. [wicked fae mage] <----also fawns him
4. [dayah] wouldn't be able to draw him as much as I do if I wasn't
5. [Shjahjdahdvwa]
6. [Rye]-I couldn't resist the naughty fae
7. CrazyGreenRobot - on DA
8. KibKain - on DA



Im writing a very AU fanfic of Aodh and Nuada
(Prince Nuada from the movie Hellboy2 The Golden Army)
lots of fun
please read review and rate
also feel free to give me constructive critiques


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2009-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: Is Aodh the hawt elf that was you X-mas gift?

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