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Bush Haters Association - Argue Page


This page exists for the sole purpose of those of you who wish to argue about what the Bush Haters Association stands for, to do so.
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[Dil*]: yes, but the only'd probably have to give up computers right....

[Lord K├╝genheim]: damn... good point... i think i would die without a PC...

[kduncan]: I understand Willie Nelson has started a company that is selling soybean oil as a substitute fuel for diesel engines, surprisingly (or maybe not, considering how versatile and amazing soybeans are), diesel engines will actually run on soybean oil. I think I'll stop teaching people to fly.. and become a soybean farmer.

[Dil*]: yes, i could give up all technology...except computers and music...god...XD

[octopus009]: Has anyone here seen Farenheight 9/11? I'm not doubting you haven't but it was scary because I had never known Bush had been associated with the Bin ladens and the Saudi Royal Family and some of the other lies and secrets of his that weren't already TOO obvious. I also read Michael Moore's book Dude where's my Country...fantastic literature..If most Republicans weren't so ignorant and stubborn (though Democrats are like that as well) they would read this and not vote for's sick how many people think Bush has been perfectly honset throughout his presidency!

[Dil*]: Ya I read that book and watched that movie.

[octopus009]: What did you think of them?

[Dil*]: they're great.

[octopus009]: Indeed they are

[kduncan]: I saw Farenheight 911 and read "Dude". I liked both of them very much. 911 had some questionable scenes though. There was one in particular, I can't remember what is was, but when I saw it I was like, "Whaaat?" because I knew he had exaggerated the issue to the point that, if taken out of context, it would no longer be entirely true. I should really watch it again along with the film that claims to debunk his entire movie.. just as a comparison. The movie didn't really present any new material to me, I was aware of the issues he presented in "911" before I saw the movie. I'm not entirely convinced that bin Laden actually had anything to do with 911.

[kduncan]: I would also add to people who may not have seen the movie yet, or even those who have seen it but may not be familiar with the issues presented in the movie outside of what is presented in the movie: Use that information only as a starting point, and do your own research.

[Dil*]: I knew most of that stuff before watching the movie as well. But then again there's not point in saying Michael Moore's movie is biased. Of course it is, it's of his opinion and perspective. You have to agree or disagree withit yourself.. and do your own research.

[kduncan]: Michael Moore.. biased???

[Maurer's conclusions]: He's terribly biased. But his propaganda is required to counter the evil influence of Fox TV.

[Dil*]: Not that Michael is biased, just his movie because it is of one person's opinion..

[kduncan]: gads.. I'm, still try to get over the concept that Moore might actually be.. biased.  Note: I'm joking, of course.

[anarchy102]: HELP!!!, Like all human beings with even a small amount of intellect I am Anti-Bush but I Live about 15 minutes away from Adolf...I mean Georges ranch in Crawford, TX and I am surrounded by right wing, fascist, moronsEven my father who is otherwise an inteligent person in love with bush wherein lies my delima I cant conveince him to convert over every point i make against lucifer....I mean Bush he makes some counter-point that usually dosent make since Ive tried everything from the patriot act to his lies about WMD's PLEASE HELP!!! 

[Black_Dragon_123]: No, Michael Moore's movies can't really be called "biased". His movies are designed to show his opinion, and that is what they do, so if you wanna rant about it being biased, then why the hell'd you watch it in the first place, and that's all I have to say about that.

[The Luggage]: Bush is an idiot. a very political idiot, but still an idiot.. I'm so glad i dont live in america, let alone within 20 minutes away from him. I read somewhere that his reports and grades from harvard or wherever he went are now classified documents. Perhaps that's to hide the fact he still cant spell his own name? Although i must say that our lovely prime minister, Tony Blair, is just as bad as he is. Ah well, at least he's gonna be gone soon.

[Black_Dragon_123]: And, now I'm gonna rant more about how Michael Moore's movies can't really be called "biased". You see, he doesn't pretend to be presenting "Both sides", like fox. He's presenting what HE HAS FOUND and what HE THINKS ABOUT THE ISSUE. It's designed to present his opinion, and if you don't want to know his opinion, then don't watch the movie, dumbass.

[Maurer's conclusions]: Michael Moore is biased, obviously. How can anyone's personal opinion be anything than subjective? Whether you can achieve objectivity at all is debateable.

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