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[Kyuukitsuki]: lol i used grenade arms mixed with hi laser on shoulders it stiffeled them long enough for me to pop them with a grenade or two

[Iron-Man-429]: i finally beat it, turned my AC into a missle whore to do it.

[Ultiem]: awesome you enjoying those energy whores of awesome laser weapons?

[Iron-Man-429]: meh, there kinda drainy, went back to the grenade launcher and missle combo.

[Kyuukitsuki]: meh, i pilot lights, i hate missles... to dodgeable..

[Ultiem]: thats why few of my ACs sport the cannons SO blade ACs lets see what design you got for melee only

[Kyuukitsuki]: easy, lol two moonlights.

[Kyuukitsuki]: Will be online tonight
bout 1ish kyuu

[Ultiem]: what time zone

[Iron-Man-429]: just a quick question, who the hell is the guy you fight in the last mission on hard after beating Joshua?

[Kyuukitsuki]: NFC... lol trying to beat all missions and get an S to find out its a pain lol

[Ultiem]: doesnt sound like Joshua but i got upclose to him before he blew up and it looked like and sounded like Supplice so my answer is infact Supplice

[Iron-Man-429]: ok, I couldn't figure it out and it was just stuck on my mind. thanks [Ultiem]

[Ultiem]: Correction the NEXT you fight on the last mission is not supplice it is Linx #0 Aretha In hard mode Celo shows up to try and stomp you

[Kyuukitsuki]: Ohh well i smacked his buttie in the ground.

[Ultiem]: lol he got rammed by a 10 foot dildo lol

[Kyuukitsuki]: lol....a glowing dildo o doooom

[Iron-Man-429]: Ok, Im going to be updating this wiki and give it a good face lift. Now that school is over, I'll be more active on here and with my artwork. Ive been feeling pretty ambitious lately and have been considering starting a AC comic of some short. I would like to involve the community here as much as possible in it to make it more fun for this wikis members to read. I hope to get things going here and for this place to be more lively.

[Kyuukitsuki]: Woot LIFE!!

[Iron-Man-429]: added more designs to the AC4 designs section

[Ultiem]: you give me pages ill consider putting them up on a website

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