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Art Creation Help

This is a project for you who have a half-finished piece of art that you need help with. And it's also a project for you who like to see artists improve their art with your help.

We welcome all kinds of artists and all kinds of people who want to help. You're just as welcome to submit if you're a professional who wants ideas on what to add to your piece, as if you're a newbie that can't make the stick figure's shadow look right. It doesn't matter if it's a photo manipulation, scanned drawing or something else. But Elftowners generally like fantasy and sci-fi themes the most, of course.

How It Works for Artists

1) Upload your drawing to a wiki-page (You can use the "Upload a folder of images"-button in your house to upload the image-file and it will create the wiki-page for you) and write exactly what you want help with on the page.

2) Go to Art Creation Help Queue and edit that page. Add a link to your art's wiki-page with a short comment about the help needed
[Wiki-page name for my art@wiki] I can't get the hands right!

3) The Art Creation Moderators will look at it and put it here unless there is a huge queue of people wanting help.

4) Be prepared that the suggestions might sound harsh as many Elftowners don't speak your kind of English or simply are bad at sounding nice even if they are trying to help. No one will be deliberately mean and the critique shouldn't be about rating your art, but what you can change in it. If you're scared about people being mean, then write that, and they will take it easy on you!

5) Upload new versions of the art after getting suggestions! The ones giving suggestions spend time on helping you because they love to see the drawing progress, so this is very important. Easiest is if you upload the new version of the drawing to a new wiki-page and link to that from the first version. Everyone who have commented on it will get notified about the new page then, and we'll get a nice progress series of the drawing.

How It Works for Helpers

a) Have this page on watch. Anyone is welcome to try to help!

b) Read what the artist wants help with, and try to answer that question mainly. Most submitters love any kind of comment on their art though, so unless the artist has been clear on that no other comments are wanted, you can write any kind of nice and helpful comments.

Note 1: This isn't about rating art!
Note 2: Just because you don't like one kind of style, doesn't mean it's bad.

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2009-04-21 [Alexi Ice]: Hm. The legality of this may come into question, so it might be a bad idea. I might just have to wait.

2009-04-21 [NOOOPE]: Legality? 'S called a commission. There's no iffy legal stuff about it. Go to devart, nearly every artist has their "commission status" up in their journal, along with their prices.

And I think asking for free art is like asking for... free plumbing or a free haircut. It's unfair. Art is work and work should be rewarded. Just for future reference. Asking an artist to work for hours for nothing is just sorta... insulting.

2009-04-21 [Yuriona]: Not to mention ignorant. Nothing is free in the world. >_>

2009-04-21 [Linderel]: People do take requests, though. Usually from friends and family, but still. :P

2009-04-22 [Alexi Ice]: Yep, that's what I was refering too. Since I need cover art for a book I intend to have published though it might be a little differnt then just something I want to have drawn for the heck of it ^^

2009-04-22 [Yuriona]: Good luck with that. :P

2009-04-22 [NOOOPE]: If it's gonna be put on something yer gonna be making money off of, you really aughta give the artist something.

2009-04-22 [Linderel]: Agreed. Unless the artist is a friend, but if you're asking here, I'll have to take it that you don't have any friends willing to take on the task.

2009-04-22 [Chimes]: Royalties!

2009-04-22 [Alexi Ice]: I don't have any friends talented enough. I love my friends, I do but I don't think anyone could handle thing. And [NOOOPE] that is what I was refering to when it came to legality...I might need like a contract or something. Maybe I will wait until I finish. Just 10 chapters to go, after all. ^^

2009-04-22 [NOOOPE]: You woudn't need a contract, silly. You just need to credit the artist and pay them. It only becomes illegal when you steal art.

2009-04-22 [NOOOPE]: The only legal thing I found concerned who owns the image. What they said was, if the artist doesn't give the publisher the rights to the image they cant' use it for anything but the cover. See:

"This means that as a practical matter, you probably own no real rights to use the artwork except on the cover or inside of the book but not for any other use whatsoever—not for use on the Internet, not for use in merchandising, not for use in marketing. You probably have no meaningful rights to translate your book containing that art into other languages nor any rights to make reprint deals in the English language anywhere in the world on that book. You probably have no exclusive right to use that artwork in book club editions nor other editions of the work. You probably cannot do a soft back book if your original edition was hard back."

The solution is simply the artist just writing on something "I give so and so complete rights to this image". Hell, you can even video tape them saying it. It's quite simple. You can pull up a contract, or the artist can just... note that somewhere. There just has to be some proof.

But I really doubt anyone here would freak out and sue you if you used the image they drew for your book as advertisement on the internet. This seems to have been invented to prevent crazy people from doing shit.

2009-04-22 [NOOOPE]: And... royalties may be complicated... how much money for each copy sold, but you don't know those specifics until you publish it. I think this is lax enough a transaction that a single payment, a handing over of usage rights and a tip of the hat would be more than sufficient.

2009-05-05 [Alexi Ice]: Sorry it took so long to respond to this...
Yeah, I wouldn't screw them over but I probably wouldn't give 50% of my earnings just to the person who draws my cover art. The only other problem is that I don't even know what I want the cover to look like, although the publisher will probably decide that for me anyway

2009-05-05 [NOOOPE]: You should probably get the publisher's advice on how it's officially done before you do anything.

2009-05-05 [Alexi Ice]: Thats what I was just thinking ^^ Thanks for the legal advice though!!

2014-08-10 [Stephen]: o_o
This should get more attention. ):

2014-08-10 [SilverFire]: ^ Applicable to everything on this site.

2014-08-10 [Stephen]: True!
Silvie, you needa be here more. :'D

2014-08-11 [SilverFire]: Nuu, I don't. :P

2014-08-11 [Stephen]: Yuss, you do. :P

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