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Art Section


Elftown Museum Permanent Exposition: The best works by Elftowners on display!

Elftown Museum Temporary Exposition: Expositions assembled by Elftowners!

Featured Art Archive: Those magnificent pieces of art that have been featured!

Official Competition Winners Gallery: The winning entries of official competitions, conveniently assembled!

Council Portrait Gallery: The stately portraits of the Council members.


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-The Elftown Museum
-The Historians

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2008-08-15 [iippo]: Sorry, I'm in wiki faff more... But why is CG tutorials here? It'd be better in Tutorials?

2008-08-15 [Yncke]: [Lady of Lore] added them, and I didn't see a fundamental reason why it couldn't be there. :)

2009-11-29 [SilverFire]: Elftown CG Tutorials is redundant though, and redundant pages confuse people. I'm trying to make sure that Every tutorial on the CG page is listed on Elftown Tutorials and changing all the links that lead there to Elftown Tutorials before wiping that page to just make it redirect to the proper Tutorials page.

Also, also, also: maybe a link to the Council Portrait Gallery?

2009-11-29 [Yncke]: You have a point there. :)

2009-11-29 [SilverFire]: :D

I was thinking we could possibly run a competition next year where all the entries are contributions to one section of the museum. Any thoughts on that?

2009-11-29 [Yncke]: Let me think about it, I'll come back to you later. (More people for the temporary exposition would be great, for starters :) )

2009-11-29 [SilverFire]: I was thinking about making a badge to encourage that.

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