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2006-10-01 23:23:53
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The Art Store Drunken Faeries Competition


Closed and voting coming up soon!

A competiton that was partly inspired by another contest that featured a fairy's party. From that we came up with the idea of what would happen if fairies got drunk at their party?

2160) Which is the "greatest" drunken fairy? (No administrator)

Number of voters: 38
a) [Cia_mar] "Off Balance" or "OOPs!" <img150*0:>
Number of votes: 11 (29%) Voters: [Lady of Lore], [Jitter], [Rochala], [~Lady Morgana~], [x-xVanityx-x], [Cia's girl], [Nightfall], [moonscale], [Morningstar Rising], [deeterhi], [schitzo]

b) [Zab]''want a drink?''<img150*0:>
Number of votes: 6 (16%) Voters: [moira hawthorne], [dark_maige], [Paul Doyle], [Khronos Atmosphaera], [H3_six], [Lord Dog]

c) [moira hawthorne]'Find the Worm'<img150*0:stuff/tequilla%20aodh%20wp%20wb.jpg>
Number of votes: 6 (16%) Voters: [Demon Epona], [Nite_Owl], [Shjahjdahdvwa], [geirrekr], [inte här], [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]

d) [Doomedraptor]BarFly <img150*0:>
Number of votes: 7 (18%) Voters: [Ryo-Oni], [iippo], [QuietAngel], [beautiful _ darkness], [Rook], [lady nytmare], [Katie Staines]

e) [Rook]unknown <img150*0:>
Number of votes: 3 (8%) Voters: [maryanne], [shotokan_gal], [Galatea]

f) [maryanne] Blue Fae<img150*0:stuff/myadrunkfairy.jpg>
Number of votes: 5 (13%) Voters: [Cia_mar], [DarkJenni], [Adaria_Moonlight], [Yncke], [Elwyne]

The Requirements
<img:stuff/faery.gif>Two entries maximum.
<img:stuff/faery.gif>Please abide by the Uploading Art Rules.
<img:stuff/faery.gif>The Art must be your own work, team collaborations are acceptable but all artists involved must be credited.
<img:stuff/faery.gif>Artwork may be inspired by other work but please keep your ideas original.
<img:stuff/faery.gif>There is no need to abide by the norm of fairies, be creative!
<img:stuff/faery.gif>Please include at least small description about your image.
<img:stuff/faery.gif>Please number all entries! Numbering will follow 1, 2, 3...
<img:stuff/faery.gif>All types of mediums are allowed, pencil, pen, computer, marker...but keep in mind it's an art contest not photography. ^_^

Deadline September 1st 2006

Please place your entry as follows;
Member Name [Lady of Lore] -Example-
Title: Drunken Fiary Boxing Anyone?
Description: When this fairy monk takes a bit too many swigs from his clabash he can still bust skulls with the Drunken Boxing style.
Image <img300*0:stuff/drunkfairy.jpg>

1. [Cia_mar]
Title: "Off Balance" or "OOPs!"
Description: This is what happens when a Faerie has had one too many!

2. [Zab]
Title: ''want a drink?''
Description: Just made a quick sketch.. a drunk fairy accidentaly landed on a unicorn..

3. [moira hawthorne]
Title: 'Find the Worm'
Description: Aodh my faery says he doesnt get 'drunk' - tho he sure likes to drink...
He says he get 'creative' when he drinks! I argue that he just gets very naughty! and rude...
At a party he is definately the guy with the girls' bras on his head...
He also says that Faerys gifted Humans with alcohol!
And that he invended the streak! and goes on to meantion other 'bad boy behaviour!'
Like here... he is into the rude lude behaviour involving tequila...
but [Lady of Lore] told me that I had to put Aodh's worm back in his pants!
So now I forced him to put some clothes back on... ok... I wrestled him back into his pants...
with the bra on his head tho.. he wouldnt relinqish that!

4. [Doomedraptor]
Title: BarFly
Description: She drinks, she is a pool hustler and who knows what else.

5. [Rook]
Title: unknown
Description: Space holder for now *shrugs* But It's a very bored fay who tries to spice up her life. The end result was not what she expected...Crappy, I know! But still a spaceholder *crosses fingers*

6. [maryanne]
Title: Blue Fae
Description: Four armed fairy enjoying her fermented nectar. (Click!)

<img:stuff/faery.gif>Back to The Art Store<img:stuff/faery.gif>

The Fairy img is donated by Daya ^^yay!<img:stuff/faery.gif>
The other was borrowed from [Ocean Soul] <img:>

Username (or number or email):


2006-09-01 [moira hawthorne]: Thx...
*Aodh wiggles his ass as he is dragged off..*

2006-09-03 [maryanne]: Heh, just found this contest. I'll try and draw something for it, but in the meantime, I have to share this picture I did a little while ago. A pirate fairy bar. :P There are some drunk fairies there:

2006-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: hey that is cool! why not enter that one?

2006-09-03 [maryanne]: I don't know, feels kind of like cheating, since it was project I did awhile ago, and the drunk faries aren't that prominent anyway. And I just started drawing a picture for this contest, that will get colored. I'm not about to color that.

2006-09-04 [Cia_mar]: i think it would be great... i would ask lady of lore but i am sure she would say yes... if you wanted you could even color it for this is very good!

2006-09-04 [maryanne]: well maybe I'll scan the shaded version and enter both, since we can enter two things. ;)

2006-09-06 [Lady of Lore]: cute new addition ^_^

2006-09-06 [Lady of Lore]: Anyone else still going to enter or shall i close the contest?

2006-09-07 [Rook]: i won't be able to do my other piece as I thought. Ran out of time. SOOOO! My space holder is now my entry *giggles and runs off*

2006-09-07 [Lady of Lore]: alrighty Rook, than we shall close unless Loth is still workig...^_^

2006-09-07 [Cia_mar]: yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-28 [Lady of Lore]: Closed! Poll coming up!

2006-09-28 [DarkJenni]: I love the last fairy [maryanne]!!

2006-10-01 [Lady of Lore]: yay voting up! Vote!!!!

2006-10-29 [Lady of Lore]: 27 all the vote's we're gonna get? Advertise! Yay and I'll decide this week the deadline for the voting for this!

2006-10-29 [moira hawthorne]: oooh we have a 3 way 3rd place tie!

2007-01-28 [Lady of Lore]: And the voting comes to a close ^__^ BAdges for the winners to come soon. Congrats to Cia for 1st place, Doomedraptor for 2nd, and a tie for third for Zab and Moira...thanks to all who've entered and I love all of the entries ^__^ A prticipation badge will go up soon as well!

2007-01-28 [moira hawthorne]: Wwwooot! WAIS HAIL! Congrats!

2007-01-28 [Zab]: Whee!

2007-01-29 [Cia_mar]: wheee! Thank you!!!!!!!
congrats to all.. this was a great contest and there were some awesome pieces here... great job!

2007-01-30 [Zab]: oh, right..XD Congrats! *forgot*

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