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Welcome to Art by Silver Wind!


Now, why does this page exist you might wonder. Mainly boredom I'd say. And also the wish to have a place to keep some pieces of my art. And so this page was created.
The pictures on this page are mainly contest entries. I never enter two different contests with the same piece, so this page should be expanding quickly.

I hope you will enjoy your visit at my art page!

Terms of Use

~No stealing!~
All Art-theives will be reported to the guards.

~How about borrowing then?~
You may not borrow, use, reprint or alter pictures presented on this page without artist's permission.

~If I ask nicely, pretty please?~
However if you by chance would like to use any of the pictures presented on this page or any other picture made by me [Silver Wind], I would probably let you use it if you ask me. Feel free to send me a message about it.


I've found myself sitting with far too much spare time on my hands lately and doing too little painting, and I will therefor accept requests or art-trades within resonable limits. 


About the requests

Mediums: I prefer to work in watercolours or pencils. I do occationaly like to try other mediums. Though I will probably not be able to do any acrylic- or oilpaint paintings. Besides from that I'm open to sugesstions.

Motives: I'll accept pretty much anything within resonable limits, nothing outrageously detailed or anything that would violate the uploading art rules or my personal ethics.
I'd happily try my hand at RPG characters or other illustrations as long as the descriptions are detailed enough.

Time:Depending on the size and level of difficulty, and me being busy and/or lazy the time will vary. I take pride in still being some kind of free spirited artist and still paint when I feel inspirated to do so. Sadly that's something you're going to have to accept unless you're ready to order a comissioned piece.
But, I will try my best to finish the picture as quickly as possible!

What to do now?

So you haven't been scared off by my senseless rambling. Congratulations, I'm impressed! Now, if you wish to make a request you can either leave a comment on this page expressing interest or send me a message, either way will work fine.

Pending art projects

Art trade with [cho-girl] Done <diary:548896>
Mer-thingy-man for [ms_pointy] Done, see mini gallery entry nr 10
The Merovingian for me ^_^ Sketch done (proceed?)
House banner for this page

Contest banners or contest participant badges are not made by me unless I say so.


Contests that I've entered that currently are in voting.


Prize badges or other prizes from contests I've entered. Also contest results in especially proud over.

Angel Contest

Created by:[Cloudwatcher]

Poster Design Contest
Created by:[Cloudwatcher]



Contests I've participated or am participatin in. Badges to the left and entries to the right.


True SelfContest

Pixel Art Contest

An Otherworld Contest


Elemental Girls: Wind Elemental

~My Mini Gallery~

A handfull of my pictures are presented here in my mini gallery. Klick on the thumbnails to see a lager version. Newer pictures will have higher numbers than old ones.


Back to [Silver Wind]'s house

Back to Art ((sponsered by Tena))

Suggestions to improve this page will be welcomed!

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2005-04-10 [Silver Wind]: It's finally done! ^_^

2005-04-10 [Wild Rose]: it's brilliant! well done!

2005-04-10 [Silver Wind]: Thanks! Much appreciated!

2005-04-12 [Silver Wind]: Hmm...something is acting VERY fishy in this page...

2005-04-16 [Janouk]: Oh, very cool! This wiki looks really nice, and I like your art ;) I might actually think of a request soon ;)

2005-04-16 [Silver Wind]: Thanks! Welcome then!

2005-04-30 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Love you stuff, esp the soft coloring of some of them, I can never do that it seems, I'm so high contrasted, lol.

2005-04-30 [Silver Wind]: Thanks! Well, I use lots of water and 1000 layers ;)

2005-06-13 [odd ;)]: Nice new pics ^-^

2005-06-14 [Silver Wind]: Thanks sweetie. ^^

2005-07-22 [ms_pointy]: My mer-Man! yey!!!

2005-07-23 [Silver Wind]: Hehe, he's right there. ^_^ I really need to learn how to paint water.

2005-08-15 [Kidnero]: Have I ever told you, that I like your drawings? :) And my sweet Polar Elf is here.

2005-09-28 [Jeccabee]: I love the marianet pic! Dont know what it is...maybe the pose...but I like it a lot! 

2005-09-28 [Silver Wind]: Thanks!

2008-11-15 [Darth Jacein]: well, ima just leave this messege,

To my captain,

its been a long time since weve talked, and i would like to say...GET YOUR ASS ON HERE MORE OFTEN!!! also... i never thanked you for the chibi me you did.. with the light saber and all..

yours truly
jacein.. or...

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