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User Name: [~Valkyrie~]

Character name: Arya Tam
Mutant Name: Charm

Classification: X-Man

Abilities/powers: Emotion manipulation and telepathic communication. Arya can influence people's feelings or emotions and can vaguly sense their current, natural emotions. This requires a subtle touch, slowly influencing a shift in emotion so as to not make the tampering obvious. Also, she is unable to completely change someone's emotions. She cannot approach someone who hates her and change their feelings toward her with a snap of her fingers. Though she might take it as a personal challenge to get them to like her over a length of time. She can also communicate telepathically.

Sex: Female
Age/Date of Birth: 21, February 9
General appearance: Arya has shoulder-length auburn hair and bright green eyes. Standing about 5'6" and 135lbs, she has a fit, curvy body that she likes to show off with tight fitting and otherwise flattering clothing.
Additional Appearance: She has two pairs of piercings in her ear lobes, one in the cartledge of her right ear, and a small stud in her nose. She also has a tattoo of a celtic knot in the shape of a butterfly just to the inside of her left hip bone.

Personality: Arya is usually pretty sweet, though she isn't really as innocent as she acts. She loves to have fun, and that often involves flirting-with men or women-or seeing how far she can push people's emotions without anybody noticing. She generally acts pretty nonchalant, but she is almost constantly analysing situations, trying to think of ways to make everything more fun.
Special Skills: She loves to dance, anything from ballroom to hip-hop.

Place of birth: Hershy, Pa
Weapon(s) of choice: She is a fair shot with a handgun
Medical information: N/A
Brief History: Arya had a reletively normal childhood. She discovered her ability to manipulate people's emotions her junior year of high school, though it wasn't until after she graduated that she discovered her ability to telepathically communicate. Looking back, however, she believes that she had been subconciously using both abilities for some time before her discovery of them. She tried college, but like many people, didn't do particularly well. It wasn't that she was not intelligent, she just has no patience for the strict peramiters of study that a class imposes. She recently heard of a place for mutants to hone their abilities so she is eager to explore the school.
Relatives: Her parents and older brother still live in Hershy.

How long your character has been in the mansion: New arrival

Current Attire:
Navy blue bikini with white trim and a navy blue serong tied around her waist.

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2014-05-16 [The Black Goat]: I'd say ideas/words associated with emotional manipulation,

but I agree with Figgs, I'd say it fits, of course its all up to you ^^

2014-05-16 [~Valkyrie~]: Ooh, I like Charm

2014-05-16 [~Valkyrie~]: ...I think she is done. Correct me if I am wrong.

2014-05-16 [Figgy]: Her history needs to be changed just a bit to reflect her powers now :O

2014-05-17 [~Valkyrie~]: Oh yeah, thanks

2014-05-17 [~Valkyrie~]: Should be good now. I really need to find a cheap little CD player and some blank CDs so I can reclaim my laptop from my son's room.

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: I get a picture soon? :p

2014-05-18 [Figgy]: Dur is working on it. He's sick again XD

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: Aww, hope he feels better

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: Again? Damn, Figgy, this is unacceptable, you need to go over there and nurse him back to health ^^

2014-05-18 [Figgy]: Wish I could :P

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: preferably while wearing a nurse uniform I should add, it does wonders for men's health XD

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: Lol, Nox

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: Yay! I'm ok to post then?

2014-05-18 [Figgy]: Yah :O

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: :D

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: HERSHEY PARK HAPPY

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: Lol, I haven't been since I was a kid. My grandmother lived in Hershey for a while, I would like to go there again.

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: It's an hour, hour-and-a-half from where I live. Visited the park a number of times when I was growing-up. :-)

2014-05-18 [~Valkyrie~]: I'm jealous. I went 2 or 3 times when I was a kid. I was supposed to go in high school but my cousins ended up doing something alcohol related instead.

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: I've never been there,though isn't wasn't all the far from my last base

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