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As the Night Goes On


This wiki is a book [YokoTsuta] and [Raiko Fire] are co-writing. It's a work in progress, due to me (Yoko) not feeling inspired at the moment. I know that Rei will force inspire me soon <.<;

Dedicated to Mrs. Melissa Miraglia Whitaker, dearly departed teacher, friend, and a great Christian influence to us

Also dedicated to Miriam Atherton, my ([YokoTsuta])'s grandmother, who recently passed away after years of alzheimers.


[YokoTsuta] - the Author (Yok: more like slave o.O;)

[Raiko Fire] - the evil publisher woman ^^ (I stole yoko's cds, pencils, books, batteries, cd player, etc. o.O just to get her to write ^^ ah... torment is fun...)



NEW!!! Mini Prologue: Hana's Soliloquy


Chapter One: One Rainy Night

Chapter Two: A Stranger in the Dark

Chapter Three: The Plot Thickens

Chapter Four: Rose Blood

Chapter Five: Round the Corner

Chapter Six: Sad Performances

Chapter Seven: Silver

Chapter Eight: 21

Chapter Nine: Crimson Tears

Chapter Ten: Bound to the East

Chapter Eleven: Cheerful Contempt

Chapter Twelve: Sunlight Blues

Chapter Thirteen: Lifeblood

Chapter Fourteen: Down in the Dark

Chapter Fifteen: Riku's Demise

Chapter Sixteen: New Beginnings

Chapter Seventeen: Rules


ATNGO New Years Special ~05


ATNGO Characters


As the Night Goes On Readers Please sign!


Our Philosophy on Vampires


Meet the Authors




<img:" alt="Asbestos Disease">


Hey! We won a place in The Wiki Awards! ^^ thankies!

Wiki name: As the Night Goes On

Comment from the bosses:
A good RPG needs to have constant actualizations, needs to appeal to a large public that finds it interesting and may be well written. This one fills the description and has a lot of reading to do, with gives you lots of information and background for the actions. Also, the organization is neat and everything looks clean and well thought.

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2006-01-05 [YokoTsuta]: Can you say Brainwashing? XD *cough*

2006-01-05 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: amen to that.

2006-01-06 [YokoTsuta]: (I think I officially have to many System of a Down CDs XD) And to think, in almost half the time I've been in band, I'll be out of high school o.o Ack!

2006-01-06 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: L0L, I've got too much anime music. -.-

2006-01-06 [Raiko Fire]: Shameless plug -- RolePlayers on the Loose ^_^

2006-01-06 [YokoTsuta]: I've got at least three anime CDs from Rei XD I'm weird about who I'll roleplay with o.0

2006-01-07 [Raiko Fire]: God, those are old <_<;;

2006-01-09 [YokoTsuta]: I know o.o I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.

2006-01-09 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: I LOVE YOU ALL!0.0(in that friendlike fashion)

2006-01-10 [YokoTsuta]: Really? Why? o.0

2006-01-10 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: I dunno.-.-

2006-01-11 [YokoTsuta]: *prod, prod* Come know you have a reason ^^

2006-01-13 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: Because....I ownz your soul?

2006-01-14 [YokoTsuta]: *inches away* c.c

2006-02-26 [YokoTsuta]: On verrrrrrrrrrry long break.

2006-05-18 [YokoTsuta]: *cough* I updated Conformity with a filler. Filler 5-15-06.

2006-12-17 [YokoTsuta]: I told you it was a very long break...about 10 months ago XD To think that someone could've gottne pregnant and already had the kid during the time I haven't written. Sorry...>>

2006-12-17 [YokoTsuta]: Ho, damn. Lookit what I did. XD

2007-06-13 [Raiko Fire]: I'm afraid to read these

2007-08-02 [YokoTsuta]: I know...I looked through a few a while back and cringed. Honestly cringed. I can't help but think I fucked it up.

2007-12-25 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: Oh jesus, it's been forever since I've been here!!! 0.0 I still wuvvles j00 Yok-Chan!!!

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