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2008-03-28 23:16:52
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A comic by [stuffAEAmade]

Act 1 scene 1 - AG Preview/AG1.1
Act 1 scene 2 - AG1.2
Act 1 scene 3 - AG1.3
Act 2 scene 1 - AG2.1
Act 2 scene 2 - AG2.2 <-NEW!!

This version died, like several early versions

I'll eventually restart this (it's my baby), but not for a long, long while.
The story was just too complex for my skill level, and the story was not finalized enough. x.x
I do still work on writing bits of it, from time to time. :D

In the mean time, have a look at a new (shorter!) comic I am developing, pilgrim_comic?

See also Comics by Elftowners and Comic Genius!!!

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2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: Gah! Talking about it is making me want to draw it, but it's at least 200 pages in!

2006-06-12 [Paz]: lol XD You can always draw spoiler pages, or just a quick random comic strip about it

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: I plan on doing between 4 and 8 pages a week... We should get there reasonably fast, provided I have no scanner mishaps like last time. :)

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: 2 pages done, 2 more soon to follow, then sleep, then 2 more pages (hopefully) then it's show time. :D

2006-06-12 [Paz]: Ouch, no scanner >.> Do you take photos of your works then? // Awesome! :D I can't wait to read!

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: I bothered my parents enough and they bought me a new one. However, I have to scan my pages in two pieces to get everything. >.<

2006-06-12 [Paz]: lol, :P way to pester them! Huge images? >.> They ought to make scanners big enough to scan big images in!

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: The scanner bed is only 8x11, I draw on 9x12, and sometimes 18x12 for double-wide pages. I want a 11x17 scanner so I can draw REALLY big! :3

2006-06-12 [Paz]: I'd love an 11X17 scanner ;) It would let me draw on big paper! My piece o' junk scanner is only 8x11 as well which limits me to drawing on printer paper >.< (too lazy to piece larger drawings).

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: It's not as hard as the horror stories imply, but it can take a while. I refuse to loose any detail to the blasted thing. >:)

2006-06-12 [Paz]: Really? O_o I would just rather scan it in and then deal with it later. My scanner loves to kill detail and quality XD Photoshop cannot retrieve it very well either

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: I save my files as massive .tif's when I scan them. The scanner is hooked up to a different computer, so I just place them directly onto mine when I'm done. I still have 165 gig free with all the crap on my puter. ^__^

2006-06-12 [Paz]: What's a .tif file? :P The scanner's hooked up to a docking station for my dad's lap-top, so I just switch mine with his and voila! XD My computer hates the crap on it but the file space is still pretty big....

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: Tagged image format... Not sure what it means, but it doesn't compress the file, saving all the detail from whatever dpi you scan at. :)

2006-06-12 [Paz]: Oh, I like that one :) I'll remember that the next time I scan something. 

2006-06-12 [stuffAEAmade]: Have a look at AG Preview... I'm testing the set-up. :)

2006-10-11 [Legato_Lives]: hahaha so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2006-10-17 [stuffAEAmade]: Tomorrow pages will go up. >.> For 5.5 hours of inking I only have 1.5 pages to show for it... 3 are inked, I need photo reference of a specific pose for #4. o.o

2006-11-24 [stuffAEAmade]: First two acts are up!!

2008-03-28 [stuffAEAmade]: Death of the comic officially announced. But I'm sure y'all have gathered as much.

If you're still interested in reading my comics, I've got another getting ready to go -> pilgrim_comic.

2010-02-20 [pelv13]: i like this =).. *stalks about comices*

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