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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the Astronomy Department!


- [Imperator]



- [Imperator]



- Stars
- The Sun
- The Solar Wind
- The Planets
- Galaxies
- Our Universe


If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, questions, or would like to become a student, please leave a comment below or send [Imperator] a message.


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2005-04-06 [Jivo]: You just read what you'd like to know and you can ask anything you like. You'll get answers ASAP. If you've got question about a subject which isn't covered in any of the lessons, just ask and I try to look it up somewhere and give you an explanation.

2005-04-07 [Bookwyrm]: Okay thank you very much! ^-^

2005-07-08 [wolvie!]: do I have to pay to join? Sorry if that sounds stupid but I just joined elftown yesterday ^_^

2005-07-10 [Jivo]: Nope, Elftown is completely free. :p

2005-07-15 [wolvie!]: Thank's very much!

2005-08-01 [River of Dreams]: omg!!! astronomy!!!!! obsessive compulsive disorder!!! (not really!) aaaaah!!! astronomy is my life, i know almost everything about it!! *drools* lol im so weird at times and i dont care

2005-08-02 [Jivo]: Maybe you should take up a career at NASA, although I'm not quite sure whether NASA seeks people with obsessive compulsive disorders (maybe they have a special section for that) but they DO seek people who know almost everything about astronomy! :-p

2005-08-08 [River of Dreams]: lol i dont really have OCD lol i've already taken advanced classes at school, went to camps, and subscribed to Asronomy magazine.....i dont think that there's much more that a 15-year old can do

2005-08-08 [Neya]: woh :P then you must know a lot about it ;-)

2005-08-10 [Anime Addiction]: nasa is more the engineering department, mostly, I would like to work for myself, adn then tell the world my data and get lots and lots of moola from it.

2005-08-20 [River of Dreams]: ^_^'

2007-02-20 [Imperator]: Is this department in need of a professor?

2007-09-16 [Imperator]: I'm going to take this silence as a yes...

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: I've taken over the department and all classrooms. If anyone is listening, whatever you need here can be directed towards me.

2008-01-17 [Maeve104]: Well, if I'm going to be browsing and commenting, I might as well become a student! lol. ^^ Please add my name to the list.

2008-01-18 [Imperator]: None of these classrooms have a student list on them. I actually think the whole student thing is outdated. You can just browse at will. But you know a lot about this stuff too, don't you?

2008-01-21 [Maeve104]: Yeah, I know, but I always forget bits and pieces of it as I go along, so it's nice to browse through and see what I've missed. :)

2008-01-21 [Imperator]: Perhaps you would like to help me revise some of these older classrooms? They're a little disorganized and there are some spelling issues, ect.

2008-01-22 [Maeve104]: Sure! Just lemme know which ones need the most work.

2008-01-22 [Imperator]: If you could spell check and organize the information in The Sun and the The Solar Wind, that would be really helpful.

2008-01-22 [Maeve104]: will do!

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