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Name: Athena Renwald

Age: 31

Affiliation: Rebel

Rank: N/A

Gender: Female

Description: Athena is of lithe build, and she is lean to the muscle from years of running training. She is silent and quick. She has ash blonde, semi-curly hair that falls to the middle of her back, and she has dark, dark blue eyes (her papi always said they reminded him of a storm). She usually wears red lipstick, and she has a beauty mark at the bottom corner of her left eye. Her eyebrows are always perfectly arched, and although she is on the thinner side she has a figure about her. She usually wears light brown "combat pants" tucked into knee-high black boots, a black tanktop, and a brown bomber jacket. She has a single tattoo across her upper chest, just below her shirt. It is backwards unless you look in a mirror, and then it reveals in beautiful cursive font the phrase hand boys used to whisper to their Roman emperors and masters: you are only human.
Training: Athena has been trained to be sneaky. She can get in to almost anywhere, and once she's there she's a master of blending in. She speaks several languages, including a few "dead" ones. Although perhaps not too important to her rebel stint, she is also an expert in the classics of the Romans and Greeks.

Enhancement: Although she's not sure, she's had a suspicion that the ease with which she learns languages is not entirely natural.

Dark Arts: Athena wouldn't try it even if she was offered the power.

Weapons: Athena mostly uses her wit and her mind, but she has several knives on her body. She knows how to shoot a pistol or a shotgun, but she detests the smell of firearms so she prefers her knives. And swords. Although the frequency with which she uses them is not often (enough, in her opinion).

History: Athena's papi (or grandfather) was from Russia, and he spoke to her only in Russian. She doesn't recall her childhood in whole, but can remember bits and pieces, mostly of her mother and her papi. Her father had met her mother at a traveling show, and never came back, even as her mother's belly grew. She was only fifteen. Her mother knew, however, that the man was a Brit, so she begged her father to take her to Britain to see if they could find him. Although Athena spent most of her childhood behind tainted glass, looking out onto the dirty streets of London, she had a fairly normal childhood until she woke up one morning and her mother was gone. Her papi never told her why she left, or if she was alright, and Athena knew not to ask. Her papi took her education into his hands, and trained her in the classics, demanding that she learn Classic Greek and Roman texts, philosophers, and poets by heart, along with the more "modern" Russian and French authors. Athena learned quickly, the words and pages melting before her eyes. She loved all the knowledge just waiting to be gobbled up. Her papi taught her many things in those years. Languages, arithmetic, philosophy, poetry, all things practical during the daylight hours. But when it became dark and quiet but for the sounds of drunks and beggars, papi taught Athena how to blend in with the shadows, how to sneak into old and new buildings alike, how to pretend you were someone else entirely. "You will need it one day moya lyubovʹ" he would whisper to her when her eyes hinted that she was frightened, confused, or scared. He taught her how to fight off attackers, and how to defend herself. Never on the offense though, he warned. Only use force when needed. A good thinker, he told her, never needed to strike to get what they wanted. As she grew older her papi's wounded leg became more troublesome to him, and he retired to a cottage in Russia, telling her she had learned enough from an old man to get her by.
As a young adult she traveled all over Europe and Asia, picking up information like how to shoot a gun or how to throw a knife from masters and lovers alike. Athena has never been the celibate kind. Although she's never felt love, she'd stay with someone for a while, sometimes even live with them, and then one day quietly disappear. She never even felt a thing. And now, even though she's in her early thirties, she feels young and alive. She refuses to settle down, or marry. She detests children anyway, she always tells herself.
And now she sees why her papi said she would need his skills one day. The world is falling to pieces, and she refuses to let that happen. It isn't good for business or for someone who enjoys their freedom. So far the Nazis haven't given her too much trouble since she looks like a perfect human (with blonde hair and blue eyes), and she speaks German well enough to fool them into thinking she's a native. How she travels about is a bit of a mystery, but Athena has no problems getting to where she wants to go.

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