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Do You Want to Visit Atlantis?

…well you can now! All you have to do is take the application below and send it to Dr Hammingburg’s Assistant -> [Pip]. She will get back to you with details and a visa.

The Application Form

Character’s Name: (You can make this up, what ever you want he/she to be named)
Character’s Race: (I don’t mind what species you want your character to be, if you however wish to be an Atlantian please discuss this with [Pip]
Current Address at Elftown: this is your house name
Reason for travelling to Atlantis:
How long do you intend to stay: If you intend to move there don’t worry I don’t mind

Remember you cannot visit Atlantis without a visa

Do You Want to Add a site to the Atlantis Map?

…if so enter your details and what you wish to add in a message to Dr Hammingburg’s assistant [Pip], she will contact you back with details.

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The City of Atlantis

Username (or number or email):


2010-04-04 [Marlene'Jacques]: My name is Sera Worrall
My characters name is Aedira
My characters race is Elf
Current Address is
Reason for travelling: I want to see what Atlantis is like. Been fascinated by the city since i was about 5 and really want to see it.
Length of stay: Short visit say a week

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