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a massive man-made Island that can move around the oceans, created by the United Nations, as a military island, but after getting built, it was expanded upon, and now half of it is a city, and the other half is a United Nations base. the funding for the massive island was said to have come from the Nosam's. Lately the Crime has increased here, and the police fail to bring in those who are responsible for some reason, the Locals say that the Police are being payed off by someone.


1. Crying Destiney - The main room. scenerio is constantly changing as the warriors move along with their journeys.

2. Shamen Platform - A floating city above the clouds. said to have been made by the greatest of scientist, that, upon completion, were kindapped and disappeared. It is believed to have been the work of the Nosam's.

3. Eilondrie - One of the biggest undeveloped forest in the world. It is said a long time ago, the forest was inhabited by rebels, that live peacefully with the nature around them. they were also said to have very bad temper's for outsiders, most adventurers who entered the forest never come out.

4. Cinbactie - The most unforgiveing city known to man. Most residents here are Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Old Veterens, Mercenaries, or Criminals. Most of them can be met at in the local tavern. this is the most dead beat twon that could possibly exist.

5. Nordafis - This is the coldest land around, the mere wind chill factor is enough to kill a man in an istant. But if you make it to the tavern, the locals will take good care of you.

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*Coming from such desolate times and places as most of the passengers are aboard the steam-powered ferry to Atolincia, it is easy to distinguish first time visitors from those veterans of the massive island, even in the evening twilight. The shock rolls over, and off them, in a wave of murmured awe. Grasping one of the grimy, varnished wooden supports spaced evenly in the center of the ship to steady yourself against the choppy waves of the Eastern sea, you gaze out at enormous sky-scrapers and crowded streets, quenching a feeling of claustrophobia as the water wheel churns heedlessly towards port. With a thud, the tire covered ship makes contact against the dock. The ferry is fast becoming a part of the bustling metropolis atmosphere as passengers begin to gather their belongings and head towards the front of the ship. Turning from the city, you pause momentarily, breathing deeply of the sea breeze.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Atolincia,-"

The City lies destroyed, and on fire. thousands of U.N. soldiers scream for help in agony as they drag their half burnt bodies across the land. This seem's almost impossible. As you walk in, you feel a hand grab your ankle, you look down and see a man trying to ask for help but falls short of breath and dies.*

It is said that some great warriors came in after the city was demolished, with a large amount of soldiers wearing red and black uniforms, they help rebuild the city in one year, and tried to save as many people as they could. It is even said that after they took control of the demolished city, the surviving U.N. soldiers were given the option of either leaving or helping.. The U.N. soldiers stripped off their uniforms and joined their ranks. The warriors and their army left after the rebuilding was done, leaving the people with a large plasma shield to cover their city from danger, and weapons to protect themself's against enamies.. along with all that, their stands a distress beacon, that if activated, will bring the great warriors back to the city to guard the citiziens. This city belongs to the citiziens now..

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2006-02-01 [snowwolfsa]: *the figure quickly vanishes from the area.. but not before tafia got a good sence of what his power was

2006-02-01 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *jerks his head back in the direction, his eye's wide, and surprised, as he grasped his sword.* "Is it possible?"

2006-02-01 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-02-01 [snowwolfsa]: *the power faded as the figure full dissapeared from teh area

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *a child is walking through all the rubble and stumbles upon a man that seems to be breathing.* "mister..mister..are you ok?"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the man opens his eye's, the blood dried and hardened to his face, as he cant see who is talking to him through his blurry vision.*

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the child clears some of the rubble off the man, before noticing how bad of condition the man was in.*

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the man clench's his fist shut as he breath's hard, and looks at the kid barley able to speak.* "I wasnt able to stop him...."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the child helps him up as much as he can.* "you should get some care, your pretty injured, your silver hair is even stained red from your blood.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the man looks at the child with his green eye's.* "I think i can manage, but thanks.. how many of you are there on this place left alive?"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the child looks up at him.* "there are only a handful... your the man we saw trying to save us.. in the sky... when that thing tried to destroy us.. you sacrificed yourself to save us.. why?"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *staggers as he attempts to stand.* "I didnt save you... you saved yourself.. take me to your people."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the child takes Tafia by the hand, and walks him over to a crowd of people.* "these are all of them."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks into the middle of the crowd, noticeing them all falling silent and staring at him as he stops.* "you people need to pack all your remaining things, and get out of here.... the thing that destroyed this city will be back, and it will finsih you off if you are here.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the people walk over, and thank tafia, crying and holding him.* "we have no place to go... we are thankful to you.. please dont leave us.. you are our only hope!"

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *tries to keep his composure.* "I have no place to go either.. there is only one place left that exist...but I fear i will not be welcomed back after the things i have done.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: *the people still pleading with Tafia* "please, take us there.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *looked at the ground, for the first time he was feeling ashamed.* "ok, pack your things, we leave at nightfall...but this will be very long, dangerous, and tiring for you.."

2006-02-18 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (the Expansion)

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