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2009-04-22 04:30:28
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The hair piece, just so you all know, I made it myself! Ribbon & Fake Ivy. buhahahahaha!!! Took damn long enough too! Not to mention it was confusing to put together and a pain in my ass, but the results I love!

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2009-04-22 [Skydancer]: Ah, leafing out for spring. Must be the heat :) nifty concept.

2009-04-22 [Cillamoon]: lol, yes the heat has finally gone to my brain. lol

2009-04-22 [Hedda]: I so can't help writing a story here:
<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1240374084.jpg> It's a naked man in my apartment!!!
<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1240374154.jpg> Eh...
<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1240374218.jpg> Oh, it's [Hedda]!


2009-04-22 [dimond_babe]: i like the pics

2009-04-22 [Cillamoon]: LMAO, [Hedda] you make me laugh. You are so funny, thank you for starting my day off with laughter. :P

2009-04-22 [Rook.]: ^^ I agree. that was funny. But Cill, I can only say, take these out to a woody place, or a feild, adn you're perfect!!!
and also: ilove how you randomly threw in that clock XD

2009-04-22 [Cillamoon]: LOL...yes, Queen of Random speaking here! lol Fortunately I decided not to disassemble the piece so I can go out this weekend, or if I am lucky tomorrow night, and take some green outside pictures with it. ^_^ Thanks Rook!!! :)

2009-04-22 [Rook.]: No problem. If you lived a bit closer, I'd offer the property around where I live for you to use, seeing as how I live on a mountain, so green is aplenty, along with cloud (not fog) coverage int he morning. ^^

2009-04-22 [Cillamoon]: Cool!!!!!! Yes, it is quite dry down here in LA...but there are a few spots nearby that at least have a deep green look to them that I could use. ^_^ Thank you for the offer! If I was close to you I would definetly say let's go! :)

2009-04-22 [Rook.]: *grins and partial cursies* ^.^ well, If I'm ever in LA or you ever in Pa, drop me a message adn I'll deffinantly set you up with a place ^^

2009-04-22 [Cillamoon]: Awesome! Thanks! :D

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