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2007-07-14 13:48:08
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Audition for The Eye of the Dragon

You dare join this Quest? Then you have come to the right place, traveler.

Before you even begin to fill out the form bellow, you must read (or have read) the Rules, Regulations and Common Sense Page as well as About Nyan!! Or at least the Overview of EotD!! Happy reading!

Fill out the form bellow and message it to me ---> [Mira Ravenheart] as well as [Crimson Mistress] who will audition you if I'm unavailable.
I will get back to you as soon as possible on whether or not you’re accepted.

Race: Races of Nyan
Religion: Religions of Nyan
Physical Appearance:
A Brief History:

Why does your character seak the Eye of the Dragon?

Do you know how to use html?
(Read, Guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown)

How many other RPs are you in? (On Elftown and off. If off where?)

How often do you come on Elftown?

Pick a number between 1-5 (including 1 and 5)

What is your favourite Element? (just one, this has nothing to do with the previous question)

Do you accept the Rules, Regulations and Common Sense?

The best of luck to you all! I hope to hear from you soon.

The Realm of Nyan awaits you!!


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2005-01-16 [Vallaincourt]: hm... I'd like to join this, but I know not where to start... should my char be a Black Dragon, or a silver dragon?

2005-01-18 [Mira Ravenheart]: I believe that we have answered that question, lol ^_^ Out of curiousity, what does your char wear?

2005-04-27 [GhostBlade]: can there be half breeds?

2005-05-02 [Mira Ravenheart]: Yes, there can be half breeds. What are you thinking on?

2005-11-06 [Demon bane]: Hello not trying to interrupt but may i be allowed in your rp i was invited

2005-11-06 [Mira Ravenheart]: Everyone is welcome to Audition :)

2006-01-03 [Fizban]: Just asking a favor...well, to everyone who wants to fill this out...If you restore the edit button adn protect it with a password, people could get into the edit page, without being able to edit. Now thats advantageous, because people could then copy the raw text with the psuedo-html codes for bold and such...saving time for bolding for everyone else. Just a thought lols...

2006-08-08 [Kally the Red Ranger]: I really hate to sound like a complete idiot, but what is html? Is it like the Elftown psuedo html's and such, or something else?

2006-08-10 [Mira Ravenheart]: Elftown's pseudo html ^_^ I barely know any real html <.< That's what the [Zero X] is for >.>

2006-08-13 [Kally the Red Ranger]: Hah... Wow, yay, I feel smart now. XD So it's just the italics, bold, underline, strikeout(?), resize images, etc. Woot :D

2007-07-02 [Fearathress]: Hmmm... well, I shall message you with my hopefuly not to long character sheet today or tomarrow Faith. :P

2008-04-20 [Mira Ravenheart]: There is nothing wrong with long =)

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