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2006-11-02 00:01:37
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Autumn Colors

Photo Contest

Contest is now closed and voting.

Thank you for all the wonderful entries, everyone ^^
Go here to vote: Autumn Colors Voting


- Anything at all that has to do with the season and its colors; what exactly those are, I'll leave up to you.

- No more than two photos per person.

- Obviously, they have to be your own. No stealing, or borrowing your friend's photos, etc.

- Keep the photomanips down to brightness/contrast changes, preferrably as minimal as possible.

- Submit photos like so:

[ username ]
< img350: "URL" >

- Have fun! ^_^

1. [Blaithin]
A. <img350*0:>

B. <img350*0:>

2. [Linderel]
A. <img350*0:stuff/autumncolours-sotunki.jpg>

B. <img350*0:stuff/Lleaves.jpg>

3. [Sherya]



4. [~Lady Morgana~]
a) <img350*0:stuff/05%20054.JPG>

b) <img350*0:stuff/blätter%20015.JPG>

5. [Lothuriel]
a) <img200*0:>

6. [*micky*]
A) <img200*0:>

7. [sequeena_rae]

8. [Elmiira]


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2006-10-18 [BinaryPhoenix]: Lovely photo's!!! Sadly, it is spring here, so i cannot partake. :'(

2006-10-18 [blu.nation]: Wow. I never even thought of that :P Where do you live?

2006-10-22 [Lothuriel]: Would photos like these count? <img100*0:> <img100*0:>

2006-10-22 [~Lady Morgana~]: Awwww cute *^.^*

2006-10-22 [Lothuriel]: Thank you!

2006-10-22 [blu.nation]: Certainly. :D Anything that you think has to do with autumn. I've extended the contest until the end of the month, so there's still time to enter.

2006-10-22 [Lothuriel]: THank you! Now I just have to figure out which one I want to enter. ^__^

2006-10-22 [Sherya]: Lovely photos! ^_^

2006-10-22 [Lothuriel]: Thank you!!

2008-11-18 [Cyrano meets Merso]: usual...
Just one thing...Sherya, you wouldnt want to eat those mushrooms::D

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