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2007-04-22 19:14:58
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Black and White Photography Contest

 Welcome to the black and white photography contest of the Photo forum although it's taken a little longer than it should, it's finally here. There will be another contest starting shortly after. The title is pretty self explanatory: you may submit anything that is black and white.
The rules
1) You must follow the uploading art rules
2) It must be black and white
3) Computer manipulation is allowed but please don't over do it. We like to see what you can do, not what your computer can do.
4) Your picture can be converted to grayscale, it doesn't have to start out with black and white film
5) Only one submission per person please


<img:> - [hannes]          <img120*0:>     1st
<img:> - [Drowning In A Daydream]          <img120*0:>     2nd
<img:> - [Nocternity S.]          <img120*0:>  3rd

Congratulations and thanks for all those great entries!

Please submit your entries below along with your name.

1. [Blaithin]

2. [Aeolynn]
" Piano Reflections "

3.[Fire Panther]
The Look



6. [CrimsonDarkness]
It's the tongue for you!

7. [Linderel]

8. [shotokan_gal]

i'm not sure if this is allowed, it's converted with the chalk & charcoal thingy, because my program to convert into greyscale crashed! >.<

10. [Iseld]

11. [Elmiira]
"Who was she?"
I may change this though.. :S

12. [Janouk]

13. [Modern Mo]
I may find something better. (sorry it's kinda big)

14. [~Lady Morgana~]

15. [Kuruni]

16. [~The Virus~]

17. [sequeena_rae]

18. [Thain]
Some vines on a wall



20. [blu.nation]

21. [*micky*]
The dream to dance.....

22. [FlowerGirl21]
"Holding on for eternity"

23. [Skydancer]
"Shadows within memory"

24. [Faery]
"The key to my soul"

25.[Remos Page]
"what kids love thats not you"


27. [BinaryPhoenix]

28. [Fabiank]
"Door to another world."

29. [Misty Lady]
  "Black Swan"

30. [Kid Raven]
"Ice Queen"

31. [trinityfairy]
   "I-459 bulb"

32. [Nocternity S.]

33. [Seamus Schwathe]
"The Apartment At Night"

34. [Elion]

35. [Sherya]
"The fallen scarf"

36. [hannes]
"Empty Spaces"

37. [Cassave]
"Shadow Cat"

"lost childhood"

39. [Yuichiā™„]
"When you just feel alone in the world.."

40. [The Apocalypse]
"creek leading nowhere"

41. [dew_farie]

42. [Drowning In A Daydream]
So far away from reality

43. [Forever Equine]
A close up of a horse's eye.

44. [Firenze]

45. [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]
"Night Jungle"

46. [deranged-bugosh]
Steven G. Bugosh (November 27, 1962 - June 11th, 2003)

47. [Perplexity]
Great Falls, Maryland

48. [Artemis Riddle]

This Contest is Closed!
The poll can still be found at B&W-Poll.

Thanks for all the beautiful entries!

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2006-09-25 [Fire Panther]: I am SO All over this! Just gotta pick out the right one :)

2006-09-25 [maluna]: i think we should be alowed just like every one else

2006-09-25 [Janouk]: Good [Fire Panther]! Picking one is the hardest part, good luck!

2006-09-25 [maluna]: good luck i have sooo many good ones but i have no way to get them on the computer one of the many difficulties of using film

2006-09-26 [Blaithin]: Bah only one entry. I'm never gonna be able to pick heh

2006-09-26 [Blaithin]: Entry subject to change depending on my mood and pic I like at the time :P

2006-09-26 [iippo]: I agree Maluna & Janouk, you should also be allowed to enter. In a way it's the whole forum that makes the contest, and you are part of the forum too... :)
Did anyone edit the positions after the last contest?

2006-09-26 [maluna]: no one did edit them yet im still kind of confused on the matter i will try to figure it out. :)

2006-09-27 [Janouk]: I did not do that yet, [iippo], thanks for reminding us! I think we'll discuss wether or not we are going to keep that system. // Yay, I spy with my little eye some B&W entries! :)

2006-09-27 [maluna]: they are all so good.!!!!

2006-09-30 [CrimsonDarkness]: Awwww. It's my Jenna Jane. I love my scruffy little girl!

2006-09-30 [Linderel]: Hums.

2006-09-30 [CrimsonDarkness]: wow that's pretty. Looks like the country side in Ireland or somthng.

2006-09-30 [Linderel]: It's from Edinburgh Castle. :)

2006-09-30 [shotokan_gal]: decisions decisions...

2006-09-30 [CrimsonDarkness]: Lol. Yeah I had that problem too. I sat down and flipped through my photo album a few times.

2006-09-30 [shotokan_gal]: Indeed X)

2006-10-01 [Linderel]: The gargoyle picture is awesome. :O

2006-10-01 [CrimsonDarkness]: I agree. I think they are all very good pictures. It's gonna be a tough contest.

2006-10-02 [Iseld]: oh thanks :) where did you take yours at [Linderel]?

2006-10-02 [Linderel]: *points a couple of comments up* Edinburgh Castle.

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