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Bleach RP1

Renji sat watching the cheery blossoms fall outside the walls of the soul reaper fortress.

Captain Hitsugaya walked through Seraitai and saw Renji. "Luitenant Abarai Renji." He said nearly unemotionally.

"Lil. shiro," Renji aknowledged him in a mock tone. "Uncommon for you to stroll these outer districts. Whats up?"

Hitsugaya growled. "Thats Captain Hitsugaya to you!" He hated being called 'shiro'. "I just need to take a walk." He said calmer.

"That Carefree lutienate of yours getting to you? You know id love to have her in my district......" Renji teased the youngest captian.

Hitsugaya shot an evil glare to Renji. "And why is that luietenent?" He teased in return.

The slightest red appeared on Renjis usual battle loving face. "No reason..." Renji looked flat away. "Besides dont get used to callin me a luietenant, im gonna be captian soon."

"You keep thinking that Abarai." Hitsugaya said plainly.

"You may be a child genuious but you dont know everything. Why coluldnt i be promoted soon?" Renji asked.

Hitsugaya laughed. "You havn't improved enough. I probably could fight you and win within 2 minutes."

"Yesh thanks for the confidense snowflake." Renji hated being under the command of the best of the captains. When HE leaves..or is finished off if ichigo gets ahold of him again...i could take his place

"Where is Momo?" Hitsugaya asked Renji.

"How should i know." Renji shot at him, just not wanting to answer.

"Why are you in such a bad mood, Abarai?" Hitsugaya seemed a bit confused.

"Well for one im out here enjoying the veiw when im interupted, and i still cant figure out why im only luitenant when i can reach Bankai." Renji responded looking out into the distance.

"And so can Ichigo but he hasn't even reached Luiteneant. So be proud of what you are!"

"XO Carrot top doesnt count! He is a substitute!" Renji reflected on the last battle he had with the fill in soul reaper. "Man that was exciting though."

Hitsugaya sighed. "Well, exactly. He isn't a full soul reaper and he has reached Bankai. If anyone should be promoted to Captain should be him." Hitsugaya teased. "You should still be proud of what you are."

"hmp..Fine..." Renji took the point bluntly. "So any new missions to the human world yet? no Minos Grandes to take care of or Arancar to deal with?"

"Suprisingly none." Hitsugaya had a hint of joyfullness for no missions. Although he did want to see Ichigo again there in Seiretai.

"I geuss Ichigos already beaten the crap of the ones on the other side." Renji pondered. "I wouldnt mind a good battle right about now."

"Is that right?" Hitsugaya said holding the hilt of his Zanpak-to. "Maybe then you should prove that you should be a captain."

"beating up a kid wouldnt prove anything." Renji smirked knowing he hated being refered to as a kid. Zabimaru sat on his hunches behind Renji. He may be a kid but he is captian, remember he is thinking three steps ahead of you already renji.The snak tail looked foward. We should kill him..hehe... He grasped his Zanpak-to, "If you insist though."

"Nobody calls me a kid." Hitsugaya grabbed his zanpak-to and unsheathed it as the sheath disintergrated. He grined evilly. "Ban-KAI!...Daiguren Hyorinmaru!"

"Woah..bankai? so soon? dont you want to work your way up to it?" Renji simply unsheathed his Zanpak-to reveiling its many scythe like blades. "Itd be more fun that way."

Hitsugaya glared wit his icey wings around him. "I just want this done with quick."

"Way lose so soon? Bankai!" Renjis Zanpakto flashed and shifted to form the large serpant of a weapon. Its large main prickled in anticipation. "Youngans first."

A smirk showed on Hitsugaya's face as he wiped his sword around and a large ice dragon went straight for Renji. Hitsugaya, with his ice wings, flew stright at Renji right after the ice dragon to attack one after another.

Retsu stood in a room, staring out the window at the two Shinigami fighting outside. She smiled lightly. "Active as always, gentlemen."

"Useless." Renji smiled as part of his bankai detached and took the dragon head on as another reconected and lunged forward at Hitsugaya. Its teeth bared redy to strike him down.

Hitsugaya's eyes widened. He had to think of strategy and quick. Hitsugaya vanished and reappered with his sword to Renji's throat. "Your slow. And weak."

"Thats your opinion." Renjis newly aquired main shifted and covered his throat. "Cut away its tough, Babons broken Fang!" All the parts of Renjis bankia seperated and surounded the two. "Go ahead, you cant cut through the maine, and if you try anything funny ill take us both out with my omnidirectional attack."

Hitsugaya stayed where he was. "You still have alot to learn."

Retsu turned away and walked to her desk. Isane suddenly burst through the door, panting heavily. "Captain Unohana, Lieutenant Abarai and Captain Hitsugaya are fighting!" she stammered. Retsu blinked and smiled again. "Yes, I can see them from my window." the other lietenant looked out the window as well. "Should we do something?" Retsu shook her head gently. "No, but if it gets bad enough, I'll step in. Don't trouble yourself with it, Isane."

"You dont possibly think your ice wings could stop an attack from every direction, do you snowflake?" The sections began to enclose the pair blocking off all chance of escape. Renji smirked as his sunglasses slipped down onto his face, making it look even more memecing.

Hitsugaya smiled and let the ice break around him. He sheath his sword and looked at Renji. "I must go. If this fight continues. You would have died."

"I would have takin you with me..." Renji's mane died down and his zanpakto shrank back down into its mutliple sycthe like pattern.

Retsu walked outside and shivered lightly from Hitsugaya's vanishing cold. "You two sure do enjoy a fight. You would think all that cold from Hiyonimaru(dunno if I spelled it right) would cool you off, Histugaya. If you're so heated up, why not go ask Captain Zaraki for a fight, Renji?"

Hitsugaya put his sword away and nodded at Retsu. "Hello Captain Unohana."

Retsu smiled to Toshiro. "Always respectful when necessary, Captain."

Hitsugaya nodded once again. "Do you know where Momo is?"

The Captain thought for a moment and shook her head. "I'm afraid I don't. You can ask Isane or Izuru though, even your own lieutenant Matsumoto. They might know."

Hitsugaya shrugged. He bowed slightly to Retsu and started walking off.

Retsu looked back at Renji. "Where is Captain Kuchiki?"

Renji looked once again towards the cherry blossoms. "I ditched a luitenants meeting to cool off a bit and have a little peace. Hes probably filling in for me there, you know him "A captians Responsiblities...""

"Ah, yes, sounds much like him... I believe Isane was looking for you to inform you of the meeting. That could explain her worry..." she sighed and turned. "I'll leave you to your thoughts, Renji. Just try to feel more refreshed."

Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro roamed around aimlessly searching for Momo or Rangiku. He sighed deeply when he didn't see anyone. He crossed his arms and growled. He figured maybe Rangiku would be in the office so he headed there but on his way he past the 11th division office and saw Byakuya and Kenpachi so he entered.

Rangiku walked without a real direction, she longed to be down on earth enjoying their delicious meals and shopping, and was tired of being cooped up in the office for paperwork. Her mind flashed to the closet where she'd stuffed the unsigned papers and she sighed to herself.

An echo of Hitsugaya's voice rang through all of Soul Society. "MATSUMOTO!!!!!!!"

"Ooh, Toushi-kun doesn't sound happy with you~!" Yachiru poked her head out from behind Matsumoto. "You didn't do papers~?"

"Uhoh. I guess he found them." Matsumoto said as she ran to the office quick. 10th Division Office

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