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or otherwise known as Bkj


RPs: The Shard's Child RP he actually comes enters the rp in part two...

Species: Raeraphume

Age: 37 in human years

Description: Wise as he is cute, Bkj is a mixture of a six different animals and can lope at a maximum of 20-25 mph and can fly for a few minutes by flapping his wings almost faster then the eye can see. He is about the size of a lion and has a lot of stamina however his wings are very weak and he cannot fly with anything that weighs more then a few grams.

Personality: He prefers to stay silent and observe, but when he does speak it is the most logical thing to say.

Location: He lives in the most upper reaches of the mountains that the demons have claimed their own.

Abilities: Flight, can tame demons for short periods of time, his jaws can crush steel, and he is a reasonably fast runner even with people on his back

Special Fact: He flies like a hummingbird

History: Bkj has lived in the mountains his whole life, seeing little of humans and the like and has always been kind. If attacked by a demon he would rather tame them and run off before they could follow him. His species has long been dwindling down, being killed off by the demons slowly but surely. Bkj tends to wander.


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