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[ghostiegirl]Wait-The two anrdiods skidded to a stop. they hardly fit in the cold dank corridor. Their robotic arms raised up, flipping back to reveal huge guns. Wait stood her ground. The two metalic objects towered over her. It was then, when she pounced.

The armour on the huge robots body was good for footholds. She lay on its back, hoping this robot was a stupid as it looked. It was, as it did not notice her presence on its body. The other robot did. The red lights that it had for eyes focused in on her and the gun pointed towards her . It fired. And hit the first robot square in the chest. Wait was now on the back of the other robot. She jumped back and forth, almost playfully, as the robots fired away at eachother. She had not had to use her weapon, once. Finally both, the robots had fallen. She could pass. As she walked from the sorry sight, one of the robots raised its arm slowly and unsheaved its gun.
Before it could do a thing, Wait shot it in the head.

"Bullseye" She whispered, with a slight smile on her face.
Then she made her way out of the training grounds. She was in desperate need for a shower.

Wait heard a distant voice from behind her, somebody was trying to catch up with her. She turned her head to see a familliar face...

[taylorrr]Rina- Cheeks puffed out, red in the face, Rina raced to catch up with Wait. She wasn't used to the daily physical exertions of her friends and colleagues. She was a runt, and she knew it.
"Wait!", she cried out, glasses sliping down pathetically, "You wanna have lunch with me?" This was followed by a somewhat girly if not takenaback squeal, as Rina fell flat on her face. She cradled her grazed mouth, squeezing out the grit and blood. She opened one eye blearily, up at the dark shadow, whose foot she had so conveniantly tripped over. She sighed, and cursed quietly under her breath. Boy, she'd just wanted a quiet lunch with a pal or two. God knows she had to try and keep the few friends she had. She wouldn't be the victim here. She WOULDN'T cry. Instead, flashing the famous 'goody goody' smile that had caused her the constant bullying and taunting at the training school, she bit hard into the persons ankle, with deep satisafaction...

[POG] Myhr-The shadow of a person felt no pain from the bite. She looked down, then stepped onto Rina's little hand. She smiled as her stilletto heel sunk into the flesh. Then, she was gone, leaving Rina on the ground, squirming in anguish.

[ghostiegirl] Wait bent down to the wincing Rena and helped her up.
" I'm so sorry Rena. Come on, I'll take you to the medical quarters."
She glared after the red haired figure of Myhr.
" I don't know what her problem is. "
Wait saw Rena staggering and she reached out her hand.
"Come on, I'll give you a piggyback. It looks like you sprained your ankle pretty bad then."

[taylorrr] Rena- "Leave me alone!" Rena jumped up and ran off to the dorms, slapping Wait's hands away. The effect was somewhat ruined by the limping.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- After Wait left the training area Armisis walked in and sat down in the very center and looked up at the control room, her way of telling them she was ready, everyone here thought she was a mute and she enjoyed the distance they gave her she closed her eyes and waited for the 3 beeps that signaled the beginning of her specialized training program she opened her eyes and watched as the two heavy built androids entered through the doors on her right and left sides, they were nearly three times her height and many times her weight, she continued to sit in the same place as if she hadnt seen them, they rushed toward her both at the same speed, in a blur she grabbed both of them by one mechanical arm each and juped backwards while swinging them toward eachother the gigantic robots crashed together like a loud crack of thunder then they fell to the floor smoking , their hydrolic parts jerking back and forth and sending up sparks it had ended in a matter of moments, Armisis looked back up at the control room her face an emotionless mask, then walked to the door, stepping on andriod parts on her way out...

[cookie_monster] Asa - In the dorms, Asa was still asleep, sprawled across the rumpled sheets in a boneless heap. Hearing Rina's angry shout, he woke up and sat up straight, alomst bumping his head against the bunkbed above him. A quick glance at his watch informed him that he was very late for the first training session of the day, and he combed his fingers through his spiky, turquoise hair in a vain attempt to straighten it. Then he stumbled out of bed, not bothering to change out of the clothes he'd slept in, and made his way to the door, yawning and trying to keep his eyes open.

[taylorrr] Rina "OOOW!!!!!" Rina cried, grumpily rubbing her stomach, which Asa had just poked with his elbow.
"Why don't you watch where the ruddy hell your walking???"
She was in a bad mood today.

[raynesprite](Armisis)-Armisis walked down the hall past Asa and Rina.

[taylorrr] (Rina)- "Goodbye Asa." Rina looked up at him and slowly headed towards the kitchen. Why pick a fight she was bound to lose? She silently followed Armisis, slow and sorrowful...Until she realised the kitchen was the other way. She turned and promptly tripped over someone. Just her luck.
She picked herself up, and stuck out a hand to help up the other person...

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa stood in the dorm doorway and blinked sleepily. He remembered a vague impression of a girl who'd just bumped into him and then walked away, but it could just have easily have been the tail-end of some strange dream. Shaking his head, he stepped outside.

[ghostiegirl](Wait)-Wait stepped into the shower cubicle. The cold water felt good against her skin. She leaned against the side of the shower and pondered over what had just happened. Why was Rena so angry? Wait always felt hurt when somebody shouted at her. And that Myhr girl. She is a brilliant fighter, but she has a heart of stone.
Stepping out of the shower, she heard a knock at the door. Wrapping a towel around her body, she answered it. There stood a boy. One of the juniors, most probably. A the sight of Wait he turned as red as a tomato and stared down at the floor.
"Could general Wait please come to the conference room?"
He stuttered.
"Alright then. I'll just get dressed." The boy marched away. Obviously very embarrassed. Wait smiled. That was just so sweet.
As she got dressed Wait thought about the upcoming meeting. This would be a meeting of all the general's. These meetings always came rarely. Somthing must have happened. She thought of the other Generals,one of them Rena. She would probably be to ashamed to face her. As for that Myhr, she was not excacly rushing to meet her either. She pulled on her boots. Time to go.

[POG]Mhyr- Mhyr grinned in the conferance room, smoothing down her many beaded braids. She was smirking due to the fact that she was the first general in the confereance room. Mhyr was a selfish and mean bully, but she had weeaknesses, and could be the nicest perosn in the world, if she wanted too. She may have seemed colder to the core, but no one say past her exterior of the lean mean, fighting machine. One certain weakness was one of the boys in the Squad. None knew, but everytime he came in the room, her heart started to beat.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Meanwhile, Asa made his way to the training block, noting guiltily that several others had completed their morning exercises a long time ago. Still, he knew better than to rush. Where the others often preferred to turn right and head for the android training grounds, he turned left and entered the dojo to begin his stretching routine.

[taylorrr] (Rena)- Pushing the last of the disgusting slop they called breakfast into her, at times, considerabley large mouth, Rena, pushed up the sleeves of her uniform, that flopped hopelessly over her infantile arms. Again, something of her SPECIAL luck, as the uniforms looked gorgeous on everyone else. It made Rena uncomfortable.
She started at a brisk pace for the conference room, to meet with the other generals. She sighed, remembering the old adventures, when everyone had been..happier, in a way. But that was a Baby愛Squad from aeons ago. Life had toughened for them, and Rena knew she should try and empathise with her comrades, oppossed to wanting to smack their smarmy grins on their smug little faces, tand then give them a little dose of her speciality bomb;a little something she fondly nicknamed 'Mr. Bobo'.
As Rena stepped into the room, her eyes darkened at the sight of Myrr. How she hated that stupid, smug smile. Rena looked her up and down, and noticed something. Myrr's zipper was undone, revealing the disgusting greying underwear that was regulation at the training school. She supposed she'd have to politely tell her. But not yet. Rena smiled, and sat down.
This had better be quick; she had a busy day ahead of her.
Suddenly, the conference room door slamed open...

[POG] Myrr unzipped her uniform just a little more. She wanted to show off to the person who next came through the door. She hoped it was her crush, who didn't even seem to like her. Pity the damn things were grey.

[raynesprite](Armisis)-Armisis had been in her room staring out the window, the training programs were becoming too easy, she heard noise out in the hall and went to investigate...

[POG] Yrr- Myrr kicked the baby squad junior. "Don't talk to me like that." She said simply.

[raynesprite](Armisis)-Armisis walked over to Mhyrr and looked up at her...

[POG] Myrr- Myrr noticed a rather stoney face little girls eyes were fixed upon her face. " Ah, what is it, General Armisis. I suppose you'r are going try and tell me that fighting in the halls is prohibited"

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis just stood there staring at her for a while , then poked her on the nose

[POG] Myrr- myrr grinned. Aramisis was one of the generals she actually liked. "Let's go, Sisi" she said, as she walked over to the confereance hall .

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson came into the hall.He grined seeing the others fight and and walked past them, he opened the confrence room and went in.

[ghostiegirl] Wait- "hey Cyson!" Wait ran foward to greet her good friend. It was then she saw the poor Junior that she had seen earlier today. He was laying on the ground with a bloodied nose. This was Myrrs work. Wait sighed as she saw Myrr,and another general, little Armesis. She did a double take. Did she know how much underwear she was displaying? Oh Well. Wait followed Cyson into the conferance room.

[Raiya] Gaara- A boy with redish hair was walking in the hall. His bluish green eyes looking around the place strangly.

[taylorrr] (Rena) Rena lookedup with interest as Gaara entered, and flushed slightly. She liked Gaara. She turned away quickly and smiled briefly at Wait. No way was she letting Myrr find out about her little...'admiration'. She'd just use it as ammo to taunt her even more.
SOmeone coughed, and everyone turned around...

[Raiya] Gaara- He stoped and saw Rena ahead. Where was everyone else? He didnt know if he should ask or not. He just sighed and still looked around.

[taylorrr] Rena- As Gaara sat himself down next to Rena, she tried hard not to blush, though that was hard, as she felt as if she was suffering from heart failire. God, hiw embarrassing... Instead, she said a quick hello and turned around. Wait and Myrr where here aswell, so the meeting would probably begin, while the other generals came along.

[Raiya] Gaara- Gaara said a low hi back and waited. He looked to everyone else. "When are we suppose to start?" He asked. Rather immpatient.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis walked in and sat down and started fiddling with a pencil someone had left on the conference splintered into many peices she blinked and slumped back in the chair looking even shorter

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa left the showers at something approaching a sprint. His morning exercises had been relaxing, but he was running late for the meeting in the conference room. Skidding around the corner, he saw that several of the generals were already seated... he slowed his pace to a brisk walk, entered the room and took a seat.

[Raiya] Gaara- Gaara sighed and put his chin in his hand. He was getting abit immpatient.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson pulled out a chair,sat down and waited for the meeting to begin.

[POG] Myr- "Welcome, squad leaders. I have been asked to conduct this meeting today. " Many people groaned. "We have been asked to go on a secret mission. She tapped the screen and a apicture came up, of a pretty 16 year old girl with blond hair and blue eyes. "This is Cariah. She has been abducted, by the mysterious, hand of nemo gang. We have to get her back." (the hand of nemo gang are known alien mutants)

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson nods.}What are the requirements for this mission?"He asks, wanting to know all the details.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa grinned and sat up straight when Cariah's picture came up on the screen. "Yah, what Cyson said, I guess... and why are we rescuing this person anyway? Like, who is she to us - except an exceptionally good-looking 16-year-old? Not that that isn't reason enough..."

[ghostiegirl] Wait- Wait turned to Asa. "Peeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvv...." she hissed, with a grin on her face.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa smiled angelically, putting his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands. "Jealousy makes you nasty..." he whispered back.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson glared at them both."Silence both of you, keep your childish remarks for after the breifing."Cyson turns his attention back to Myr."Is the mission teamed or solo?"He asks.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis sneezed, the only sound she had made in three days

[POG] (Myr)- Myr sighed, exasperated. "Team. Would have been SO much better if it was just me though...and asa? the reason we are rescuing this...." She sneered up at the photo, with a look of distaste. "Girl, is because beleive it or not, she holds a vital amount of information. Humph" She looked aorud. "All done. Seargents dismissed!" Myr flounced out of the room, haughty look on her face, contorting her would be prety features into ugly ones.

[Balthizar]Cyson-"Damn..."Cyson said,standing up."I have to work with others."He says,he pulls out a wrench and starts messing with his arm.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Glancing sideways at Wait, Asa pulled a face, then flexed his biceps and made a dramatic gesture with both hands. "Behold," he said grandly, "I am the almighty Cyson! I am wonderful and strong and alone and stuff!"

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson stops an turns to look at him.His robotic eye squints,focusing on Asa's nose."Tell me Asa...ever wondered how fast I can shoot?"He asks, his right arm raising and aiming at him. Gears click and shift as a the shotgun barrel is loaded.

[Raiya]- Gaara sighed. He hadent really been paying attention. His mind drifted off and he began day dreaming.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa frowned down the barrel of Cyson's shotgun. "What is it with you androids?" he said mildly, "Did the surgeons trade your sense of humour for that arm?"

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson's Shotgun cocked and loaded."I am no Android, Im a cyborg...An Android is one who is more machine then human, Im more human then Machine...get it right."

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis walked over to Cyson and looked up at him with her big violet eyes...

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa's gaze flickered towards Armisis for a moment, but then he looked back at Cyson. "More human than machine? You? Who's threatening me because I just made fun of him?"

[raynesprite](Armisis)- before cyson could react she picked him up and took him out into the hallway what were they doing still in the conference room? the meeting was over she thought

[cookie_monster] Asa - As the tension drained out of the situation, Asa began to see the funny side of it. Armisis was always full of surprises... Asa laughed quietly, amused at the dumbfounded expression on Cyson's face.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson growled at Armisis"What do you think your doign!?"He shouts,getting away from her."Do not touch me."He says.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis blinked grouchy pants she thought and began to walk toward the mess hall

[POG] Myr- Myr had been on her way to the mess hall, when she spotted Cyson, in the middle of the hallway. She laughed heartily. He looked real funny.
"What are YOU on the floor for, roboman????"

[Raiya] Gaara- Boardly got up and decided to walk around.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Following Gaara out into the hallway, Asa saluted cheerfully to Cyson and turned to make his way back to the dojo. "I'll be ready in ten minutes, General Wait," he told Wait formally, and jogged away.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson glared."cause I like the carpet."He said,storming past Myy and heading for the Tech room.

[POG] "Pffffffffffffffttttt" she jogged back into her room to change into her dojo gear. She felt like kicking something.

[ghostiegirl] Wait- "see ya!" wait shouted cheerfully. Finally a mission! She had been so bored, just hanging around. A voice came over the intercom. We would like all generals on the jet in 10 minutes. Do not, I repeat DO NOT be late!!!! Wait ran into her room and changed into her skintight costume, strapping her gun onto her thigh.

[POG] Myrr- After beating up a couple of leuitenants intent on trying their luck with her, myrr heard the message. "Gotta go" She changed into her battle suit, and picked up her Katana. "Its show time!" she whispered. Time to show her true potential.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis ran back to her room to pack her things then as quick as she could hopped on the jet

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa ran out to the airfield, still pulling on his jacket and strapping on his kit. Tucking his nunchakos into his belt, he followed Armisis on board the jet.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson grabs three heat-seeking spiders,stores them in his Arm,grabs some grenades and heads for the jet.

[Raiya] Gaara- He made his way to the jets, tieing on his Katana.

Skip straight to destination

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa shut one eye and squinted at the jet as it vanished into the distance, shimmering in the heat-haze. He mopped the sweat off his face and groaned when his hand came away stained turquoise. I should have used a better hair dye... he thought regretfully. The barren desert sand dunes stretched away as far as the eye could see, and the heat was getting to him.

[POG] Myrr- "ah! ITS SO DAMN HOT!" screeched Myrr, kicking her way through the sand.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson droped from the jet and landed int he sand,kneeling.His eyes glanced about,scanning, seperating Organic heat from the Heat from the sun.

[Raiya] Gaara- As gaara stepped out, he held his hands to his eyes. He made a low groan.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis looked around she spotted a little brown mouse and walked toward it, it took a leap into the air and bounded away across the sand she sighed heavily the black uniforms certainly didnt help with the heat

[cookie_monster] Asa - "So, where to now, General?" Asa asked, shading his eyes from the sun and scanning the horizon. "I hope it's somewhere air-conditioned."

[Raiya] Gaara- "In the desert?" he rolled his eyes.

[cookie_monster] Asa - Asa made a rude hand gesture at Gaara. 

[ghostiegirl] Wait- "Um, boys." Said a concerned looking wait as she checked out her surroundings with binoculours. "Please don't squabble. The hand of Nemo gang hideout should be around here somewhere....and there sure to notice that we've arrived." As soon as she spoke gunfire seemed to appear out of owhere. It was a bout a metre away from Asa. "Get in the jeep!" Wait cried, motioning to the desert jeep they had been lent for the journey.

[cookie_monster] Asa - With a yelp of surprise, Asa leaped back at the sound of gunfire and sprinted towards the jeep.

[raynesprite](Armisis) Armisis followed as quickly as she could with her short legs

[Raiya] Gaara- Gaara gasped and followd orders, and getting in the jeep.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson through a flash grenade into the air and jumped onto the back of the jeep, his rifle barrel out and aiming around.

[ghostiegirl] Wait- Wait skided onto the scene, her face a mask of concentration. "Step on it, Myrr!" she screeched.

[POG] Myrr- Myrr, who was already in the jeep sighed at the flustered others. She wasn't going to get in a tizzee about some simple gunfire, no sirre. She stepped on the pedal of the jeep and drove it toward the hangs hide out.

[ghostiegirl] Wait- "Wahooo!' grinned Wait. She loved the feeling of wind in her face. The jeeep was whippig up great flurrys of sand. She sationed a large machine gun in the back seat, and assigned Armisis to use it. She got out her own small gun and began picking of balaclava wearing men, from at leats 100 feet away.

[raynesprite](Armisis)- Armisis handed the machine gun to Gaara and crossed her arms she hated using guns (even though it would be cool to see a little girl weilding a machine gun XD) she pulled a few poison darts from her sleeve...

[POG] Myrr- Myrr unsheathed her Katana. As they drove past a group of men, she cut of their heads in one go. Gruesomly cool!

[cookie_monster] Asa- "Myrr!" Asa yelled over the sound of the engine, "There's a cave over there!" He pointed at a black opening in the side of a dune. "Maybe they've got an underground facility!"

[Raiya] Gaara- He stared at the gun for a moment. Then he cocked it and aimed it. Incase they were to see anyone trying a sneak attack from the side.

[Balthizar]Cyson-Cyson glanced around. He hadnt fired any shots. Instead, he waited untill it was needed to return fire.

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