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2006-01-01 11:42:39
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Okey Dokey.....the rules....
I am going to use two characters, Kiara and Tutu, to demonstrate my point. They are the lame creations of the worst RPGer in the world. They will guide you through our rules on this wonderful RPG.

1. Write a good bio. If you do this, we will kick you out on your but...
Name- Kiara
Age- 16
Looks- Sexy wit big boobs
personality- nice
history- dunno
MAKE IT INTERESTING! and not stupid!

2.You can't be god almighty! Example-
Tutu is knocked of the cliff. 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' she cries. But suddenly, she rises up and flies in the air.
'Noooooo, the amulet!' screeched Zeb. 'All is lost. My Danae is dead and my soul ashes.'

He is poked on the shoulder. Tutu has killed all evil, brought Danae back to life and is wearing the amulet.
That is just stupid...ok?

3. Go with the flow. If the rest are rescuing the azul amulet, tutu and kiara should NOT be trying to retreive the treasure of BanokBar. They should work with the group.


'TO the mountains!' cried zeb, extending his arm. The rest shout and follow on.

Tutu and Kiara are sat, in a corner, having a crap.

Join in people!

4. Don't kill anyone without asking them first.Only if they ask you to.

5. You can't control anyone else.

6. Dont be sexually explicit...

7. dnt tlk in txt!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. No bad language nor exsessive violence.

9. All of the squad have to be under 18, hence the name BABY squad, but you have to be over 6. Dont take the name too literally.

10. No Baby愛Squad RPing or fighting outside of this wiki

11. OBEY [ghostiegirl] and [POG]! >:)


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