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Bookmark and Share goes...if you want to join this wiki, which I recommend you do ^^, please copy off the description thingymagig below, delete the example answers, write your own, and send your charactor description to[ghostiegirl] or [POG]. Understand?
When you have finished, [POG] and I will put your charactor descriptions on this page. Please people, try and make your charactor unique and unlike other charactors. Have fun!

User Name:[put your username here! (duh)]
Character Name:[chose somthing UNIQUE that mirrors your charactor]
Age:[how old is your charactor? Age can range between 6 and 17]
Fighting Skills:[What is your special skill? You can be a ninga, a mecha robot inventor, a regular gunslinger ETC get the idea...please try and make everything different. The squad needed a varied crew.]
Specialized Weapon:[Can be anything. Katana. Gun. Battle Axe. anything. Be inventive. Nothing too magical though. ]
Apearance: [ Anything you like. Just no anthro's, elves or other fantasy creatures. This is not a fantasy genre RP. Also, all outfits for the squad have to be black military style.]
Backround: [Where did your character come from? Did they have a tragic childhood? You decide.]

User Name:[ghostiegirl]
Character Name:Wait
Age:15 (just)
Fighting Skills:sureshot gunslinger
Specialized Weapon:Big black machine gun? Two other guns tucked in top of trousers (pants).
Apearance:tall, skinny,with around neck length choppy black hair. Wears black turtleneck, black slim-fit trousers (pants) tucked into knee high black leather boots.No heels on boots! Somtimes wears military hat and military coat on formal occasions.
Backround: Wait has had a hard life. A vietnamese war orphan, she was adopted by a stiff American family. She was constantly bullied by her step siblings. She was found by the Govrnmant, who had been tracking her for many days, sleeping rough on the road, she had been trying to run away from her hostile family. Nevertheless she is very cool, soft spoken, and hardly ever gets angry.
And i have a picture! How COOL is that????

User Name:[POG]
Character Name:Myhr
Fighting Skills:Samurai fighter type
Specialized Weapon:Large Katana (with a cool golden handle ^^)
Apearance: Short with very long reddish gold hair.Wears short, black kimono like dress and leggings underneath. Has a big belt aroung middle. Big green eyes.
Backround: After being send to live in the backstreets of Tokyo, this girl is a master at gang fighting and street battles. A champion martial artists, who likes nothing more to boast and be as annoying as she possibly can. Has a certain weakness for money, having grown up very poor.

User Name: [raynesprite]
Character Name: Armisis (sissi for short)
Age: 6
Fighting Skills: amazing strength
Specialized Weapon: poison darts (prefers hand-to hand combat though)
Apearance: 2'11" tall 35lbs. deceptively cute with straight black hair down to her lower back, looks much like a porcelain doll
Backround: she remembers nothing of the car accident her and her parents were in, they died and she was in a coma for a month and a half, she became an orphan and ever since has never smiled or spoken a word, not even since she became a member of the baby squad

User Name:[Balthizar]
Character Name:Cyson
Fighting Skills:Gunslinger and Streetfighter.
Specialized Weapon:Machine gun fused with left arm.
Apearance: Standing 5"10,Cyson his half man half machine. His left arm is a Machine gun, his right eye an optical red orb giving him night vision and heat vision.He has black hair that falls to his shoulders. His real eye is green.He wears His Jacket and jeans in Military Black.
History: Raised on the streets, he signed up for the Baby squad at the age of 15, where he was given his new body attachments.

User Name:[taylorrr]
Character Name:Fi, Taffi, Rina
Age: 7
Fighting Skills: Super brainy, specialises in making bombs!
Specialized Weapon: Brains and Bombs
Apearance: Small, very small and weak looking. Very pale and pallid, short blue ruffly hair, done up in loose braids. Large greeney-brown eyes, hidden behind HUGE glasses. Looks WEENY in her sort of oversized uniform.
Backround: She was abandoned by her teenage mother, and found by government officials. Spent her entire life in a room, subject to all thescientists tests, thus creating a SUPERBRAIN. Due to a lack of love in general, very introverted and shy.

User Name:[cookie_monster]
Character Name: Asa (male)
Age: 11
Fighting Skills: Trained in various Oriental fighting styles, armed and unarmed.
Specialized Weapon: Nunchakos/quarterstaff
Apearance: Tall for his age and well-built. He has short, ash-blonde hair which he hates, so he often dyes it odd colours. Interested in style more than practicality, his uniform would pass for evening wear.
Backround: Asa has no tragic history. He is not an orphan, and he didn't suffer through a difficult childhood. His father is a very wealthy Jew (Asa is a Hebrew name), but he was never close to his son. Asa is a child prodigy; in addition to his fighting skills, he is a brilliant pianist. He was chosen to join the Baby Squad at age 10.

User Name:[Raiya]
Character Name: Gaara
Age: 12
Fighting Skills:Ninja {Ninjutsu}
Specialized Weapon:Katana
Apearance:Gaara is medium height, Red hair and bluish green eyes. He has the 'love' symbol tatooed on his fore head.
Backround: Gaara suffers from insomnia, Afraid of being killed in his sleep. By not getting sleep in the past few years, this in turn made him a bit phycotic. When he was born, he took the life of his mother. In turn, his father tried to kill him. His father spread rumors about him. Saying how he was a killer. Which turned the village on him. This made Gaara turn on the village he was born in. He had never felt loved in his life, And he questions why he is alive. He had eventually came to the conclusion that he was born to kill everybody but himself. {his personality may change later}

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