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Dee, this is where I'm putting together some ideas for our characters' book with a lot of interesting events unfolding throughout their lives when they're together. (I'm begining to notice that they take as many fieldtrips as the kids in Cardcaptors xD)
Tiny Children Wikis (for when it's just Nami and Anka
The Epic Friendship Begins! (7&8)
Wilderness Misadventure (9&10)

6th Grade (After When the meet Nagi)
after the roller coster

7th Grade (After when they meet Lulu)
First Day of Middle School~Good place to start :)
Neo Hallowed~Nagi's first Halloween with Nami and Anka
Pilgrim Day~Thanksgiving
The First Snow~Their first X-mas

Siblings by Love~Lulu's running start :)
Blood Water and Love~horror story
The Anka Treatment~slightly amusing...could do more
summer stargazing~reflecting on much and kicking off the summer

8th Grade (ages 14&13)
Winter Wonderland~More Christmas stuff!!!
The horrors and cold feet~Nagi *tsks*

9th Grade (ages 15&14)
Into the Spirit~Nami's childlike innocence and spirit are broken *gasp*
the backwards blizzard~Skiing trip
the backwards biology trip~Fun on a beach late at night
hormones aren't cute~After Nami's gone for a week, she and Nagi mysteriously find sensual attractions toward one another
Super Hot Summer~A celebration of Lulu's birthday

10th Grade (ages 16&15)
Nagi ReVamped~Some racy content
Nami the Nymphet~Some racy content
Bloodlines Project~A nifty twist with Nagi's hidden potential
Lucas' Magic Pencil
Blending into the background

11th Grade (ages 17&16)
a very backwards valentine~We've gotta make this sweeter
a very backwards feast~Gotta have something out of the ordinary happen
a very backwards winter holiday series~Gotta ring in the new year somehow
a very backwards Spring Break~Chocolate and no school...what are 4 teens to do?
Lucas and the truth about women
10 things that make you never want to date again
Mistakes Cost Dearly

12th Grade (ages 18&17)
The ole switcharoo~Gotta finish it!
Akira's Magical Pen~Some racy content
magic versus magic~Gotta finish the purse adventure
Nagi's Nickelback obsession~Could use some work
a very backwards halloween~Could be extended
Endless Insomnia~Could be extended
The Background Story
a very backwards fireworks festival~We can definitely make this one more explosive xD
Nami and the long list
The Magic is in the Cards
The space time flux
Backward Snowstorm
Captured by Vampires

(Senior Trip is a def)

College Days
Blood Water and Love II: The Sick Games

Some years later:
Peril in Paradise

Are there any stories we've misplaced?

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2011-11-20 [Ravendust]: well there's a year difference between Akira's pen story and Lucas' magical pencil, Akira's either needs to come before or the reference needs revised at some point lol...

As a point to myself, I'm currently reading Mistakes cost dearly. xP

2011-11-20 [wicked fae mage]: Okay, I see now, it's as if both stories happened before and after one another.

Well, I guess rock paper scissors over it?

2011-11-20 [Ravendust]: lol sounds good to me xP

2011-11-21 [wicked fae mage]: I'll throw scissors

2011-11-22 [Ravendust]: damn, paper... lol

2011-11-22 [wicked fae mage]: Lol okay, so Akira's comes first

2011-11-22 [Ravendust]: lol k

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: So... I'm feeling randomly inspired... reading through and posting some xD

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Aweseome

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: there's a lot of reading to do, I don't think you're watching the pages with their younger adventures though xP

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: I should be. Unless Elftown auto unwatched them for me

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: it might have, I just know they were only showing one watcher

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Which ones if you remember? I just looked through my notes and couldn't find stuff that I say owned but wasn't watching that fit our usual naming scheme featuring either their names or "back" being in the title

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Nevermind. Checked and corrected Elftown's auto unwatch

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Also, it might help us to organize it into potential book form if we pick one definite starting place, and we choose the major stories that we will have directly affect the main storyline and then afterward, we just write whatever we think could or would happen to the characters

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: elftown's auto unwatch?

Sounds good to me

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: I've noticed that if you don't edit or comment on a page for long enough it will unwatch it.

Any clue as to what the important happenings are?

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: not sure yet; damn, how do you change that?

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: I don't think you can other than clicking to watch the page again

2013-04-11 [Ravendust]: yuck...

2013-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah so I went and did that

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