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2005-01-21 20:06:39
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   This is a page deticated to those bad spellers who know it and are proud! we will someday rule the world, and our extream mad skillz at spelling we allow us to comunicate through letters, with great...great...(difficulty) ^_^ I am a badspeller and all who have talked to me, know so! I cant type very well also, that dosent help! people who can spell are rediculas..AH! I dont know how to spell!!! oh, thats the point...good show all!


1. To join just put your name (the link)
2. Show your bad spellers pride!(how ever you feel is likewize)
3.Please advertise this wiki with a banner, and a statement in your discription!! (with a link of course)


Wiki members : Bad Spellers Unite Members

OVER 100 MEMBERS!!!!! <'cheers'>

Clever Spellers Army for those who dont fit in here

YE the CoNfUzZeLd Club for those confuzzeld bad spelelrs^^ whatever that means....

Username (or number or email):


[Dark Necromancer]: that's kool. can i use it occasionally?

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: not really i just confessed my love to this girl (that she already knew of but i didn't no she new) and now i'm trying to avoid her! but i'm fab fabbity fabulous how is ever1 else?!

[Cloudwatcher]: sorry to hear that..maybe she is just as shy as you are about it though O_o  i am ....tired..

[Dark Necromancer]: i liek nachos.

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: nachos sound good right bout now...thnx that's what i'm hoping!

[Dark Necromancer]: *makes nachos* NACHOS!

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *steals a couple*

[Cloudwatcher]: yumm peanutbutter und jelly!!! *munch munch*

[Dark Necromancer]: all y'all can have some nachoes.

[Cloudwatcher]: i will eat my peanutbutter und jelly..booya!

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *takes bite of pb&j as well ...mmmm*rubs stomache* nachos and pb&j!

[Dark Necromancer]: i like it.

[sparda.]: IM BACK

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: got it ! whassup Biches!

[Dark Necromancer]: got what?

[sparda.]: cock

[Dark Necromancer]: okay, thats gross.

[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: i don't no i just started saying that randomly 1 day... very peculiar.

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