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The badgers are those members who toil away in dark rooms with brush and easel to make the colourful and pretty badges you see in many user's houses.


Makers of the Elftown Badges

(Badger Badge by [Calico Tiger] & [Ittai])

The Badge Reward System
Badgers Fan Art


Elftown Badgers

1-9 badges

[Artsieladie] (2)
[Calico Tiger] (4)
[Kaimee] (1)
[nehirwen] (6)
[TheRogue] (7)
[Zab] (7)
10-24 badges

[carmen] (12)
[Yncke] (14)
25-49 badges

[Jitter] (32)
[Ocean Soul] (38)
50-99 badges

[Ittai] (85)
[SilverFire] (61)
100+ badges

[Anonymous] (inventor)
[May-lea] (147)

Collaborative Badges: 156

Total Badges: 416


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2005-06-15 [ugursarac]: i have 6 badges :) i m happy

2005-06-15 [ugursarac]: thx. sunrose

2005-06-15 [ugursarac]: can i ask a question ??? have u got msn? ?

2005-06-15 [Sunrose]: What for? :)

2005-06-15 [Jay Ladlehaus]: no, [Sunrose] doesn't subscribe to messengers. She does all of her internet communications through Elftown and related communities.

2005-06-15 [Sunrose]: lol =P

2005-06-15 [Jay Ladlehaus]: ;)

2005-06-16 [ugursarac]: really?

2005-06-16 [Sunrose]: Aye :)

2005-07-31 [msmajikk]: i wanna make badges! that'd be awesome!

2005-07-31 [Sunrose]: It would be if you'd not break our uploading art rules like you have :)

2005-09-14 [cobi]: is ther a place i can see all the bagdes?

2005-09-14 [Sunrose]: Elftownbadges for all badges at once, Elftown Badges for all badges per artist, The Badge Reward System for all badges and how you can get them ;)

2005-10-24 [sean01]: how do you get a badge

2005-10-24 [Sunrose]: The Badge Reward System for all badges and how you can get them ;)

2005-12-06 [Jitter]: If you need any badger do tell me ^_^ (Looks at boyrbc and decides she's a badge ho)

2005-12-06 [Sunrose]: The badgers we have are first in line though, they also really want to make badges :)

2006-05-23 [Ocean Soul]: Omg the links! I found them now.. omg.. xP

2006-05-23 [Sunrose]: lol :P

2006-06-08 [eyes of frost]: Rachel official is now after a badger badge....*drooling* I love that song...*whines*

2006-06-26 [Erubeus]: I want to be a badger

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