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2005-12-31 12:40:12
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Welcome to the contest to celebrate the beauty of baldness.
Yes, you heard me right.
This is a contest wich you enter with your artwork of the baldy beauties.

I, [Gwendolen], have been obsessed in bald beautimuss ladies for a while now after seeing one amazing piece of bald fairy in Elfwood sometime ago.
That's why I thought this contest would be nice idea to see more breathtaking gorgeus ladies without floating locks of hair. ^-^

The rules are following:  

1. Your entry has to be made ALL by YOU. No traced, copied or stolen art. Also, remember to respect the Uploading art rules .

2. The subjcet is bald person. Duh...

3. All mediums are welcome. So are styles.

4. No PORN. Artistic nudity is okay, but I don't wan't to see any genitals. :P

5. No more than two entry per nose. If you have two noses and can prove it, I'll let you have 3. :P

6. Rules might change in time of helding this competition.

7. Have fun and be creative! We wanna see the gorgeus ladies of your imaginary! ^-^

So, there was the rules. Obey and you'll be just fine.
Though if some entries doesn't fit in this contest in my opinion, I ,[Gwendolen], as the contest keeper , have right to remove it. Of course, in that case you have right to give a new try. ^-^

Winners will be awarded with badges and requests done by moi.
1 place will get you a colored picture with (somesort of) backround (I suck with them XP).
2 place gets colored one and third inked drawing.

<h>Okey, now we are closed! Poll coming soon, just wait a momen tso I can get a hang of how I'm supposed to do it... :P</h>

Put with your entry a number and your house name. Also, put a line to seperate your work from the others.

1. [Elloquay] My bald frogtaur. He's so sweet. *kisses his slimey bald head* XD

2. [Faraday3]

3. [crying_ra2]

This is the 'official' entry, but i hated the way it came out, so to justify why it turned out so horribly, here are just a few more 'bonus' pictures ^.^




3.5 [crying_ra2]
Ok, it said I was allowed 2 entries per nose and *counts his noses* I have one, So I'm allowed to put one more up ^.^;;
The filename for it was simply "bald2" (as opposed to "bald" for the first one ~_^) But I like to call 'er "Bald Jumper" ^.^ (for obvious reasons)

4. [Levoton]

5. [deeterhi] bald punk elf (now bigger and balder)

6. [Dumpysaurus] Background pending, but I figured I'd put it up since the subject is finished.

7. [Kemical Reaxion] Talon

8. [Daisy_Sandybanks]


9. [nokturA]

10. [Go On, Take the Money and Run] BALDY!!! I actually like this picture...she didn't look good with i decided to put a tattoo on her head...@.@

11. [RaeMeg]  Sukoudo, from my "Raven Stones" story that I'm constantly working on. See my house for details about her!

12. [SaNiTY™] Quality made better by [crying_ra2]...thanks...^_^

13. [deeterhi]second entry changed: "me and myself"

14. [AnGeLeYeS O_o] Wow! I finally got around to make a drawing for this contest! *do the wawe* I`m not sure if I like this one tough. She is supposed to have freckles, but they where lost in the resizing. :( PS: I made a new background for it. Didnt like the roses very much. :)

15. [SanSol]

16. [must be loved]

17. [Ittai] - Metal Forged

18. [Yncke]

19. [Khayman] nobody said how old the subject had to be... Stock reference:
Full picture (but blurry):
Close-up (NOT blurry :-p):

20. [Khayman] and for my second entry... when you don't have a second picture of a bald person... male one! :D
Original sketch found here:

21. [Mom]I think he's pretty. =}

22. [werethylacine] Bald is some sort of proud vulnerability, methinks. 16x20, acrylics, canvas board.

23. [Fulgent Eft] Colette. (I hope it's not too late)

If you have any questions or need help, message [Gwendolen].

Username (or number or email):


2004-12-17 [Dumpysaurus]: Yay! Da 3d mastah will possibly enter... eeexcellent. I want to enter, too... marvelous idea for a contest!

2004-12-17 [Dumpysaurus]: Ooohh, and is this the one that inspired the contest?

2004-12-17 [Gwendolen]: Hah, you know me just too well, Jenny... ^-^

2004-12-19 [Dumpysaurus]: Jessica Oyenhart does great work. :D

2004-12-19 [Gwendolen]: She does, doesn't she! ^-^ *goes to drool agen the "Tribal fairy"*

2004-12-19 [Faraday3]: thank you! ^^

2004-12-20 [tihvotti]: Hmm... I was thinking about taking part to this competition...

2004-12-20 [Gwendolen]: I actually hoped that you would... ^.^'

2004-12-26 [Dumpysaurus]: Whoa.... cel-shaded goodness! I rather like it that way, [crying_ra2].

2004-12-26 [crying_ra2]: ^.^;; I like the cell shaded one better too, mebbeh, I'll just try to make another one ^.^() Thankies for keeping the contest open for me, I just ask til next monday, because odds are, if i don't have anything in by then, I won't have any thing else to put in ^.^()

2004-12-27 [Dumpysaurus]: Woooo, new one's nice as well! O_O

2004-12-27 [crying_ra2]: ^.^() Thanky!

2004-12-27 [Gwendolen]: Wow, those are really amazing entries you got there, [crying_ra2]! O.O Whee! ^-^ *wobbles around happily*

2004-12-27 [crying_ra2]: ^.^;; what can I say, I tried??? ^-^()

2004-12-29 [Elloquay]: I wish I could do 3D work, but I'm too busy to take the time to learn properly at the mo. :(

2004-12-29 [crying_ra2]: yea.. I'm just a very sad, and bored person. ^.^() That plus this is what I was doing in high school, INSTEAD of working ^.^( )

2004-12-29 [Dumpysaurus]: Hee hee hee... Hey, mister, what I wanna know is, do you build those people models from scratch? They's incwedibubble!

2004-12-29 [crying_ra2]: No way!! ^.^;;; I could build 'em from scratch, its within my power, just <.<  >.>  it takes too much friggin time!! x.x Those pictures I did in hours, If I were to make my own people, I'd be done like.. next month!!

2004-12-30 [Dumpysaurus]: Crikey! That's why I prefer clay to pixels. e.e

2005-01-05 [Gwendolen]: Mwaha! We finally have Da Official Banner! Meeep! ^-^

2005-01-07 [~Quills*]: Jarlaxle from RA Salvators's books is bald, does he count?

2005-01-08 [Gwendolen]: Weeell, I'm not too pleased of the idea of people entrying with fanart. I know I haven't putted it yet as a rule, but I'm seriosly thinking about it due it's not allowed in so many other contest that I'm familiar with. Also, I'd prefer if the subject is female, but I know several people who would beat me pulp for saying that men can't be beautiful. XP I'd courage you to create an entry ALL by you, meaning that the character is your's too, but if you'd really wish to enter with an picture of Jarlaxle, let's see what we can do, okey? ^-^

2005-01-11 [crying_ra2]: hmmm... makes me wish I had some kinda storyline for the personies I'd created... oh well ^.^()

2005-01-12 [Gwendolen]: Heh, I normally have no idea what's going on when I pick up pencil and start swooshing around with it. But when whatever I've done is done, I normally just start automaticly to fill up with thoughts and ideas what's it's backround. Sometime's it's pretty wierd... o.O'

2005-01-12 [crying_ra2]: o.0 it'd be pretty weird of me to swoosh around a pencil on my laptop.. then it'd be all... *tilts head* colorful, and brokenified..

2005-01-13 [Gwendolen]: Heh, good point. I normally avoid just about everything else but a piece of paper... ^-^'

2005-02-16 [crying_ra2]: <.<  ^.^  >.>  ....we need more people to enter... v.v

2005-02-17 [Gwendolen]: Yesh, we certainly do... u.u' Advertise, people, pretty please!

2005-02-19 [Jenbells]: *bounces around happily* I shall enter!

2005-02-21 [Gwendolen]: ^-^ Yey! *bouncess with Beautifull*

2005-02-21 [crying_ra2]: ^.^;; if that wasn't a proper noun, I'd call you silly!

2005-02-21 [Jenbells]: *blinks and suddenly pulls out two rubber duckys and hands one to ra and the other to Gwendolen* happy birthday! *pops on of them bottle streamer things*

2005-02-21 [crying_ra2]: *tearfully holds up the rubber duck with one hand* This one's for you Ma'!!

2005-02-22 [Jenbells]: *sits down pulling out a live chicken and petting it watching all that goes on* well I can send one to your mother if your that sad about parting with that one

2005-02-23 [jaderii]: o.o I think I'm gonna enter this. X3

2005-02-23 [crying_ra2]: Yaay!! ^.^

2005-02-23 [jaderii]: But I don't know how to draw bald people. XD But I'll try! If the contest isn't closed that is.

2005-02-26 [Jenbells]: damn I know if I'm happy with the results of this bald lady I know I will have to add her to my story *sighs*

2005-02-26 [Gwendolen]: *runs in with great deal of fuss* The contest will be open for a veru long time still, so please enter people when ever you're ready to. I've been very long without a web-access, but I'll be back again tomorrow! ^-^ Yey! *huggles all and dances away with her rubber duck*

2005-03-03 [Levoton]: *enters* ^_^

2005-03-03 [Gwendolen]: ^-^ Very nice entry, [Levoton]!

2005-03-03 [Levoton]: ^_^ Yay!

2005-03-03 [Dumpysaurus]: Oooooh, whatever species that thing is, it's AWESOME! I dig the hands. :D

2005-03-03 [Levoton]: Ahhahaa... XD thank you. (I call them "shino'v"s, just if you're interested... XD)

2005-03-12 [deeterhi]: my baldie is so slutty looking

2005-03-14 [Jenbells]: *Throws a deeterhi and rubberduck that says "skankyish!" on the side and grins* I like your entry its sethy

2005-03-14 [Gwendolen]: Never mind about that, [deeterhi]! She's very beautifull. ^-^ Also, she looks like that she's pretty proud of her looks anyway.. ;)

2005-03-14 [Levoton]: Yeah, I think it's good too! ^_^

2005-03-14 [crying_ra2]: Sorry, but I think she looks kinda slutty too ^.^;;; *gets hit with a carp*

2005-03-14 [Dumpysaurus]: A carp, you say? It could only have been me! *twirls mackeral-chucks*

2005-03-14 [crying_ra2]: o.o meep. *backs away slowly*

2005-03-14 [Gwendolen]: Hey, let's cut the violence into minimum, guys! It's my contest so... err, never mind, keep going, don't really know where that one came from! ^,^' *flips her white stick together*

2005-03-14 [Gwendolen]: Ooooh, that byt the way gives my some reaaallly nifty ideas for bfg contest... Theh heh...

2005-03-14 [crying_ra2]: O.O *widening eyes*

2005-03-15 [Jenbells]: BFG? *ish all confused and serches in her lard blue bag of mysteries for the answer*

2005-03-15 [Gwendolen]: Heh, spamming ain't legal! ^-^ Or is it? O.O

2005-03-15 [crying_ra2]: *looks up from his can of spam with a mouthfull* hmmphf!?

2005-03-16 [Gwendolen]: I gues that it's not then... t.t

2005-03-21 [Jenbells]: it's not illegal unless you report it

2005-03-21 [crying_ra2]: :'(( I dun wanna get reported!!

2005-03-24 [Jenbells]: *blinks* mmmm pixi stix

2005-03-25 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: that new entry is beautiful

2005-03-26 [Dumpysaurus]: Aye, the textures are quite soft and prettyful... watercolor?

2005-03-27 [deeterhi]: yeah, it's my preferred medium next to oil paints

2005-03-28 [crying_ra2]: ohhh... it makes me want to put up the ONE watercolor picture I did ok with ^.^;; I managed to use watercolors, and have them turn out like uhm.. doh.. those one things... uhm... Acrylic! thats it ^.^;; (I redid the picture off of the Onlsaught Magic card "Ixidor")

2005-03-28 [Dumpysaurus]: Oh! You have to start putting this stuff up for the world to see!

2005-03-29 [Gwendolen]: Yey! Another oil-user around too! ^-^

2005-03-29 [deeterhi]: oil paints are so much easier to use because they don't dry so fast

2005-04-01 [Dumpysaurus]: The few artists I've looked into that wrote something on the subject actually found the slow drying-time of oils annoying. Hm, I ought to be brave and try them eventually... >.>

2005-04-01 [Gwendolen]: Yes, it is also a minus-side of them. But still, at least I like them 'cause they give you enough time to make changes, but waitng also can be littla pain sometimes. I'm giving a try with acrylics just now, and boy they dry fast! O.O'' I'm having difficultied with that actuallny when I'm used to oils.

2005-04-01 [Gwendolen]: Oh and do try them sometime, Dumpy! They're fun to mess with. ^-^

2005-04-18 [Paul Doyle]: Bald and beautiful . . . (sort of)

2005-04-18 [Gwendolen]: ´O.O` Wow, Jenny, you just made me speachless... ^-^ She's drop-dead-gorgeus!

2005-04-18 [crying_ra2]: O.O *mouth agape*

2005-04-18 [Dumpysaurus]: Yay! Thank you. Wish she wasn't so grainy... >_<'

2005-04-18 [crying_ra2]: XD You mean its not supposed to be grainy? ^.^;; I would'a thought it was just a 'style' ^^

2005-04-18 [Dumpysaurus]: My pencil coloring always turns out that way, whether I want it to or not. But... I'll call it a style if I can get away with it! XD

2005-04-18 [Gwendolen]: You could easily fool me with it. It looks so nifty. ^-^

2005-04-18 [Yncke]: I like that grainyness a lot. :)

2005-04-18 [crying_ra2]: is it just me, or is she a Vulcan? o.O *stares at hands*

2005-04-19 [Dumpysaurus]: HA! Coincidence, John, I assure you. *snork!*

2005-04-19 [crying_ra2]: ^.^;;; hey at least I didn't start spewing my psychological babble about how she relates to you ^.^

2005-04-19 [Gwendolen]: [deeterhi], is that your second entry or just a detail-shot like [crying_ra2]'s? If you'd wish, you could also post your entry as a bigger version. ^-^ I'd love to see all the details of it. She's very beautifull!

2005-04-19 [crying_ra2]: (oh yea, on a side note, to see meh crappy attempt at non baldedness water color painting, look at my house, and its my second picture down ^.^ )

2005-05-16 [deeterhi]: thanks. yeah, that was a detailed shot.

2005-05-22 [Gwendolen]: O.O* How can this be, two new shiny pieces of art entered and I only just noticed it! *ish ashamed* -.-'

2005-06-03 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: when does this contest close? Wanna know if I hvae the time to make an entry....

2005-06-06 [jaderii]: I never knew how hard it was to draw a completely bald person until I tried entering this contest.. x__x But I'm still trying!.. Yeah, when does it end? 'Cause this may take a while.

2005-06-06 [crying_ra2]: I'd suggest drawing them with light hair first, then guessing where their scalp would be, and removing the hair from there. ....and no, I'm not an Indian *whoops incessantly*

2005-06-07 [jaderii]: That's, like, a billion steps! Brain boggling.. Indian? o.o

2005-06-07 [Gwendolen]: You'll have plenty of time, guys, due the contest takes developement so slowly. :P Contest will close when we will reach 20 entries. I seem to have forgotten to mention it to the crowds... *smacks herself* ^-^'

2005-06-08 [Dumpysaurus]: Whoa, [nokturA]! That is SUCH a beautifully atmospheric painting! The colors and textures... wow. *_*

2005-06-08 [nokturA]: thank you Dumpysaurus. :) It's acrylic painting, my new favorite. And you drawing is my favorite here. :)

2005-06-15 [Go On, Take the Money and Run]: I JUST ENTERED!!!YAY!!!

2005-06-25 [Dumpysaurus]: Ooooh, I like her pose. She is spooky! n_n

2005-06-29 [SaNiTY™]: I dunno if this was asked at all but what's the Dead line to this contest...I plan on entering hopefully tomorrow once my mom loads my drawing onto the computer...

2005-06-30 [jaderii]: The deadline is twenty entries.. ^^

2005-06-30 [SaNiTY™]: okie dokie so I still have time...yay! I did a drawing last night for it..I just need my mum to upload it from her scanner...>.<

2005-06-30 [Go On, Take the Money and Run]: yay...we just need more AWESOME drawings!!

2005-06-30 [RaeMeg]: hmm... my first "Yay, I've entered my first contest" didn't show up... odd. But yay, anyways! And yay to all the other cool entries!

2005-06-30 [Gwendolen]: O.O That's very beautifull entry you got there, [RaeMeg]. Very nice... ^-^ *is happy as a bullfrog for more beautifull baldies*

2005-06-30 [crying_ra2]: we are halfway there! ^.^

2005-06-30 [SaNiTY™]: Man my picture looks so much better if you hold it...not with the picture of the picture I had to take...*Makes a note to remind my mom to get a scanner*

2005-06-30 [crying_ra2]: just try to turn up the resolution on the camera? I don't know if that would help your problem or not  >.>;;

2005-06-30 [SaNiTY™]: Nope not really...I'll try to get it enchanced though...I think I may know the problem...I'll fix it later though...

2005-06-30 [SaNiTY™]: I can't fix it...>.< I don't suppose anyone on here could enhance it for me...?

2005-07-01 [jaderii]: I tried, but it didn't improve much. :/ 

2005-07-01 [SaNiTY™]: thanks for trying...i guess it's fine the way it is...*needs a scanner*

2005-07-01 [RaeMeg]: *hugs her scanner* I'd be lost without one! They are truly wonderous things!

2005-07-01 [RaeMeg]: Thanks for the compliment [Gwendolen]! There's quite a few beautiful baldies hanging out here.

2005-07-01 [jaderii]: I'll still try though. There's got to be something that can help in my lame Adobe. =/

2005-07-01 [crying_ra2]: if you wanted to e-mail me a higher resolution picture of it through e-mail, I could work on it there...?

2005-07-12 [SaNiTY™]: THANKS! ^_^

2005-08-03 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Hey there! :D Just wondering.... When is the deadline for this contest?

2005-08-04 [crying_ra2]: if I remember it was after 20 entries..? <.<;;;

2005-08-04 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Yay! I uploaded a drawing!!!!!

2005-08-04 [SaNiTY™]: eeep I like it Angel ^_^

2005-08-04 [crying_ra2]: o0o0o0o... *rubs teh shiny head*

2005-08-05 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Thanks Clown! :D *yay for multicolored eyeshadow*

2005-08-05 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Well.. Changed the background. :)

2005-08-06 [jaderii]: Nice new entry! :D I so did not give up on making an entry to this contest. I'm just extremely slow now'a days. ;___;

2005-08-12 [crying_ra2]: only 5 more left! Place your entries ^__^

2005-08-13 [jaderii]: NOOO! Don't say that! @.@ I still have to draw my baldy.

2005-08-15 [RaeMeg]: Yay for maple leaves, Angel!! *does the Proud to be Canadian dance* Lovely baldnesses have popped up since I last visited here. Whee! I might do another one, just for kicks.

2005-08-15 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Hehe! Gotta love the leaves! Even tough I`m not a canadian. ;)

2005-08-16 [Gwendolen]: *maniac laugh inserted here* And still more baldies marching in! Gotta love it! I turn my back for a while and new shine entries appear. ^-^

2005-08-25 [must be loved]: i love your punk elf deeterhi

2005-08-25 [Rin]: *sigh* I need to get something up here!!!!!!!!!

2005-08-25 [kitty daemon]: YEY for adria :) its her first contest the little newbie *huggles*

2005-08-25 [must be loved]: thanx

2005-08-26 [Rin]: *explodes* MY BROTHERS BROKE MY SCANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-08-26 [must be loved]: o my gosh...HE'S SO MEAN..( supposed to say he's mean right?)

2005-08-26 [jaderii]: That has got to suck. Majorly. ;-;

2005-08-27 [Rin]: *kills something*

2005-08-29 [crying_ra2]: O.O Someone get a doctor!! *pats a bleeding something on the back* don't you worry.. we'll get you help..... shh... don't speak..

2005-08-29 [Gwendolen]: *calls an ambulance* Now kiddies, no more blood and violence, even though there's naughty bro's wondering around freely! *wawes finger* I'll be gone 'till 18 day, though I might appear back even earlier, and I don't want to start cleaning a mess first thing when I come back. So play nicely, and remember that there's still two open slots in this competition! When they're filled, we'll start the voting! ^-^ Yey! Oh, and [must be loved], that's really neat looking entry! Do you think you could get a little bit better scan of that picture? Also same goes for [SaNiTY™].

2005-08-29 [Gwendolen]: Even though we don't have any stict rules about "quality", it would help people when voting, not to mention you guys getting their votes. ^-^

2005-08-29 [SaNiTY™]: Sadly I can't get any better than it is there..cause I don't have a was a digital picture...[crying_ra2] already attempted to enhance it..and it looks slightly better than it did before...sowwie \/.\/

2005-08-29 [must be loved]: i don't have a scanner...but i can go and like pay for one at kinkos,

2005-08-29 [Gwendolen]: No, no, no! ^-^' Don't get any pressure, sweeties! I like both entries very much even like this, though I think it's pity that we can't get a better wiew of their details. But I know how it is, I don't know how I could ever agen cope without my precious scanner/printer combo! *crawls under her computer desk to huggle her scanner* <3 But like I said, if we can't help it, the entries are just fine like that then! ^-^ *nod nod*

2005-08-29 [SaNiTY™]: Okie cool...I might be doing another entry..but I'm not quite sure...I need the inspiration...

2005-08-29 [Gwendolen]: Oh, then I suggest popping at and surfing around randonly. ;) That's what I'm going to do now, I'll be needing loads, not tons! of inspiration for the next two weeks... Trust me, it allways helps me out. ^-^

2005-08-29 [SaNiTY™]: I..can never find my way around there...I'm even a member there..I just don't know how to work i don't bother with it anymore...>.<

2005-08-30 [must be loved]: well i'll try to take another pic of it ne ways...also i just talked to my friend , she said she might have a scanner for me

2005-08-30 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Good!!! :D Hope to see u`r entry soon!

2005-09-01 [must be loved]: im in a drawng mood...wut to draw...NOTHING COMES TO MIND...i need insperation!

2005-09-01 [crying_ra2]: *points up..?*

2005-09-08 [crying_ra2]: XD Reminds me of Starcraft " *beep-beep* Adjutant online. Greetings commander. "

2005-09-10 [must be loved]: the new one looks like a borg from the old star treks

2005-09-16 [RaeMeg]: When is the contest closing? I can't seem to remember, and for some reason it seemed very important for me to know a moment ago. 0_o'''

2005-09-16 [Kemical Reaxion]: I think it's supposed to end when there are 20 entries. It's getting close!

2005-09-16 [crying_ra2]: *dances out a window* hey Nonny-nonny!

2005-09-17 [must be loved]: I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO END!!!

2005-09-17 [must be loved]: im putting up a better img. of my picture!! YAY!

2005-09-22 [crying_ra2]: I'll be glad when we can finally vote on this'n =D 2 more slots!

2005-09-22 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: Wooot! I`m liking the new entry!!! :D

2005-09-22 [crying_ra2]: Ontop of that, I do believe that is the first MALE entry!

2005-09-23 [Dumpysaurus]: Ain't the frogtaur a bloke? *points at description*

2005-09-23 [Dumpysaurus]: *points also at Johnny's Simpsons reference*

2005-09-23 [Gwendolen]: *wiggles her toe of exitement* 18 th slot taken, so I think we'll be finishing soon! ^-^

2005-09-23 [crying_ra2]: O.O Sweet merciful Macgillicutty, someone got it! *burys Simpsons reference with the rest of them*

2005-09-30 [iippo]: To get mroe attention to the contest, add it in mc. Oh and what's the deadline?

2005-10-02 [AnGeLeYeS O_o]: it stops at 20 entrys

2005-10-27 [Khayman]: entered mine :p not sure if it technically qualifies, but hey, there was no age limit, so I figured may as well give it a shot, eh? >.> I'd enter a 2nd for that 20th slot, but I guess I'm too big a fan of long flowing hair; my only other bald person is a picture that's years old :-/

2005-10-28 [Khayman]: ta-daa, took a very very old sketch and colored in photoshop.

2005-10-28 [crying_ra2]: O.O ...omg... its at 20!

2005-10-28 [SaNiTY™]: O.O OMG!! YES!

2005-10-28 [crying_ra2]: Gwenny... *poke poke prod* Poll it up..?

2005-11-20 [must be loved]: whens the poll comming?

2005-11-30 [tigerwitch]: ahhh [Mom]'s Vin Deisel is cool, heck Vin Deisel is cool *sheepish almost embarassed look*

2005-11-30 [Khayman]: whoo, vin deisel!!! :D

2005-12-02 [iippo]: In-VIN-cible!!!!! XD XD

2005-12-02 [crying_ra2]: How does someone get a name of "Vin" ... o__o

2005-12-02 [Dumpysaurus]: Short for Vinegar Smith McFlannerty O'Larson the III? *wants a name with Roman numerals*

2005-12-02 [crying_ra2]: I want a name people mispronounce three times in a row, then give up, repeating it as if it were a question. =D

2005-12-03 [deeterhi]: loverly new entry

2005-12-03 [The Hidden Happiness]: can i still participate?

2005-12-04 [iippo]: cryin_ra, you can have my name - blimey it's been a curse here in England. The English-speakers are famous for taking any word from any language and pronouncing it completely wrong. What is so hard to understand that the pressure is on the first syllable and you roll the R like Scots do?

2005-12-06 [Evercursed]: Darn. Looks like I should participate in the next contest, whichever one that happens to be.

2005-12-07 [Noxme]: yeah i'm too late as well, next one it shall be as well...good luck everyone!

2005-12-11 [must be loved]: WHEN IS IT GUNNA B UP FOR VOTES???

2005-12-12 [Levoton]: Gwendolen has been away a lot, so we can't know. :/

2005-12-12 [crying_ra2]: I asked teh dumpeh to tell Gwenny, she said she did, and that's the extent of what I know </intelligent>

2005-12-17 [Gwendolen]: Jösses! O.O' We're loaded.... I'm really sorry guys, I havevn't been on Elftown for ages and I actually forget the whole contest for a while because of the other stuff that kept happenin to me lately. ^^' I'll start working on the poll tomorrow. Untill then, if there's still someone wanting to participate, go ahead. ^^ *goes to the corner to shame herself*

2005-12-19 [crying_ra2]: 0o0o0o... she lives!

2005-12-31 [Levoton]: Where is the poll going to be?

2006-02-17 [Elloquay]: Wow. There's a lot of good submissions for this. :D

2006-03-09 [Kemical Reaxion]: Hello? Is there ever going to be a poll up for this one?

2006-03-09 [crying_ra2]: Hiya! =D

2006-03-23 [must be loved]: is the poll just not going to ever happen...

2006-04-25 [must be loved]: This is the worst poll ever. it has been forever, we were all really excited when it started...but is it just never going to happen? UGH!

2006-04-25 [crying_ra2]: Oh come now, there've been worse polls before.

2006-04-25 [iippo]: How can it be the worst poll if it doesn't exist?

2006-04-25 [crying_ra2]: Magic..?

2006-04-25 [iippo]: Of course, someone could consider messaging the owner of the page, considering that s/he seems not be checking the comments of this page.

2006-04-25 [crying_ra2]: I did a long while ago, Gwenneh's living with Jenny in southern california, what, you want her number so you can call and bug her..?

2006-04-25 [iippo]: By someone I don't mean myself, because I don't really care who wins. But people keep commenting after the poll when the owner clearly isn't checking the comments. *shrugs* The art contest crew could wrap this contest up, that's kind of what they do.

2006-06-12 [kittykittykitty]: Please everybody go to Bald Beauties Contest Voting to vote! The contest is (finally) coming to a close with the help of the art contest crew :)

2006-06-12 [Levoton]: Ah, finally! ><

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]:

Ok.... we have enough votes on Bald Beauties Contest Voting I guess. There are two winners, as both entries recieved six votes as of 27th February 2007:

Close second-place with 5 votes is the following entry:

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered and voted.
~On behalf of the Art Contest Crew

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