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Selena sighed, but she got in the car and buckled up.

Vala got back into her truck, her eyes not missing a beat. Turning the engine, she waited until one of them took the lead. What the hell am I doin?

"To the tunnel then." DEvlin sighs putting on his helmet and gettingon his bike starting it up waiting for Mr. Estidny.

The same thing the rest of us are. We all got sucked into this the same way. Selena replyed to Val

Estidny looked around and nodded then got on the bike and tapped Devlin on the shoulder, "Let's go."

Putting the truck in Drive, Vala slowly pulled out behind Devlin.

"Yeah old man I'm going." Devlin mutters, speeding up so he was going the right speed.

Chance pulled out behind the others, keeping an even speed with them. "So whats up?" He could tell something was bothering Selena.

"This whole thing is too much for me. I want to go back to my normal life, but I know I just need to do this. Its just stressing. Not to mention I dont really trust them yet. I dont know if I can. I am scared more than anything." Selena said and started to cry silently.

Vala didn't reply. She kept her mind silent.

Once at the tunnel Devlin waits for further instructions.

As everyone pulls to a stop Estidny gets off the bike. "Wait here for a second if you would be so kind." Looking to make sure no one is in the tunnel with them, Estidny turns and begins walking, the darkness swallowing his slight form.

Vala arches a brow, shifting into Park, she wonders silently to herself what is going on. Leaning forward, resting her arms on the steering wheel, then resting her chin on her arms, she waits.

Devling takes off his helmet adn turns off his bike sitting back on it still.

Chance sat and wondered what kind of game this old man was trying to play. He shrugged and shut the car off.

Selena watched the old man intently. Then her glaze turned to the others. I am going to have to get along with people I don't know. Sounds like middle school all over again. She thought to her self.

As they all watched a square of light appeared in the wall, Estidny emerging shortly after. "This is your new base. Park your cars at the entrance in the maintenance lot." He said this to each person in turn while handing them special parking permits. "Then meet me back here."

Chance took the parking ticket and put it on the rearview mirror and then turned the car around and went to the parking lot.

Selena was quite while they parked the car. She was looking at her new enviroment.

Devlin takes the ticket and put it in his pocket parking his bike and throwing a tarp over it and in the bungee cord putting the ticket before walking back over.

Following the others examples, Vala places the ticket on the right side of the dash, after parking her truck. Grabbing her hoodie she pocketed her keys then locked up. Brushing back her hair, she silently waited.

Selena opened her door and grabed her cell before getting out. As she steped out she saw the others doing the same. She closed her door and went around the back of the car to wait for Chance.

Devlin sits on the ground leaning against the wall. he looked bored.

Chance got out and locked the doors then went and stood at the back of the car with Selena. After a couple of seconds, with no one moving towards the tunnel, he started walking, "Guess we should get back to him..."

Wonderful, following a strange man into a wierd building. Wonderful. Vala followed Chance's lead.

DEvlin gets up and walks behind everyone hands in his pockets still looking bored.

Selena followed right beside Chance. She was nervous and everyone could tell. She sliped her hand into Chance's for a bit of comfort.

Chance looked over and gave her a reassuring smile as they walked. It took nearly five minutes to get back to where Estidny still stood, giving him time to think. If this dude is some kind of psycho freak, I'll kill him...

Estidny smiled and ushered everyone through the doorway, which was followed by short hallways and another door. He stepped to the front of the others and pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, revealing a darkness beyond. "I have a suprise for you all, please step through and after everyone is in I will turn on the lights."

"IF this is some kind of trick Mr. Estidny...Be warned." Devlin says walking into the blackness ahead of him first. he spoke nonchalant and walked in still as if he was bored.

Vala slipped her hoodie over her head, then straightened it. She kept following until Mr.Estidy ushered them to a stop, then he opened a door that lead into a room, but the lights weren't on. Another creepy room. Why can't I stay away from those?

Selena stopped outside the door she looked into it and almost began to cry. She didnt like dark rooms, she didnt like the dark in general. She squeezed Chance's hand and pulled him closer to her. However she was still paralized with fear.

Catching sight of Selena's movement, Vala sensed her fear. Taking a deep breath, she moved, the first into the dark room. She didn't hesitate as she crossed the threshold. Darkness envloped her.

Selena watched as Vala steped into the room as she walked threw the doorway and took about two more steps the darkness consumed her. This scared Selena so much more she began to have tears form in her eyes. She tried to blink them away and held tighter to Chance.

Devlin stood somewhere deeper inside in the darkness and merely stands there trying to feel out what was going to happen. use his other sences.

Chance gave Selena's hand a quick squeeze then stepped into the room.

Estidny looked at Selena. "Trust me my dear, there is nothing to fear in that room or from me. It is merely a surprise that I would like to keep to myself until the very second I turn the lights on."

Vala felt almost at home in the darkness. She felt her whole body relax. Thank you....

Selena started to cry. "I .. I just hate the dark." She said in a very week voice. "Promise as soon as I step in you turn on the lights?" She looked back at the door of darkness and couldn't even see Chance, Vala or Devlin. Then she turned back to Mr. Estidny.

Estidny scratched his chin, "Can you wait until I say one sentance? It really took me awhile to get this together... and I had a speech lined up... But can you stand one sentance of darkness?"

"I .. I.." Selena began to studder out. She took a deep breath and called out, "Chance will you please come out of there for a moment and.. and be by myside. I would feel better." She turned to Estidny and said. "I'm sorry about this but there are things in my past that cause me to be this.. umm.. scared about the dark. I would be okay if Chance came back out and we .. umm went in together." She still had a few trickel of tears running down her cheeks.

You're such a wuss, Selena. Can't even conquer a childish fear of the dark.. Not even after all this time..

Vala reached out to Selena's mind.  Tis fine Selena. It's okay. I'll find the light switch."

"That's fine with me." He waited patiently while Chance came back out and took Selena's hand and led her into the room, then stepped in after them, "This will probably be the only safe place for any of you in the time ahead, so I hope you enjoy." Soft light chased away the darkness as he flicked a switch, revealing a room the size of a small department store.

Chance could only stare at first. Hanging from the walls were oriental style rugs and cushions scattered about a low table in the center. Off of the main room there were three other rooms, these still darkened at the moment. Off to his right, against the wall, there was a home entertainment system big enough to make the one he had a home look like a joke, and as he looked around the room again he noticed speakers hanging from each corner of the room.

Selena was amazed when the lights were turned on. She never expected anything like this. "Wow." She walked around the room looking at the walls, the cushions, and the entertainment center. She noticed the three door and went to open them. In the first room she found the light switch turned it and it reviled a room similiar to the one just behind her. It had a sitting area, a entertainment center of course it was smaaller tehn the one in the main room, and it had a bed all contained in the dark red walls. She was mearley impressed. She turned off the lights and closed that door. She move to the next. After opening the door and turning on the lights she steped inside. It was a darker color room looked to be dark dark blue or black. She just assumed it was black. As like the first room there was a bed, an entertainment center and a sitting area. She turned off the light and closed the door and entered the tird room with light. This room was a light blue color. It made her feel safe. It fit her very well. As with all the other room it had the same furninshings. However she noticed a door. She didnt know every room had this same door in the same place. She walked over to it and opened it then turned on the lights. It was a golden bathroom. Much of like her parents masterbathroom. However this was much much better. It had an extravient shower, a worldpool bathtub, sinks, and a television that swivled so you could watch no matter where you were. Selena sat down on the cushion thing in the middle. She didnt know what to say and even if she could she couldnt express words for how it made her feel.

Vala found the switch just as Estidy flipped it. She turned her head, looking over her shoulder. Her eyes widened. Never had she seen such an extravegant room. "My gods..." she whispered. She began to walk around the room taking in everthing. She did notice the three doors, she assumed that it led to bedrooms, but there were four people. Vala pushed that to the back of her mind, that could be dealt with later.

Devlin clenches his jaw. "whats the point of all this Estidny. why huge everything? It's not even a house. no kitchen. no dinning room. just a giant living room. with a big tv and speakers. no chairs no couches. why all the secrecy for this you steal it or something?" Devlin asks leaning against the wall frowning slightly. Hands still in his pockets one leg and foot on the wall as well. Devlin didn't like it. it was to much like a place to keep people. somewhere to hold them when you want them out of the way of the world. like a giant cage.

Estidny chuckled, "As usual Devlin... You talk before you've seen everything." He moved to the entertainment center and pushed a button that the others hadn't seen, making a tapestry on the far side of the room and the wall behind it slide up. As a light flickered on an elevator came into veiw. Estidny walked over and stepped onto it, motioning for the others to follow.

Chance looked at the others and shrugged before following him.

"Great more surprises" whispered Vala to herself as she moved towards the elevator.

Devlin groans softly and rolls his eyes before getting on the elevator and leaning against the side.

Selena hadnt moved for at least five minutes. She wasnt aware of the others all she wanted to do was to take a bath in that tub.

"Oh for the love of all things holy." Devlin groans walking out grabbing Selena by the arm. "Snap out of it girl!" he says tugging it but not hard at all.

Vala was stepping in a Devlin was stepping out, they just barely brushed shoulders. She shrugged it off, and stood at the back of the elevator.

"Let go of me. You.. you.. LET go." she pulled her arm away. "You dont know me dont fucking grab me and pull me. You could have asked me nicely instead of just fucking grabing." Selena almost yelled at him. She walked ahead of him and looked at the elevator. She steped inside the elevator between Chance and Vala looking really pissed.

DEvlin rolls his eyes and gets in standing by Estidny with Vala on his other side somewhat. he puts his hands in his pocket once more.

Vala hid her smirk very well. Selena was acting like a brat, Devlin was a jackass,but she would give them a chance no matter what they threw at her or any of them. Chance and Estidny were still a mystery.

Estidny looked impatient as he waited for the others to board the elevator. As Devlin returned he began explaining the floors. "The first floor is a dormitory as most of you probably noticed, as is the second and third floors. There are three rooms on the first floor, and four on the next two." Estidny looked over to Devlin before continuing, "The fourth floor is a kitchen and dining area," He looked back to the buttons, "and my favorite, the fifth, is another you shall have to see for yourself." He punched the fifth button and stood still for about twenty seconds, enjoying the silence. As the door opened he motioned them all onwards.

Chance, not in the least frightened of the dark room or Estidny, stepped once again into the darkness after taking Selena's hand.

Selena followed silently this time as they stepped into the darkness.

Vala stepped foward after Chance and Selena. She felt a chill run down her spine, she pulled the sleeves down, covering her hands, she then crossed her arms over her chest. "So we can take any room we want?"

DEvlin walks in last, nonchalant expression blank. he felt foolish now so he figured shutting up would save the last of his face.

Estidny, even though the others couldn't see it, had a proud smile on his face. "This floor is unlike anything you have ever personally seen. It is the main reason this place is here other than a safehouse." He fumbled at a console for a second before finding the power switch and flicked it with a personal flourish. "This my friends, is your base of operations."

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2006-07-22 [~Acidelf3~]: okay first val needs to post to what i just said to her.. apprently we have a new page because chance cna load the old one.. bull shit..

2006-07-24 [Tekkon KinKreet]: yah... i didnt say i couldn't load it, i said it took forever to load. and you don't need to get shitty.

2006-07-25 [~Acidelf3~]: lol you know im just givin you a hard time because i llike you.. lol

2006-08-30 [~Acidelf3~]: Chance.... i love u

2006-09-01 [~Acidelf3~]: wow.. i almost really started crying cause of the dark.... i hate the dark..

2006-09-04 [Artsy]: why?

2006-09-04 [Tekkon KinKreet]: everyone else can add their own little parts to it... the room that is... i just got the basics...

2006-09-04 [~Acidelf3~]: cause.. i just.. i hate darkness... like pitch black darkness.. im okay if there is like room to see whats around you but if its like compleatly black and you cant even tell wehre you are.. uh huh.. thats scarry

2006-09-04 [~Acidelf3~]: ive always been like that.. like if someone is with me to hold me that i trust im not so bad thats why i had chance come back out cause selena trusts him.. and like plus im playing selena much like myself however shes a bit more of a prep.. okay she is a prep.. now i knwo she seems verry stuck up but guys if you just let her warm up to you shes not like that at all so just give her time i know it looks as though shes a bitch and trust me she can be just give me time to get it in where she understands you all.. okay???

2006-09-04 [Prater]: Okay...I'm playing Vala must like myself as well, so I'm giving Selena a chance

2006-09-05 [~Acidelf3~]: awesome

2006-09-07 [Tekkon KinKreet]: Yay! I'm a mystery... that's a new one... :p

2006-09-09 [~Acidelf3~]: i think a bitch for selena would be a more .. umm.. describing term. lol

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