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Roses are red...violets are blue....honey is sweet..

This wiki is dedicated to the holiday 'Valentine’s Day', a day that I associate not just with romance but also friendship, so here is your chance to tell the ones you loves, well that you love them. All you need do is fill out the form below and send to me, I shall add it to a private wiki then on Valentine’s day me and my lovely little cupids shall send it out to the person of your desire. Think of it like an online valentine’s day card, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of valentines you can said and feel free to write whatever you like.

Also special love is given to those who send [Rice] or any of her little Cupids a Valentine ;D

TO: (Insert desired username)

Add your valentines days feelings here!

FROM: (Your username or you can leave it anonymous)

Super Secret Wiki Of Love

OWNER: [Rice] and her arrow of love, prepare to be SHOT!

Little Cupids:

[~Crimson Angel~]

[Alexi Ice]

All Valentines shall be sent out on February the 14th, I shall stop taking Valentines to send on the 13th so get them in quickly ducklings!
Invite all your friends so we can send the love, also if you wish to help out and be one of my special little cupids then send me a message.


Username (or number or email):


2011-02-07 [Alexi Ice]: <3 I'm still here

2011-02-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: *pops in with a bow and heart shaped arrows* I'M STILL ONE!

2011-02-14 [Rice]:

Valentines are being sent out. <3

2011-02-15 [Alexi Ice]: Next year we need to be sure to write 'Sent through be my valentine. Don't shoot the messanger.' or something. Lol, most people are confused by them ~

2011-02-16 [Rice]: That's a good idea. I got atleast 3 'what is this?' messages.

2011-02-16 [Fallen Child Athena]: I didnt get nuffin :(

2011-02-16 [Alexi Ice]: Yeah, me too....Lol. Live and learn, I suppose.

2011-02-17 [Fallen Child Athena]: awwww :( wELL i LUFF CHU!

2011-02-18 [twitchboy]: Why thanks guys! <3 for who ever my secret valentines were

2011-02-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: And whoever mine was thanks. lol

2011-02-20 [Alexi Ice]: That would be me for both

2013-04-29 [Fallen Child Athena]: Dead O.O

2013-04-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: So dead. lol

2013-04-29 [Fallen Child Athena]: It sucks Dx

2013-04-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: It does.

2013-05-02 [yamisango]: hello

2014-09-02 [Sagacious Turkey]: Even more dead now.

2014-10-08 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: hi!!!

2014-10-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: HEY. This wiki is dead, have some respect for the deceased! *angrily kicks a tombstone*

2014-10-09 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: :(

2014-10-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: Don't you frown at me with that face!

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