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Beavis and Butthead experience

I thought it was about time these idiots had a wiki just to display the wonder of Beavis and Butthead.

If you don't know who Beavis and Butthead are...join anyway and you'll be educated in the way of Cornholio

 Use this as a banner for now. Hopefully in time I can make better one or somebody else could do it for me.

b&b banners



1. [duckofdoom]
2. [tuff ghost] Heh heh heh
3. [Miss.Kayree]
4. [Account No Longer Active] Bow down to the Almighty Bunghole.
5. [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]
6. [princess_ of _darkness]Lets be random!!!
7. [SlightlySpiked] I am Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
8. [inuhime] Random

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2006-05-22 [tuff ghost]: Mine too.

2006-05-22 [Account No Longer Active]: It only bothers me when he talks about prophecies. He's obssesed. And it's scary.

2006-05-22 [tuff ghost]: Tsh! mine doesn't go that far.

2006-05-22 [princess_ of _darkness]: my parents say itz critizizing the bible and the christian comunty.... so im not aloud to see it which sux but the book was awsome...

2006-05-22 [lordjoesnow]: o

2006-05-22 [tuff ghost]: w

2006-05-22 [lordjoesnow]: l

2006-05-22 [tuff ghost]: s

2006-05-22 [lordjoesnow]: have

2006-05-23 [Account No Longer Active]: I'm trying to make a bargain with my dad. If he lets me read The DaVinci Code, I promised I'd read the book going against it. He's still thinking.

2006-05-23 [princess_ of _darkness]: just read it behind his back... wait flash back... dont take my advice you'll for sure get in trouble...

2006-05-23 [lordjoesnow]: dont read the davinci code, waste of time, rots ur brain, makes ur dead phycotic and also its crap cos its crapply been merchandised in such a way that its crap and useless and crap!

2006-05-24 [tuff ghost]: ......................................... I think i might possibly hate you.

2006-05-24 [princess_ of _darkness]: you lot me so bad!!!

2006-05-25 [lordjoesnow]: hahahahahahaha

2006-05-25 [Account No Longer Active]: I failed my dang driving test, in case anyone cares to know. I cried.

2006-05-25 [princess_ of _darkness]: im sorry

2006-05-25 [tuff ghost]: I would cry too. Cos automotive freedom is wot i crave most.

2006-05-26 [lordjoesnow]: ahwww how did u fail?>

2006-05-26 [Account No Longer Active]: It's pretty stupid, if you ask me. I waited until the dotted lines started to turn into the turning lane, which is what the LAW says you're supposed to do. Well, it wasn't enough room for me to turn, so I blocked traffic for a second. So, basically by following the law of turning on a roadway, I screwed myself over.

2006-05-29 [princess_ of _darkness]: that sucks im sorry you should of told your instructer to let you pass or you rip his/ or her ballz off...

2006-06-02 [lordjoesnow]: lol, i dont think that would work somehow

2006-06-02 [princess_ of _darkness]: maybe it would... lol i dont know

2006-06-02 [lordjoesnow]: try it and see

2006-06-02 [princess_ of _darkness]: ... i am in detention enough...

2006-06-02 [lordjoesnow]: LOL

2006-06-02 [Account No Longer Active]: This lady was reallly big...I don't think I would've been able to find her balls.

2006-06-02 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol damn thats mean but funny!!!

2006-06-04 [lordjoesnow]: just wedgie her then:P

2006-06-04 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol :falls over laughing:!!!

2006-06-05 [lordjoesnow]: no she will scream, not laugh

2006-06-06 [tuff ghost]: i just found a way to record all beavis and buttheads ever aired.

2006-06-06 [Account No Longer Active]: How's that?

2006-06-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: seriously... how?

2006-06-06 [lordjoesnow]: its called a video recorder...and what you do is you put in a vhs, and hit record

2006-06-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: smart ass...

2006-06-06 [Account No Longer Active]: ......Oh... o.O

2006-06-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: :P

2006-06-06 [Account No Longer Active]: o.o O.o o.o  o.O  o.o O.O   I really like Flexi-Eyes

2006-06-07 [tuff ghost]: Ljs, you're lying. It takes skill with T-Vo. Butt-knocker

2006-06-07 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol

2006-06-08 [lordjoesnow]: do u get all bevis and buttthead episodes?

2006-06-08 [princess_ of _darkness]: u said u new how... IM SO LOST!!!

2006-06-08 [tuff ghost]: like t-vo. I just magically forced it to record each b&bh that plays.

2006-06-09 [lordjoesnow]: so i got it right? wow thats amaizing!

2006-06-09 [tuff ghost]: Wrong! dillhole. No tape involved. I go high tech

2006-06-10 [Account No Longer Active]: How's that? Memory chip implanted in your brain?

2006-06-10 [princess_ of _darkness]: i got one of those things that you can stop movies and then skip comercials and record stuff its called a DVR i think its so AWESOME i like bugging my brothers with it all i do is play with the buttons... maybe thats why they threw me if the belcony in to the poll... :thinks:

2006-06-10 [tuff ghost]: Neat, man. I piss my brother off wwith it too

2006-06-11 [lordjoesnow]: haha, we have 2 sky contorls, and 2 sensors in the house, battling over what we're watching

2006-06-15 [duckofdoom]: woah..i'm so old school...I just use the vcr. hahah

2006-06-15 [tuff ghost]: Ha. Loser.

2006-06-23 [lordjoesnow]: loser face:P is right

2006-07-06 [duckofdoom]: like I can afford all that stuff way..

2006-07-06 [tuff ghost]: Hey, i haven't seen you in years...

2006-07-06 [duckofdoom]: hehe yeah I know..I've been doing the college thing of learning...haha how's it going?

2006-07-07 [tuff ghost]: I've made a decision. A very philisophical one, I'd say.

2006-07-07 [lordjoesnow]: oh dear

2006-07-08 [duckofdoom]: ooh do share this philosophical decision...

2006-07-08 [lordjoesnow]: yes it may save us all:D

2006-07-09 [tuff ghost]: I can't remember it, exactly.

2006-07-09 [tuff ghost]: BUT! Mark my words... Just... mark them somewhere.

2006-07-09 [duckofdoom]: want to hear my amazing breakthrough then...walkman don't really walk..I know I was as shocked as you are right now..those corporate advertising lying bastards!!! :P :P :P

2006-07-10 [tuff ghost]: They're way better than those demonic spawns... iPods... I hold only contempt for those evil... bad... things...

2006-07-10 [duckofdoom]: no way i'm going to buy an ipod..especially when i can get a 20 gb mp3 for cheaper than an ipod... yes lets get some pitchforks and sharp things and kill them all!!!

2006-07-10 [lordjoesnow]: mines a zen micro. is that acceptable?

2006-07-11 [Account No Longer Active]: I'm in love with my iPod mini. But my dad just got a Zen Micro, and it holds four thousand songs. It cost as much as my iPod which only holds one thousand. I think I'm going to "break" my iPod and get a Zen.

2006-07-11 [tuff ghost]: ... loser... And most little things that are bad are mostly comparable to iPods... like... mp3s.... I'm sticking to my oldfashioned walkman.

2006-07-11 [duckofdoom]: I've got too many cds to be carrying my discman around anymore..sometimes it's just easier with an mp3...yeah those creative zen ones are great...and here they sell them for cheaper then ipod.

2006-07-11 [lordjoesnow]: yeh ut my one bugs up my ear phones alot!

2006-07-12 [tuff ghost]: Whaaaat?! I can't stand this 1337 5p3ak madness. Actually, it's not that bad. I'm just an ass.

2006-07-14 [lordjoesnow]: lol it was just a typo ut means but cos my 'b' dosnt always work lol:P

2006-07-14 [tuff ghost]: One time my space bar died. I nearly died. I had to use -'s

2006-07-15 [Miss.Kayree]: my A doesn't work well.. just on the lappy though.

2006-07-15 [tuff ghost]: I have an "Oh, shit" button.

2006-07-15 [duckofdoom]: I want one of those buttons...followed by a "yes, you are a wanker"...we all could all do with one of those...okay I'm bored

2006-07-15 [lordjoesnow]: wow thats well cool! it cud easily replace the 'Esc' button cos that dosnt do anything anymore

2006-07-15 [tuff ghost]: Yeh, cept mine's where the windows icon is, cos I had no idea what that did.

2006-07-20 [lordjoesnow]: thats a beautiful button...the only button with a picture

2006-07-20 [tuff ghost]: Depends. Take shift, for example. On my lovely new keyboard, it has a nice little arrow. <=

2006-07-22 [duckofdoom]: I've got a weird has a page and an arrow pointing to it..hmmm

2006-07-22 [Account No Longer Active]: I have that button to. I'm afraid to press it though. Oh, ok. I pressed it. Nothing to worry about. It only makes aliens come alive.

2006-07-23 [tuff ghost]: wholly smokes. How wholesome. Wholly magnificent.

2006-07-24 [duckofdoom]: oh well if it only does that *presses the button*

2006-07-25 [tuff ghost]: ... did they rape you too?

2006-07-25 [Account No Longer Active]: did not.

2006-07-26 [tuff ghost]: Oh. Well. Me niether. <.<

2006-07-26 [Miss.Kayree]: I have a star button on mine :)

2006-07-26 [tuff ghost]: You have been smiled upon.

2006-07-26 [Miss.Kayree]: It's true. Smileys make the world go round.

2006-07-27 [tuff ghost]: Is it not already round?

2006-07-27 [Miss.Kayree]: Nope. It's cubic.

2006-07-28 [tuff ghost]: Oh, right. Where was my brain on that one?

2006-07-28 [Miss.Kayree]: On holiday?

2006-07-28 [tuff ghost]: Well. More like a paid leave.

2006-07-29 [duckofdoom]: your brain was paid to leave it's own body? should that be considered as an insult? :P

2006-07-29 [tuff ghost]: Not unless it was paid by.... a national brain studying institute of the gifted...

2006-07-29 [duckofdoom]: ooooh well that changes everything. how's it going?

2006-07-29 [tuff ghost]: Rather amazingly. Yourself?

2006-07-29 [duckofdoom]: swimmingly. you never hear that much anymore...swimmingly..oh well

2006-07-29 [tuff ghost]: Ah, yes. I believe the origin of the word is... mayan?

2006-07-29 [duckofdoom]: mayan..nah they made the word cornchips.. must be one of those landlocked countries..I'm thinking Switzerland

2006-07-29 [tuff ghost]: Or... Mongolia. That is quite landlocked.

2006-07-29 [duckofdoom]: true...lloks like somebody was awake during geography..or you happen to be a human atlas :S hmmm

2006-07-30 [tuff ghost]: I just enjoy my star trek.

2006-07-30 [Miss.Kayree]: Iowa's pretty land-locked too.

2006-08-06 [lordjoesnow]: oh i have the arrow on the shift key too...and an arrow pointing at a page...u press it and it right clicks my magic!!

2006-08-06 [Miss.Kayree]: Whoa! I have arrows on my shift keys too.. and a little flower-like thinger on my ctrl key.

2006-08-07 [tuff ghost]: Ah, that's foolish.

2006-08-07 [Miss.Kayree]: Why foolish?

2006-08-08 [tuff ghost]: yo mama chico. that's why.

2006-08-08 [lordjoesnow]: u betta recognise foo

2006-08-08 [Miss.Kayree]: back off ma grill, son.

2006-08-12 [lordjoesnow]: *4 clicks in air* ummmmhm!

2006-08-12 [Miss.Kayree]: *break dances*

2006-08-12 [tuff ghost]: :0 Look how long I abstained from commenting!

2006-08-12 [Miss.Kayree]: abstinance is key.

2006-08-12 [tuff ghost]: gosh, no.

2006-08-12 [Miss.Kayree]: Hahahaha

2006-08-12 [tuff ghost]: -joins in- hahahahahaha


2006-08-12 [Miss.Kayree]: Yeah. I'm wayyyy ADD right now..

2006-08-13 [lordjoesnow]: i diont get it 5 days?

2006-08-13 [princess_ of _darkness]: hello

2006-08-13 [Miss.Kayree]: Hhhmmm.. heya :)

2006-08-14 [lordjoesnow]: *waves madly*

2006-08-14 [Miss.Kayree]: Hmm... lunch time!!

2006-08-15 [lordjoesnow]: Hmm... phone time!!

2006-08-15 [Miss.Kayree]: Peanut butter jelly time!

2006-08-16 [tuff ghost]: I might go make myself one.

2006-08-16 [Miss.Kayree]: Good idea. =) I haven't had PB&J in a long time.

2006-08-17 [tuff ghost]: They're actually pretty nasty, that's why.
I do believe that I've grown out of the taste.

2006-08-17 [Miss.Kayree]: *gasp* I could never.

2006-08-23 [princess_ of _darkness]: they r good btu banana and peanut butter is good too so is hunny and peanut butter

2006-08-23 [Miss.Kayree]: honey and peanut butter is AMAZING. toasted is best though.

2006-08-24 [tuff ghost]: my toaster is rocking in peace. -wipes teary eye-

2006-08-25 [lordjoesnow]: someone told me a bout peanut butter and pickle..but i hate them both so i wudnt try them on toast lol

2006-08-26 [Miss.Kayree]: you hate peanut butter??

2006-08-26 [tuff ghost]: BLASPHEMY!

2006-08-27 [lordjoesnow]: i also hate toast lol, and beans and fish and egg

2006-08-27 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol

2006-08-28 [Miss.Kayree]: AH! I hate popcorn.. and fruit cocktail... and hotdogs that aren't cooked on a grill..

2006-08-30 [princess_ of _darkness]: i hate the smell of raw hot dogz

2006-08-30 [Miss.Kayree]: Yeah.. they're gross...

2006-09-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: thank you!!!

2006-09-07 [Miss.Kayree]: you're welcome =)

2006-09-07 [lordjoesnow]: bacon is also ming, speghetti is rubbish and any food mixed with wine or brandy or rum..eugh!

2006-09-07 [princess_ of _darkness]: i agree

2006-09-07 [Miss.Kayree]: hmm.. mixed with it, or cooked with it..?

2006-09-08 [princess_ of _darkness]: either for me or i just drink it strait

2006-09-19 [lordjoesnow]: i wouldnt lol

2006-09-19 [princess_ of _darkness]: y

2006-09-21 [tuff ghost]: y as in Your mom, i believe.

2006-09-21 [Miss.Kayree]: Hahahahaha....

2006-09-21 [princess_ of _darkness]: ummmhmmmmm...i feel like a drink now

2006-09-25 [lordjoesnow]: no i really really wouldn't haha

2006-09-26 [princess_ of _darkness]: okay why wouldn't you...

2006-09-27 [Miss.Kayree]: because it gives you massive 4-day hangovers..

2006-09-27 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol u have a point there

2006-09-30 [lordjoesnow]: thats not my reason, i just choose not to...aybe im screwed up in the head..who knows...but i like it this way

2006-10-01 [Miss.Kayree]: mleh. it's just a matter of opinion.. whatever you like :)

2006-10-02 [princess_ of _darkness]: yep yep thats so true like I LOVE PIE other people thinks its gross but i love it soo much

2006-10-03 [tuff ghost]: Mmm, pie. My friend works in a pie shop and brings me the leftowvers on mondays.

2006-10-03 [princess_ of _darkness]: you are sooooooo lucky

2006-10-05 [tuff ghost]: It's actually because I am god.

2006-10-06 [Miss.Kayree]: I can lick my elbow.

2006-10-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: i can lick my nose

2006-10-06 [lordjoesnow]: i can likcm y nose, i can also lick other peoples noses..can you?

2006-10-06 [princess_ of _darkness]: yep :P i can lick other people n e were... that sounds really dirty oh well

2006-10-07 [Miss.Kayree]: ah well. dirty or not, everyone could do that, if they could stomach it...

2006-10-07 [lordjoesnow]: loli really could :D lol i have no shame

2006-10-10 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol lickong people just to watch them gross out is fun

2006-10-15 [lordjoesnow]: hahaha im guessing uve already done that!

2006-10-16 [princess_ of _darkness]: yep yep lol

2006-10-20 [lordjoesnow]: on who?

2007-04-04 [tuff ghost]: Satan.
Actually, I lick my friend's face every onece in a while to creep her out a bit.

2007-04-04 [SlightlySpiked]: i have never licked ppl b4. they have tried on me, and that progressed n2 a wrestling

2007-04-04 [tuff ghost]: b8Rez.
I was just trying to save time"

2007-04-09 [lordjoesnow]: hahahaha!!!

2007-04-10 [SlightlySpiked]: hmm......o.....k?

2007-04-10 [lordjoesnow]: hahahha!!!!!!

2007-04-10 [SlightlySpiked]: lol

2007-04-10 [lordjoesnow]: ..riteeee

2007-04-10 [SlightlySpiked]: hey, where can i get tha beavis and butthead season collections besides ebay?

2007-04-12 [tuff ghost]: wallllllllllllllllllllmart!

2007-04-13 [SlightlySpiked]: i tried walmart. all they had was do america. I WANT SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!

2007-04-14 [Account No Longer Active]: FYE and Circuit City were the only places I've found seasons of B&B.

2007-04-14 [SlightlySpiked]: what about hastings?

2007-04-15 [Account No Longer Active]: I've never heard of Hastings. I think your best bet is online, like Amazon or something.

2007-04-21 [SlightlySpiked]: oh, ok

2007-06-10 [princess_ of _darkness]: im gone for good so just message me if anyone want to chat

2007-06-18 [lordjoesnow]: surely has it??

2007-06-20 [SlightlySpiked]: o_0

2007-06-21 [lordjoesnow]: what? lol

2007-06-25 [SlightlySpiked]: 0_o lol i love doing that!!!! o_0 0_o

2007-07-06 [lordjoesnow]: hahahaha <('.'<)

2007-07-12 [SlightlySpiked]: iz so aWesome!!! lol 0_o o_0 0_o o_0

2007-08-19 [lordjoesnow]: XD

2007-11-28 [SlightlySpiked]: ;P

2007-12-19 [lordjoesnow]: u know ive always said the name derrick is awesome..i hope i spelt it right! well done for that!

2008-01-11 [SlightlySpiked]: thanx dude^^ but i h8 it bc i was named that after my dad worked as a derrick hand on an oil rig. yup u shpelt it rite

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